How To Increase Protein Intake

Increase Your Protein Portion Size

HOW TO Increase Protein Intake / What I Eat In a Day / High Protein

The quickest, and arguably easiest, way to increase your protein intake is simply to eat a larger portion of the protein you are already eating. Eating one egg for breakfast? Eat 2. Eating 1/2 can of tuna for lunch? Eat the whole can. Eating 3 ounces of chicken for dinner? Eat 4 ounces of chicken. By simply increasing the portion size of your protein source at every meal, even if its small, you can easily increase your daily protein intake without much effort.

Regulation Of Food Intake

The previous data illustrating greater weight loss during free-living, ad libitum feeding with increased dietary protein suggests an energy imbalance state potentially through spontaneous reductions in intake. Although the majority of previous studies incorporated controlled-feeding, Skov et al. and Weigle et al. allowed total intake to vary as long as protein intake was maintained.21, 23 In both of these studies, increased dietary protein led to voluntary reductions in total calorie intake of approximately 400 kcal/d.21, 23 In most, but not all, acute controlled-feeding studies, the consumption of higher protein meals led to greater reductions in energy intake by as much as 600 kcal, at the subsequent meal, compared to normal protein meals.2, 6 The substantial, spontaneous reduction in intake with increased dietary protein raises the question of the mechanism-of-action supporting the improvement in energy intake regulation. Potential mechanisms include the improvements in appetite control and satiety frequently observed with increased protein consumption.

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Make Protein A Priority

When you are planning your meals for the day, make sure you focus on the protein-rich foods first then afterward, think about the rest of the meal. If you discover that you dont have any source of protein for dinner, dont settle for a protein-free meal. Go to the grocery store and pick a fresh-cut steak or some beans and lentils if you are a non-meat eater.

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Are You Getting Enough Protein How To Increase Your Intake

The mention of protein may conjure up the well-worn cliché of bodybuilders chowing down on bars and shakes in a bid to bulk up. And while this trope is pretty spot-on, in truth, everyone needs to eat enough protein about 58 grams each day to function optimally. Protein is a vitally important macronutrient that excels in many areas of health. Alongside supporting the building blocks of tissues, bones, muscles, skin and blood, this compound plays an essential role in metabolic function and satiety. Hence protein is one of the best weapons in your arsenal to keep you slim, lean and strong. Okay, so weve established you need to eat more protein, but the million-dollar question is how to incorporate it seamlessly into your every day diet. There are only so many chicken sandwiches one can eat, after all! The secret to upping your protein intake is thinking outside this restrictive must-add-meat-box. The following ideas will highlight how to increase your daily protein consumption without disrupting your usual regimen.

Sprinkle On Chia Seeds

3 easy ways to increase your protein intake at breakfast ...

The simple act of adding chia seeds to meals means you can cram even more protein into your diet. Dont be fooled by their tiny size these little guys have truly earned their stripes as a superfood. In just two tablespoons, chia seeds pack a whopping 4 grams of protein. Not only that, but theyre chock-full of fibre and omega-3 fatty acids, too. Power-up your porridge, smoothies and salads with a sprinkling of these potent fellas. Vegan? Swap eggs for chia seeds and water in your baking. Why not making blueberry and chia seed jam or whipping up a power protein chia pudding

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Ezekiel Bread And Other Breads Made From Sprouted Grains

Ezekiel bread is made from organic, sprouted whole grains and legumes. These include wheat, millet, barley and spelt, as well as soybeans and lentils.

Two slices of Ezekiel bread contain approximately 8 grams of protein, which is slightly more than the average bread .

Sprouting grains and legumes increases the amount of healthy nutrients they contain and reduces the amount of anti-nutrients in them .

In addition, studies show that sprouting increases their amino acid content. Lysine is the limiting amino acid in many plants, and sprouting increases the lysine content. This helps boost the overall protein quality (

Bottom Line:

Ezekiel and other breads made from sprouted grains have an enhanced protein and nutrient profile, compared to more traditional breads.

Use Protein Powder As Needed

If youre struggling with the above suggestions, or are in the process of working on them, including a little protein powder in your diet is another great way to increase your protein intake. A single scoop of protein powder averages 20 grams of protein per serving, which is the equivalent to roughly 2.5 ounces of chicken, 3 ounces of steak, or 3 large eggs, making it a simple way to quickly boost protein intake. However, protein powder should always be considered a supplement to a healthy diet, not a replacement for one. So do your best to look for ways to eat more protein with real food and use a protein powder only as long as needed.

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Other Ways To Increase Your Protein Intake

  • Use almonds
  • Add protein-rich foods to your salad, such as tuna, salmon, and cheese
  • Eat peanut butter and fruit
  • Feel free to eat cottage cheese
  • Avoid junk food
  • Add humus to yoru sandwich
  • Add tahini to salad dressing
  • Use olive oil for salad and dressings

Last but not least, you should think about tracking your protein consumption for just one day. This simple method will enable you to see what you see, how much, and when.

During this testing do not focus on calories, but focus only on the grams of protein. Then, do your research and see how much protein you need based on your age, sex, weight, and activity level.

