How To Make Low Protein Dog Food

Daves Pet Food Dog Food Restricted Bland Diet

Low Protein Homemade Dog Food Recipe (Cheap and Healthy)

Despite being formulated for a restricted diet, Daves Pet Food provides a delicious and complete meal for your pet. And, this formula is rich with essential vitamins and minerals. This pet food is meant to be served at room temperature and by directed by your vet.

  • Daves Pet Food contains lower levels of protein and phosphorus for intermittent fasting.
  • This recipe was reformulated as grain free and carrageenan free
  • Daves Pet Food is made in the USA.

Veterinary Diets provides a complete and balanced meal for pets. This protein restricted recipe features only high-quality ingredients. Veterinary Diets is also a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids.

  • Veterinary Diets uses a restricted amount of high-quality protein.
  • The formula is low in phosphorus to help support the kidneys
  • Veterinary Diets provides a rich source of omega fatty acids

Homemade Dog Food For Renal Disease Recipe

You NEED to consult with a vet or canine nutritionist before switching your dog to a kidney-friendly diet. The professional you work with will likely recommend either a low protein homemade dog food diet or some low protein dog food brands with lower phosphorus levels and are made with high-quality proteins.

  • 1 cup boiled chicken
  • 1 hard boiled egg
  • 2 tbsp. plain yogurt
  • 1/4 cup cooked brown rice
  • 1/4 cup steamed carrots
  • 1/4 cup steamed green beans

Faqs With Our Vet Nutritionist

How do I serve this beef recipe to my pup?

You can serve this recipe right away while its still warm, or cool it in the fridge first. If your pup prefers wet food, you can also thin out the recipe with some beef broth. Serving size will vary depending on your dogs size check with your vet for a more specific recommendation.

How do I store this recipe?

Leftovers can be stored in the fridge for 4-5 days you can also freeze this recipe and store it in the freezer for up to 2 months.

What if my dog doesnt like this recipe?

Similar to humans, some dogs are just picky eaters! Keep trying out recipes to find one your pup loves. If you notice any gastrointestinal issues or skin infections, talk to your vet. You may need to opt for an alternative protein thats gentler on the tummy, such as lamb.

Can I feed beef to my dog every day?

Lean ground beef is a fantastic ingredient to feed your dog, but its also important that your pup gets a balanced diet! While many of the homemade dog food recipes you can find are easy to cook, studies have shown that most DIY recipes still lack all the necessary nutrients that would make it an adequate everyday meal.

To ensure your pup is getting everything they need to stay healthy and happy, we recommend working with a board-certified veterinary nutritionist.

How do I know if my dog should avoid grains?

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What Should Consumers Look For In A Low Protein Dog Food

If your dog has a chronic medical condition, its important to talk to your vet before introducing any new food into their diet. Often times, a prescription dog food is recommended to effectively treat their condition and support their overall health. Prescription veterinary diets intended for the health condition for which the low protein food is needed are the best options available, says Brooks.

But if your vet gives you the green light to shop for dog food thats low in protein on your own, its important to know what to look for on the label.

Low protein dog food, as it is typically needed for management of kidney and liver disease, should also have added omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, Vitamin E, and Vitamin C in it, says Brooks. These help decrease the amount of free radicals and inflammation within the body and affected organs, and can improve quality of life.

Aside from these characteristics, you should look for a dog food made with high-quality, whole-food ingredients. The more natural your dogs food, the more digestible it will be and the more nutrients his body will absorb. A dog food loaded with fillers and artificial additives simply wont provide the quality nutrition your dog deserves.

Trusted Nutrition By Chewy

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Low Protein Dog Diet Food Percentages

In a low-protein diet, the amount of protein can vary, but the range is 13% to 18%. This percentage can be higher depending on the quality of the proteins used. Many commercial brands dont offer a low protein diet. On the other hand, you can get a low-protein diet from a prescription brand. Such brands produce food with a protein percentage of less than 20%.

A Cooked Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency Diet For Dogs

I start with 1/2 pound of cooked meat, rotating between chicken, pork, beef, venison, rabbit, turkey, and fish . Ive recently begun using chicken and beef heart along with muscle meat. I usually feed one protein for a week, then switch to another, with canned fish fed once a week. I grind the cooked meat in a food processor for easier digestibility because of Annies EPI.

I add 3/4 cup of starchy carbohydrates, rotating between brown rice, sweet potato, quinoa, spelt, and whole-grain pasta. I overcook the grains for better digestibility. Sweet potatoes are baked and fed with the skins. I also include 1/8 cup of fresh, raw veggies, herbs, and fruits, such as celery, spinach, parsley, cilantro, carrots, green beans, other dark leafy greens, and berries. These are pureed in a food processor. Occasionally I include nuts , or canned clams or oysters.

