How To Make Protein Bars

Citrus Pistachio Protein Granola Bars

How To Make Homemade Protein Bars

From plant forward sports dietitian Kelly Jones, MS, RD, CSSD

The protein in this vegan recipe is primarily from pistachios. Getting protein from plants is another trend that has turned into a real movement among consumers, and pistachios are a great option. A 2019 study, published in the journal Natural Product Research, states that compared to other nuts, pistachios have a lower caloric content, and contain the highest levels of unsaturated fatty acids, potassium, and certain health protective compounds known for their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory actions. Consumption of pistachios has been shown to improve blood sugar control, and artery function. This no-bake bar is a filling nutritious snack option to remain energized during a longer stretch between meals.


  • 1 cup packed, pitted Medjool dates
  • 1 3/4 cup shelled, lightly salted, pistachios
  • 1/3 cup rolled oats
  • Zest of 1/2 1 mandarin, dependent upon flavor preferences
  • 1 tablespoon of mandarin juice


  • Blend dates in a food processor for approximately 10-15 seconds, until finely chopped.
  • Scrape the sides of the food processor before adding the remainder of ingredients.
  • Pulse for 10 seconds before scraping the sides, and pulse an additional 5-10 seconds, until mixture is sticky to touch, but pieces of the pistachio and oats are still visible.
  • Chill in the refrigerator for 20-30 minutes to help mixture set before cutting.
  • Ingredients:




    Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Protein Bars

    Serves: 12Nutrition: 276 calories, 13 g fat, 20 g carbs, 3 g fiber, 10 g sugars, 17 g protein

    There’s a reason this flavor combo is a classic, it’s just so good! Packed with vegan protein powder, cottage cheese, and organic peanut butter, this bar has an impressive amount of protein, making these homemade protein bars a great post-workout snack. Munch on it after spinning or lifting weights to make sure your body is properly replenished.

    Get the recipe from Cupcakes and Kale Chips.

    Try These 3 High Protein Recipes

    Now that youre well-versed in how to make protein bars, you may want to expand your expertise somewhat. Luckily, weve got just the thing for you. Weve selected some of the best high-protein recipes for you to make. All of these guides contain a healthy helping of cricket flour too, which means that they pack an extra punch of protein.

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    No Bake Banana Protein Bars

    Serves: 12Nutrition: 208 calories, 6 g fat, 1 g sat fat, 31 g carbs, 6 g fiber, 8 g sugars, 9 g protein

    You won’t miss the astronomical amount of calories and sugar that are usually associated with banana bread when you bite into this protein-packed alternative. Eat one of these homemade protein bars for breakfastthe high fiber content that comes from the naturally sweet, ripe bananas will keep you full and focused through those morning meetings.

    Get the recipe fromThe Big Man’s World.

    How To Make Your Own First Protein Bars At Home

    Homemade Pumpkin Protein Bars

    Now when you have all the ingredients, its time to start baking, right? I hope you are as excited as I was when I started making my own protein bars.

    Step 1

    Take your protein powder and mix it up with flour.

    Step 2

    Bind powder and flour with milk. You can also add butter if you decided to use it. Make sure that you add enough milk to make the batter come together like a dough. You want to end up with a batter that you can shape into the bars with your hands.

    Step 3

    When your batter is ready, use your hands to shape in in the bars. Try to approximately shape them in a size of a commercial protein bar.

    To shape the bars more easily, make sure that your batter is dry.

    Step 4

    Melt the chocolate by using a boiling water. When its melted, dunk the shaped batter bars in the chocolate. Or you can just pour the chocolate over the bars.

    Step 5

    Place the bars in the freezer for about 30 minutes, and youre done! After 30 minutes, theyre ready to be eaten.

    Congratulations, youve just made your first own protein bars at home!

    Now, thats the basic way of making your own protein bars. However, if you would like to create even more tasteful protein bars right at home, you can follow some of the recipes.

    Dont worry, the process stays the same you just have to get some extra ingredients!

