How To Make Protein Shake For Weight Gain

How Often Should You Drink Protein Shakes To Gain Weight


If youre looking to bulk up, its important to use your protein shake as an accompaniment to your meals and snacks as opposed to a replacement. This can mean consuming a shake multiple times a day, although the Department of Health advises against consuming more than twice the recommended daily amount of protein. Always read the packaging of your protein shake for advice on how to consume. Alternatively, discuss your plan with you GP to ensure youre going about it safely.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Shake

This Chocolate peanut butter shake is the perfect blend of protein, carbs and healthy fats to help you gain weight. It’s quick and easy to make, and it tastes delicious!

The shake contains 28 grams of protein, 41 grams of carbs and 18 grams of fat, making it the perfect meal for bulking up. It’s also a great source of essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium, iron and zinc. So if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to gain weight, be sure to give this Chocolate peanut butter shake a try!


1. One cup unsweetened almond milk

2. Two scoops of chocolate protein powder

3. One tablespoon natural peanut butter

3. One banana

4. One teaspoon honey

Why You Need This Recipe

  • This smoothie is refined sugar free, packed full of protein, and indulgent too. Dates and fruit are used to sweeten up the smoothie instead of sugary fruit juices and added sweeteners.
  • It makes an excellent post-workout or meal replacement smoothie since its high in calories and protein.
  • It makes an easy on-the-go breakfast. Consuming more calories in the form of healthy foods and not junk can be time consuming. This smoothie is a quick and nutritious way to put on weight.
  • Even though our society is focused on weight loss, there are some health situations and physical activities that benefit from weight gainer shakes like this.

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The Truth About Protein Shakes And Weight Gain

The conclusion of this section is that protein shakes are not bad for weight gain.

The conclusion of this section is that protein shakes are not bad for weight gain. The main reason why people think that protein shakes cause weight gain is because they do not understand how the body processes calories and nutrients.

How To Make Your Own Homemade Shakes To Gain Weight

My Favorite WEIGHT GAIN protein powders &  2,000 CAL ...

For a small portion of the American population about 1.7 percent, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention being underweight is a serious health concern. With your doctor’s approval, homemade smoothies or shakes can be part of your weight-gain plan.

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The CDC defines being underweight as having a BMI of less than 18.5. If you think you might fall into this underweight category, it’s important that you talk to a doctor. Too-low body weight can be a sign of serious health problems, or it can be the cause of further health complications.

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Better Protein Shake Choices

That’s not to say that all commercial protein powders and drinks are bad, however, the healthy ones are certainly in the minority. If you’re going to choose pre-made powders and drinks, look for varieties that are very low in, or free of, added sugar.

Also, look on the ingredients label for whole food ingredients. For example, one healthy commercial option provides 20 grams of protein from organic peas, quinoa, beans and seeds. It also contains raw and organic fruits and vegetables and other nutritious ingredients like raw cacao, spirulina, wheatgrass and probiotics.

Each serving of this protein powder provides 120 calories. You can easily increase the calorie and protein count by mixing the powder with nutritious whole food ingredients such as milk, yogurt, nuts and nut butters, avocado, canned coconut milk and bananas. For example, a shake containing one scoop of organic protein powder, 8 ounces of whole milk, 2 tablespoons of peanut butter and one medium banana provides 675 calories and 38 grams of protein.

You can also skip the expensive commercial powders. Combine 6 ounces of plain, whole-milk Greek yogurt, 6 ounces of whole milk, one-half avocado, 2 tablespoons peanut butter and one medium banana for a delicious shake providing 758 calories and 32 grams of high-quality whole-food protein.

Strong Base: What Liquid Should I Make High Calorie Smoothies With

Your smoothie doesnt work without liquids theyre the basis for any good smoothie. You can start out with a number of liquids that each have their own benefits and drawbacks: water, coconut water, milk, coconut milk, other forms of plant milk , or even a juice.