I add 1 teaspoon of oil, rotating among fish oil, olive oil, safflower oil, and butter, with the emphasis on fish oil. I feed about half a pound of raw, organic liver a week, spread out over multiple meals, as too much at one time leads to loose stools. Annie doesnt do well with eggs or cottage cheese, so I leave those out of her diet, but I often add some plain, low-fat yogurt to meals. I also give her appropriate human leftovers. Each meal is mixed with a cup of warm, filtered water, along with Annies prescription digestive enzymes.

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Primary Composition Commercial Or Homemade Low Protein Dog Food:

Its best to have your Vet-Doc work out your dogs proper nutritional needs so you can provide the correct combination of ingredients. Experts recommend that to give the appropriate nutrition in best quality Low protein dog food, your dogs food needs to have:

  • Moderate to high amounts of fats.
  • Meager amounts of phosphorus.
  • Moderate amounts of low-phosphorus carbs
  • Plenty of broth, water, juice, and other liquids to keep your dog hydrated
  • Moderate amounts of very high-quality protein

Your dog needs one-third of total protein calories, one-fourth of total fat calories, and almost one-third of total carbohydrates.

What Are The Symptoms Of Kidney Disease In Dogs

Low Protein Dog Food – An Easy Healthy Homemade Dog Food Recipes

It is important you are aware of the possible symptoms your dog may begin to exhibit. The following are some signs you should look for to determine if your dog may be suffering from kidney disease. If any of the following are noticed, get your dog to the vet right away.

  • Changes in water drinking habits
  • Changes in urine output
  • Pale gums in dogs, foul breath, and frequent mouth ulcers

If your dog has been diagnosed with kidney disease, you must be aware of the role diet plays in his condition. Your dogs diet needs will depend on the severity of his kidney disease and his age, weight, and level of activity.

One of the most important things to remember about kidney disease is a low protein diet. High protein diets are hard on your dogs kidneys. The amount of protein your dog can handle is fully dependent on his stage of kidney disease. In later stages, it is especially important to reduce protein consumption as much as possible.

Another potential food problem is high amounts of phosphorous. When your dog eats too much phosphorous, the kidneys cannot keep up with filtration. Phosphorous is one of the most pressing issues for canine kidney disease. It is important to make homemade dog food that is low in both protein and phosphorous for your dogs health.

I am here to inform you of a special recipe you can use for feeding your dog a healthy kidney diet. In addition to this recipe, it is important to only allow your dog to drink filtered or distilled water.

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Healthy Homemade Dog Food Ingredients

According to WEBMD your dog needs protein from animal meat, seafood, dairy, and eggs. They need fat from meat or oil and carbohydrates from grains or vegetables. In addition, essential fatty acids from plant oils, egg yolks, oatmeal, and other foods. The question is in what amounts? After much research, we created a recipe that our dogs love they are healthy, have tons of energy, and their coats and eyes shine!

  • From the Cutting Board.
  • Joanies Ancient Food Processor!
  • Finished Dog Food!
  • Ready For Freezing!

The listed ingredients are used most of the time. Fresh meats like lean ground beef, ground turkey, and chicken gizzards provide a heavy dose of protein. Tuna, salmon, or sardines are always used. The eggs also add protein and essential oils. There are fruits and vegetables in the mix and even rice for digestion, although no wheat grains or sugars! Our homemade dog food is human grade. The main point is we know and control what goes into their food!

Tip: Save Time With Petplate

Want to make life a little easier? PetPlates here to help. Our vet nutritionist, Dr. Renee Streeter, has been with us since day one, crafting each of our recipes to ensure theyre both highly palatable and perfectly balanced.

With four recipes to choose fromall made with high-quality, human-grade, and whole-food ingredientsyoure bound to find one that your dog loves. Plus, meals are delivered right to your door and on your schedule. Youll have more time to spend with your furry family members, backed with the peace of mind that youre serving them the best.

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Common Faqs About Dog Food:

1) How long does it take dogs to digest food?

Dogs take between 8 to 10 hours to fully digest a meal. However, this of course depends on how digestible the food is, how much theyve eaten, and their breed or life stage. Meaning it can take up to 12 hrs or longer! The main factors affecting how digestible food is are 1) the protein source 2) how many ingredients are in the recipe 3) how processed it is. Chicken and fish are the most easily digestible protein sources for dogs, and we recommend no more than 10 ingredients for easy digestion. Other additions like pre and probiotics can also improve digestion speed by increasing the size of and diversity of gut flora.

2) Why is my dog not eating his/her food anymore?

There are many reasons why your dog has gone off their food. Any changes to their environment, stress, illness, the recipe, or even simply changing their food bowl could be to blame.

3) Can dogs eat cat food?

As a one-off incident, it wont cause your dog any harm to have eaten cat food. However, omnivorous dogs have very different nutritional needs than their obligate carnivore siblings, so stick to a food thats specifically designed for dogs.

4) Can I feed my dog human food?

You should avoid feeding your dog human foods, as these tend to be higher in calories, fat, sugars, and salt. Feeding human titbits is one of the main causes of the growing dog obesity epidemic.