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    The Best Protein Bar Recipes

    When it comes to making homemade protein bar recipes, there are a few things you should consider. Standard recipes for homemade protein bars dont have to be complicated. They need two things: wet ingredients and dry ingredients.

    For the most part, your wet ingredients consist of oils, nut butters, and/or non-dairy milks. Your dry ingredients generally consist of oats, flours, and/or protein powders.

    Now, if youre sick of the standard peanut butter protein bar, you can still get delicious healthy homemade protein bar recipes that dont just taste like a block of peanut butter.

    Check out this recipe we found.

    Healthy Homemade Snickers Protein Bars

    Image from The Big Mans World

    Type of Recipe: Paleo, vegan, gluten-free, low carb

    Heres another type of protein bar that almost sounds like candy – Healthy Homemade Snickers Protein Bars. The bars are surprisingly easy to make, even though they have two layers and a chocolate coating. You can also omit the protein powder if you dont want to use it. Of course, if you did that, youd just end up with a sweet snack.

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    Homemade Protein Bars Only 5 Ingredients

    Youll love the pure, nutritious, simple ingredients that go into these quality protein bars. All you need are:

    • Whole Rolled Oats: whole oats provide a more robust texture than quick or instant oats.
    • Real Peanut Butter: we love chunky peanut butter, as it lends a bit of crunch to the bars.
    • Whey Protein Powder: feel free to use your favorite flavor, though we highly recommend steering clear of artificial sugars, as those tend to have an unpalatable aftertaste. Our personal favorite is pure, unflavored 100% whey protein powder, which weve been using for years.
    • Real Maple Syrup or Honey: it just feels better than sugar. Plus, maple or honey has the sticky texture needed to help bind the bars.
    • Milk: we use regular cows milk, but feel free to use your milk of choice.
    • Totally optional: add-ins! We love dried blueberries, chocolate chips, or even drizzled chocolate on top.

    Tip: If youre planning to stash these bars in your gym bag, backpack, or lunch sack, we recommend skipping the drizzle on top. Theyll stay a lot neater that way and youll like us more.

    • peanut butter mixture

    Tasty Ingredients That Are Better For Your Health

    Homemade PROTEIN BARS Recipe (Easy & Healthy)

    Since we want to keep what goes into our body as pure as possible, we try to stay away from pre-packaged snacks any time that we can. Why? Because many bars and snacks youll find on the grocery store shelves are loaded with unnecessary sugars and unknown ingredients. Your body doesnt need that extra sugar and those preservatives that help extend the pre-fab snacks shelf life.

    Our no-bake workout bars, on the other hand, are made with familiar and healthy ingredients. Fiber-rich complex carbohydrates, such as oats and raisins are combined with protein-rich protein powder and peanut butter. Flax seeds and chia seeds add superfood power, while chocolate gives you a satisfying flavor. These easy workout bars will provide you with the perfect combination of post-workout carbs, protein, and fat.

    And before you think to yourself, Nobody has time to make their own protein bars! just look at how easy this recipe is!

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    No Bake Protein Bars Recipe

    We love our homemade protein bar recipes on here. Weve had our mint chocolate chip protein bars, easy no bake protein bars, and cinnamon roll protein bars.

    The inspiration for these 4 Ingredient No Bake Protein Bars was sparked several years ago when I was weight lifting consistently.

    The gym I was part of offering a complimentary personal training package for all new recruits and I was offered three sessions. The second session with my trainer saw him offer me nutrition advice, the biggest one being eat a balanced post workout snack of protein and carbs.

    He recommended me to blend a banana with protein powder and milk but at that time, the thought of smoothies made me want to gag. He suggested a simple bowl of oatmeal with protein powder mixed in.

    Protein powder and oatmeal became my standard post-workout meal but eventually, the university started again and I didnt have the luxury of microwaving a bowl in the comfort of my home. Instead of resorting to the shakes, I would just combine the oats, almond butter, maple syrup with protein powder and enough to milk to make a dough and would chow on that straight after the gym and this replaced the oats.

    Naturally vegan, gluten-free and refined sugar free, these easy no bake protein bars take less than 5 minutes to make!