The idea is that you should really be matching your goals to the base of your smoothie as well as keeping in mind what youre going to put in it. There are some things you might be comfortable blending, like bananas and milk, while others dont quite work.

Smoothie bases have their own pros and cons, but having variety is a good thing:

Water: the universal solvent! A great place to start for any smoothie but without any nutrients.

Coconutwater: like water but sweeter and contains important electrolytes.

Milk: a nutrient-rich source but doesnt pair well with citrus or some other ingredients.

Coconutmilk: somewhere between milk and coconut water some vitamins and electrolytes.

Otherplantmilks: some calories but relatively limited nutrient-content, pair better than milk.

Juice: high sugar, can bring too much acidity, probably not as healthy as you think.

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How Many Grams Of Protein Do I Need

The recommended daily intake of protein for adults is 50g. Eating anything in excess of this amount could cause you to put on weight, as excess protein is stored in the body as fat. If, however you are also exercising alongside your high protein diet your muscles will use the extra protein to grow and repair themselves.

More Strategies For Weight Gain

How To Make A Weight Gain & Loss Protein Shake

If you are diagnosed as being underweight, that doesn’t mean you should pack on the pounds by eating all the ice cream and cupcakes you can get your hands on. Instead, consider these tips from the Mayo Clinic on healthy ways to increase your body weight. With your doctor’s approval, you might use them instead of, or in addition to, your weight-gain smoothies:

  • Eat five to six small meals during the day, with plenty of snacks in between, instead of two or three large meals.
  • Focus on eating lots of nutrient-rich foods, including fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean protein, and nuts and seeds.
  • Try drinking water after your meal instead of before your meal.
  • Exercise to build muscle and stimulate your appetite.

If you do work out as part of your weight-gain strategy, keep in mind that exercising burns extra calories. And as the International Sports Sciences Association points out, creating the ideal conditions for muscle growth means maintaining a calorie surplus, or eating more calories than you take in.

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Butter Chocolate Protein Shake

Enjoy the charisma of chocolate, energy of peanut butter, and purity of Almonds in this wholly protein shake if you are looking for rapid weight gain.

  • Two to Three Spoons of Peanut Butter.
  • Three to Four Cubes of Raw Chocolate.
  • Two Glasses of Milk.
  • Fifteen to Twenty Almonds.
  • Ice as required.

Immediately consume this blend of protein rich food items. Itll instantly boost your energy as well as improve fat level in your body.

Homemade Weight Gainer Shake Recipes

There are tons of protein shake recipes. They use protein products – fruits, berries, nuts, dairy, and fermented milk products. They are all delicious and vitamin-rich.

Your protein shake can also include condiments, spices, grains, nuts, coffee, cocoa, and even ice cream.

So, we decided to select the top 10 homemade shakes for you. Now check them out!

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What Is Weight Gainer

Weight gainer is a protein powder that has high amounts of proteins and carbohydrates. Some weight gainers have creatine in which has a number of different benefits for gaining muscle.

For more information about creatine and the benefits of using it whilst working out check here

Note: When looking for a weight gainer powder make sure to find one that has long lasting carbohydrates and is not packed with sugar. This will help maintain good energy levels throughout the day.

No Processed Simple Carb Mass Gainers

Weight gaining shake with high protein

The other ingredient I do not use that Ive seen recommended are those weight gain supplements sold as high-calorie gainer protein powders or ready-to-drink shakes.

Take a look at their ingredients list. Most of these products are:

  • heavily processed with artificial chemicals
  • rely on simple sugars & starches for calories
  • contain all sorts of things I simply dont need in my body.

Heres whats in one of the best-selling Mass Gainer supplement powders on the market:

I can gain lean weight naturally without these processed ingredients just fine, and you can too.

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Apple Cinnamon Hemp Heart Protein Smoothie

The Apple cinnamon hemp heart protein smoothie is a delicious and nutritious way to start your day. It is packed with fiber, protein, and healthy Omega-3 fatty acids.