Should You Feed A Homemade Diet

15 Best Low Protein Dog Food in 2021

Homemade diets are growing in popularity in part because the ingredients can be controlled, so there is no fear of dog food recalls. In addition, many people are trying to eat healthier and they want the same for their dogs. Homemade diets are favored by some because they contain whole food ingredients that are generally considered healthier than processed dog food.

Home cooking dog food is not right for everyone. There are some factors to consider before you switch your dog to a homemade diet.

  • Be sure to find a dog food recipe that is complete and balanced. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to feed an incomplete or imbalanced diet to your dog.
  • It takes time to measure ingredients and prepare the food correctly. Be sure you have a schedule that allows enough time to properly make your dog’s food on a regular basis.
  • Make sure you can afford the ingredients to make your own dog food. Homemade food is typically less expensive than commercially prepared fresh or raw dog food, but it usually costs a little more than kibble.
  • If you have a picky dog, you may need to source multiple recipes so you can change the diet periodically and keep your dog interested.

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A Simple Acute Pancreatitis Dog Food Diet

Spenser is a six-year-old Cardigan Welsh Corgi with a history of digestive problems. His owner is Diana Thompson of Fulton, California. Following Spensers attack of acute pancreatitis last December, Thompsons veterinarian tried feeding Spenser Hills prescription canned i/d, but Spenser would not even try the food, and the vet didnt know what else to offer him. Here is Thompsons account of what she found worked for her dog:

While Spenser was hospitalized, with my vets approval, I offered him homemade dilute chicken broth, followed by slushy steamed potatoes mixed with a broth made from lean ground sirloin beef. Next I gave him some low-fat yogurt, then bits of boiled chicken breast. I fed him a couple of tablespoons of food several times a day.

Once Spenser came home from the hospital, he ate five or six small meals a day. Meals consisted of slushy potatoes, boiled chicken breast, and yogurt, a little less than 1/2 of a cup at a time. I also offered him 1/2 cup of diluted homemade chicken broth every hour, as he wouldnt drink plain water. The broth was made from the water I used to boil his chicken breast, with fat skimmed off.

I continued to feed small, frequent meals for the next few weeks, slowly increasing the size and decreasing the number of meals, until he was eating three meals a day. Five weeks after the attack, his blood tests were back to normal.

Consider Trying A Food Thats Specialized For Your Dogs Size Or Breed

There are usually small and large breed varieties of senior dog food, depending on the brand.

If you have a small dog, looking for a small breed senior food is a good idea . These diets are usually formulated with size-specific needs in mind. This could include a certain kibble shape, size, and texture, or added ingredients for diseases that are more likely to affect dogs of different sizes or breeds.

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Proper Nutrition For Dogs

Like humans, dogs have nutritional needs that must be met in order for them to thrive. Dogs’ nutritional needs differ from our own, so you can’t exactly start sharing your own dinner with your dog. Feeding an incomplete or imbalanced diet can lead to vitamin and nutrient deficiencies in dogs.

Dogs need enough calories to meet their energy requirements. A dog’s daily caloric need depends on the dog’s life stage and activity level. Your veterinarian can help you determine how many calories your dog needs each day.

A homemade dog diet should contain an appropriate balance of protein, carbohydrates, fiber, and fat. Vitamins and minerals must be added to the food to ensure it is complete and balanced.

  • At least 10% protein, such as chicken, turkey, fish, lean beef
  • Up to 50% carbohydrates, such as rice, pasta, and potatoes
  • About 2.5-4.5% fiber, which can come from vegetables like peas, green beans, and carrots
  • At least 5.5% fat, usually in the form of vegetable oil
  • Vitamin and mineral supplements

If you are ready to get started cooking for your dog, the first step is to talk to your veterinarian. Your vet may have recipes for you to try. Or you may need a referral to a veterinary nutritionist or a vet that focuses on canine nutrition.

Reasons For Choosing A Low

How To Make Low Protein Dog Treats

All living organisms require protein to function, as its a crucial biological building block for almost every process in the body. But some dogs may benefit from a low-protein diet, mostly because they are dealing with some type of major illness.

Liver Disease

In dogs, as in humans, the liver is a large organ that serves several major functions, including aiding in digestion, detoxifying a dogs entire system, and metabolizing proteins. Age-related liver dysfunction can affect the livers ability to efficiently perform its biological functions, and in dogs with chronic or age-related liver disease, a veterinarian may recommend a low-protein diet to help take some of the strain off the liver. Signs of liver disease in a dog include weight loss, vomiting, diarrhea, increased thirst, confusion, and jaundice, and its typically diagnosed through blood tests or diagnostic imaging, such as an X-ray or ultrasound.

Kidney Disease

Bladder Stones

Dogs that are prone to a particular type of bladder stone, a urate stone, may benefit from a low-protein diet because the substances that create these stones are found in high concentrations food-based protein sources. Urate bladder stones are relatively rare , but some breeds are much more prone to them, including Dalmatians and bulldogs.

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