    Chocolate Vegan Keto Protein Bars

    Image from Meat Free Keto

    Type of Recipe: Vegan, keto, gluten-free, nut-free, low carb

    Vegan keto bars are often hard to find but these Chocolate Vegan Keto Protein Bars are one such recipe. The bars contain around 8.3 grams of protein per serving and only contain 1.4 net grams of carbs, which is a pretty good balance. The nut-free aspect is also appealing, as so many bars rely on nuts as a source of protein.

    Image from Real Food Forager

    Type of Recipe: Paleo, gluten-free, AIP, GAPS, SCD

    If youre a fan of fruit in your bars, check out this Mango Coconut Protein Bar recipe. The bars are particularly good for anyone on an elimination diet like GAPS or AIP. This should also make the bars suitable for most people, even if they have multiple allergies.

    The author estimates that the bars have somewhere between 7.5 and 9.7 grams of protein per serving, depending on how the protein is calculated. This is a good amount, especially if youre having the bars between meals. The main limitation is that the bars are high in sugar, so theyre best as a treat, not something that you eat regularly.

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    Peanut Butter Protein Bar

    Peanut butter is rich in healthy fats & proteins. It contains omega-6 fatty acids, which helps the body in increasing the protective cholesterol. Other than peanut butter, nut milk, protein powder, rolled oats, and almonds are ingredients used to make these protein bars. Nut milk is rich in vitamin E, which has anti-inflammatory properties.

    • 250 grams of peanut butter
    • 250 ml of cashew/almond milk
    • Four scoops of protein powder
    • 3 cups of rolled oats
    • 45 grams almonds
  • Directly transfer the mix to the dish lined with butter paper.
  • Spread the mix evenly & cut it into pieces.
  • Refrigerate for about 2 hours.
  • NOTE: You can make peanut butter & almond milk at home. Freshly prepared homemade butter & milk make the protein bars tastier & healthier.

    Now, lets move to the third recipe, the vegan protein bar, which requires an oven for baking.

    Are Protein Bars Good For Weight Loss

    How to Make Homemade Protein Bars

    Protein is mostly known for sustaining energy and building muscle, but are protein bars good for weight loss as well? The answer is yes if you choose a protein bar with an optimal nutritional value that will help you achieve your goals. So, its important to understand how much protein you should be looking for, the number of calories and fibre and how much sugar that wont be harmful to your goal.

    Protein can have great effects on your metabolism, appetite and body weight as the high thermic effect burns calories in the digestive process. Self-control can be a difficult task when trying to lose weight, isnt forbidden fruit always the sweetest? Snacking in between meals and indulging on harmful foods is a hard habit to break, but what if you didnt crave those things? What if there was a natural option that would keep you satisfied and fuller for longer so youre not longing for that next treat, but content until your next meal.

    The answer is protein. Consuming protein can reduce the levels of ghrelin in your body, otherwise known as the hungry hormone and help you reduce your food intake naturally to a healthier level.

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    Raw Chocolate Protein Bar

    Image from Vanilla Crunnch

    Type of Recipe: Vegan

    This Raw Chocolate Protein Bar is promoted as the ultimate chocolate lovers snack, which seems a pretty accurate description. The recipe has a great combination of ingredients that helps ensure that finished bar tastes sweet but not too sweet. There is no baking required, making this a very easy recipe to prepare. Plus, the bars rely on whole food ingredients.

    The Ingredients You Need

    6 Scoops of protein powder. Daves original recipe calls for 8 but Im not sure you need to go as high as that. As for protein powder, you can find ones in various tastes including: chocolate shake, vanilla, arctic berries, fruit punch, cookies and cream, and more. There are a ton of options to choose from so I recommend to simply experiment between the different tastes until you find the best one for you.

    1/3 1/2 a cup of natural nut butter. I say nut because you can use a variety of butters. As long as theyre natural and dont have any added sugar to them I think theyre all good. You can use almond, peanut, cashew, honey nut, walnut, and even natural spreads such as sunflower seeds spread. The butter provides part of the cohesiveness of the bar so it wont crumble in your hands.