The hemp hearts add a nutty flavor and creamy texture, while the apples and cinnamon give it a sweet and spicy taste. This smoothie is perfect for people who are looking for a quick and healthy breakfast option or a snack that will keep them feeling satisfied for hours.


1. Hemp hearts: one cup

2. Apple sauce: two tablespoons or more to taste

3. Cinnamon powder: a pinch of it.

Coconut Almond Spinach Smoothie

Green smoothies are always fun. People often look at you a little funny when you have one in your hands.

But once they give it a try, its hard to believe they even doubted you! Green smoothies are often packed with fresh, bright flavors.

In this case, the green smoothie is going to be creamy and a bit nutty in flavor. The almond milk develops the nutty base for the smoothie.

But ultimately, its the fiber-packed pumpkin seeds that will finish out the exceptional flavor and help you feel satisfied.


  • Sugar: 37g

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What To Add To Fruit Smoothies To Gain Weight

Berries, bananas, and pineapple are great examples of fruits that can be used in high calorie weight gain smoothies.

The hard part is that fruits that fit together are more important than single fruits. The pairings make the flavor, and most fruits are going to offer up extra calories when theyre blended into a smoothie due to the sugar content.

Bananas and other starchy fruits are difficult to balance for texture but offer a combination of starches and sugars that can bump up the calorie content of a smoothie.

A Great Weight Gain Shake Should Meet The Following Criteria:

HOMEMADE Weight Gainer Protein Powder Recipe (CHEAP)
  • Ingredients you can actually recognize/pronounce.
  • 20-30 g of protein per serving .
  • A 3-4:1 carbohydrate to protein ratio
  • NSF Certified for Sport certification .
  • Now for the fun part. Im going to introduce you to a functional sports nutrition approach to making weight gain shakes that not only aim to increase muscle mass, but will make sure they enhance recovery, reduce inflammation and fight soreness as well. A functional approach steps beyond simply looking at calories, protein, carbohydrates, fat, etc. and considers the effect foods may have your body in a variety of ways Here are five weight gain shakes that contain real food, anti-inflammatory ingredients, and the perfect macronutrient ratio:

  • Mix all ingredients and blend!

  • Be sure to include the cinnamon for an added anti-inflammatory effect!

  • FWDFUELPRO TIP: Some of you are going to prefer a thick and creamy shake while others will only drink more of a thin smoothie. Feel free to test the waters a bit and experiment with different portions of the ingredients until your tastebuds are happy. Chia, flax, nut butters and banana will thicken a shake whereas any type of liquid or fresh fruit will thin a shake. As long as you dont make dramatic changes in portion size to every single ingredient, the calorie content and macronutrient ratio of the shake will still allow you to achieve your goals if consumed on a consistent basis.

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    How Can I Gain Weight In 7 Days

    There are many ways to gain weight. The most effective way to gain 1-3 kilograms in a week is by consuming more calories than your body burns.

    So gaining weight is not just about the food you eat, but also how much. The first step to weight gain is knowing what your daily calorie requirements are.

    To do this, determine your maintenance level by using this formula:

    • For Men: 10 x bodyweight in pounds = Daily Calorie Intake
    • For Women: 10 x bodyweight in pounds = Daily Calorie Intake

    Once you have determined your maintenance level, you can increase your calorie intake to gain 1-2 pounds per week.

    The easiest way to do this would be simply to take in 300 calories more than the daily amount required to maintain your current weight.

    For instance, if you weigh 150 lbs, you will need 1,865 calories per day to maintain your weight. To gain 1 pound per week, you would need to consume 2,165 calories per day. To gain 2 pounds per week, you will need to consume an additional 600 calories, or an additional 300 calories each day. Once you have added 300 extra calories each day for a week or two, depending on how fast your body is gaining the extra weight, it is suggested that you cut out 100-200 calories from your diet each day until you reach a healthy and desirable weight.

    Key Tips To Gain Weight Fast

    If you are trying to gain weight quickly, all you need is three square meals a day.