    3 4 spoons of honey. You can play with the amount of honey you use as this will be the main sweetener in this recipe. I always recommend using raw honey which is free of pesticides. Its important to note that honey tastes differently based on the flower it was made of. So, try out different brands to find the one which appeals to your palate.

    Half a cup of sesame seeds. This adds a bit of crunchiness to the bars and the seeds also contain healthy fats which are good for you.

    Half a cup of oatmeal. I always bake my oatmeal to make it harder with a crunchy crust.

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    Peanut Butter Chocolate Chickpea Bars

    From Sharon Palmer, MSFS, RDN, The Plant-Powered Dietitian

    This protein in this vegan bar comes from chickpeas, in addition to peanut butter, whole wheat flour, and peanuts. The benefits of the star ingredientchickpeasgoes well beyond protein. According to a 2016 study, published in the journal Nutrients, people who regularly consume chickpeas have higher intakes of several key nutrients. These include fiber, vitamins A, E, and C, folate, magnesium, potassium, and iron. Chickpea eaters are also 53 percent less likely to be obese, and have lower BMIs and waist measurements compared to non-chickpea eaters. Use this bar as a hearty snack, or to satisfy a peanut butter craving with a bonus intake of plant protein.


    • 1/2 cup coarsely chopped peanuts
    • 3/4 cup dairy-free dark chocolate chips

    Garnish :

    • Dark chocolate chips or chunks


  • Preheat oven to 350 F.
  • Drain chickpeas, reserving liquid. Place reserved chickpea liquid in a kitchen mixer bowl and whip until thick and foamy. Set aside.
  • Place chickpeas, peanut butter, peanut oil, maple syrup, and vanilla in the container of a food processor. Process until smoothabout 3 minutes.
  • Remove chickpea mixture from food processor and add to bowl with whipped chickpea liquid. Add flour and baking powder. Gently fold into the whipped chickpea liquid with a rubber spatula until smooth. Do not overmix. Fold in peanuts and chocolate chips.
  • From Kelly Jones


    How To Make Easy Protein Bars

    • Line an 8 x 8-inch pan with parchment paper and set aside
    • In a large mixing bowl, combine your rolled oats and protein powder and mix well.
    • In a microwave-safe bowl or stovetop, combine your peanut butter and maple syrup and mix well, until combined.
    • Combine your wet ingredients into your dry ingredients and mix until fully incorporated. If the batter is a little too crumbly, add a dash of milk.
    • Transfer your protein bar mixture into the lined pan and press firmly into place. If desired, top with extra chocolate chips.
    • Refrigerate for at least 30 minutes, to firm up.

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    Whats Considered A Healthy Snack

    When it comes to choosing a heathy snack , the goal is to prevent hunger between meals as well as blood sugar highs, crashes and mood swings while providing long-lasting energy. On top of that, the snack needs to be low enough in calories to help achieve or maintain that flat-belly! And of course, it needs to be nutrient-packed to fuel the body and to make sure its functioning at its bestincluding that efficient, fat-burning metabolism. There are key factors that are needed for a snack to pull off this feat, which weve been discussing for a long time, and if youve read our first book, Fire Up Your Metabolism, you know we also discuss this there.

    Note: Depending on your personal needs, a healthy snack may also need to be gluten-free, dairy-free or free of other allergens. Thats why we created our No-bake Chocolate Protein Bar recipe with gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan options!

    No Bake Vegan Protein Bars

    Image from Minimalist Baker

    Type of Recipe: Vegan, gluten-free

    These No Bake Vegan Protein Bars are a great example of simplicity, with just four main ingredients. Theyre also particularly impressive protein bars, as each bar contains more than 10 grams of protein. That protein doesnt just come from protein powder either. Instead, the bars make use of one pretty unusual ingredient. But, youll have to check out the recipe to find out what the special ingredient is.

    The bars are also freezable. Theyll last a month in your freezer. Thats perfect for anyone who likes preparing food ahead of time.

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