    • You can also gain weight quickly is through the use of quality weight gainer shakes.

    Eating Too Much Protein Isnt Smart Either

    Anyone whos lifted weights or played sports knows that those of us who do these activities need more protein than the amount youll hear recommended by non-sports doctors, health websites, nutritionists, & the like.

    Just read the International Society of Sports Nutritions Position Stand on protein & exercise here .

    Then compare their daily amount to the Recommended Dietary Allowance put out by our governments Health Dept. and echoed by the medical industry.

    And its even been shown that experienced resistance trainees can consume as much as ~1.5 grams of protein per lb. of body weight per day and burn more fat off doing so.

    Further, those males & females in the study had zero negative health issues associated with that really really high protein intake.

    However, there is always such a thing as too much of a good thing.

    * Excess protein is stored as fat . Meaning, eating more than your body can use for its muscle building & other functions will add fat onto your body.

    * The amino acids that are contained in that excess protein are unused and get excreted. In other words, wasted.

    * Per the ISSNs extensive sports science research, unless youre an elite athlete your body is unlikely to utilize any protein you consume much above 1 gram per lb. of your bodyweight per day .

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    How Many Grams Of Protein Should You Consume Per Day To Be Healthy

    A person weighing 70 kg needs 84-112 g of protein per day. These are 200 g of boiled chicken breast, 2 eggs, 100 g of cottage cheese, and 100 g of redfish.

    And these are the highest protein foods. If you don’t include them in your diet, it will be even harder to get your protein intake.

    Even more – skipping meals containing protein, or replacing it with a protein shake, will give you the opposite effect: weight loss. This may also be the aim of a protein diet, but then you will definitely not gain the muscle mass you need.

    For this reason, combine protein shakes with something else. This way you will reach your desired protein intake and your weight goal as well.

    Hard To Eat A Ton Of Good Carbs

    Advance Musclemass Whey Protein Weight Gainer Supplement ...

    Complex carbs are the kind of carbs we need to be eating a lot of if were active, given the health benefits they provide.

    But its not easy to use them as the sole source of that extra 500-750 calories needed per day in order to gain weight.

    You see, high-quality carbs are usually high in fiber, which is great but also keep us feeling full for longer than I want.

    And when Im on a mass-building cycle, I have to put down some calories every couple of hours or so.

    Thats hard to do when Im still feeling full from a dense carb meal I ate earlier.

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    Peanut Butter & Nut Butters

    If you have an issue with peanut allergies, no problem: go for an almond butter or other organic nut butter.

    *Tree nuts like almonds, cashews, etc., can help improve your cholesterol, per the esteemed Mayo Clinic.

    *And per the American Heart Association, people eating peanut products reduced their heart disease risk.

    Affordable Weight Gainer Shakes Made Easy

    A single serving of this weight gainer shake has roughly 436 calories, 42 grams of protein, 22 grams of carbohydrates, and 20 grams of fat. Additionally, it can be prepared in less than 5 minutes.

    In a blender, combine ¾ a cup of unsweetened almond milk or whole milk , ¼ a cup of plain Greek yogurt, ¼ a cup of frozen cherries, 1 scoop of vanilla whey protein , 1 tablespoon of unsweetened cacao or cocoa powder, 1 tablespoon of natural peanut butter or any natural nut butter, 1 tablespoon of ground flaxseed meal, liquid stevia , and ½ a cup to 1 cup of ice and blend.

    The flavors of the ingredients in this recipe is perfectly balanced and will surely please your taste buds. The almond milk , plain Greek yogurt, vanilla whey protein powder, and nut butter will give your shake a rich, creamy taste. The tart flavor of the frozen cherries will balance out the richness of the shake while the cacao gives it a chocolate aftertaste. If the shake isnt sweet enough, you have the option to add liquid stevia.

    All in all, this is one of the best protein shake recipes to help you pack on the pounds. Say goodbye to your old, skinny self and say hello to a bigger, more muscular you.

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