How To Increase Your Protein Intake On Budget

How To Increase Protein Intake on a Vegan Diet (6 ways)

Whether your intention is to build muscle, lose weight, or boost your bodys immunity against diseases, increasing your protein intake is of the utmost importance. Nutritional experts recommend a daily intake of 46 grams for women and 56 grams for men. However, theres no problem doubling the daily recommended intake. In fact, one study found that people who doubled their protein intake ended up boosting their metabolism as well as maintained their muscle mass. But, heres the catch. Meeting your daily protein goals can dig a hole in your wallet since certain traditional and rich sources of protein dont come cheap. The good news is, there are ways you can increase your protein intake without breaking the bank.

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Add Cheese Nuts Or Seeds

Some foods that add flavours are naturally high in protein themselves. Good examples are strong cheeses like blue cheese as well as nuts and seeds.

As well as protein, cheese is full of calcium and other micronutrients, including Vitamins A, D and B12, which also help maintain strong bones. Cheese can be easily added to soups, salads, pasta or mashed potatoes.

Nuts and seeds can be added to breakfast cereals, salads and desserts such as yoghurts, and can provide an interesting texture as well as added flavour. Nuts and seeds are good sources of plant-based protein, and are also high in healthy fats, fibre, and many vitamins and minerals, and can reduce risk of many chronic conditions, such as cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes. However, nuts and seeds may not be suitable for everyone , but cheese is soft and full of flavour.

Diet Tips To Increase Protein Intake For Vegetarians

When one thinks of protein, steak, eggs, or chicken might come to mind. But suppose youre not a big meat eater and are a vegetarian or, well, an eggetarian. In that case, you have other options to make sure you get the recommended amount of protein that your body needs. Protein is a macronutrient and the building block of your body. It gives about 4Kcal of energy for every gram of intake and is essential to our diet. In addition, diets rich in protein promote muscle strength, satiety and weight loss.

A common concern about vegetarian diets is that they might lack sufficient protein. However, talking to experts clarifies that a well-planned vegetarian diet provides you with all the nutrients you need. Not just this, certain plant foods contain significantly more protein than others. What most of us dont realise is that protein doesnt just come from animal-based foods. Many plants are, in fact, extremely high in protein, too.

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Include A High Protein Food With Every Meal

When it comes to protein, its not just the total amount you take in every day that matters. Getting enough at each meal is also important.

Several researchers recommend consuming a minimum of 2030 grams of protein at each meal.

Studies show that this amount promotes fullness and preserves muscle mass better than smaller amounts eaten throughout the day .

Examples of foods high in protein include meat, fish, poultry, eggs, legumes, and soy products like tofu or tempeh.

You can also select foods from this list of delicious high protein foods to make sure you meet your needs at every meal.


Include a high protein food at each meal to get what you need to feel full and maintain muscle mass.

Replace Rice With Quinoa

How to Increase Protein Intake 15 Easy Ways

Another easy way to pack more protein into your meals? Switch your traditional grains for quinoa. Unlike white rice and couscous, quinoa is overflowing with protein and amino acids that will crank up the nutritional value of your dishes. Plus, its nutty flavour and rougher texture make it all the more delicious. Add quinoa to salads, stews and trendy Buddha bowls. And if you really want to capitalise on the versatility of this grain, use it in breakfast porridge, burger patties and stuffed peppers. For a double whammy of protein power, drizzle a good dollop of tahini over quinoa bowls.

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Add Greek Yogurt Or Cottage Cheese Into Pancakes

Just like adding them into oats, adding Greek yogurt or cottage cheese into pancakes makes them thick, fluffy and really boosts their protein content. Typically, you can replace some of the liquid part of pancakes with these things with great results! Sometimes you can even do this with greek yogurt brownies!

Pancake recipes to try: Fluffy cottage cheese pancakes / Healthy oatmeal protein pancakes / Gluten free low carb keto protein pancakes

Add Sauces And Seasonings

Research shows that the taste and flavour of high-protein foods can encourage older adults to consume more of them. And taste and flavour are easily added with sauces and seasoning.

In studies where we have offered older adults a hot chicken meal either with or without sauce or seasoning, we find more chicken was eaten from the meals with sauce or seasoning compared to plain meals. Meals with sauces and seasonings were also rated as more pleasant and tastier than the plain meals.

Adding sauces and seasonings to meals can increase the consumption of high-protein foods. Participants also subsequently ate equal amounts of protein at the next meal following flavoured meals and plain meals, meaning that their protein intake was increased overall.

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Eat Protein At Breakfast Lunch And Dinner

Dont wait until dinner to start eating your protein, ensure that youre including a source of protein at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Although you can certainly create a healthy breakfast without a ton of protein, if youre trying to increase your protein intake neglecting to include it in your morning meal will leave you playing catch up all day long. Instead, ensure that all of your meals include a source of protein to help ensure youre reaching your protein target by the end of the day.

Add Hummus To A Sandwich

TIPS TO INCREASE YOUR PROTEIN INTAKE | how to calculate your protein intake

Forget the fattening mayonnaise and cheese you can satisfy your need for something super creamy by spreading hummus on your sandwich instead. The chickpeas in your hummus are packed full of protein, and the flavorful herbs and garlic can be added to give your sandwich some zingwithout the grease and fat. To make your own hummus at home, check out our 11 Tips for Making the Perfect Homemade Hummus!

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Pin How To Increase Protein Intake

Protein is a very important macro nutrient.

While I believe you should listen to your body and eat what it is telling you, I still try to make sure I am getting adequate protein into my day by included protein sources at every meal and snacking on higher protein foods. < If you need some breakfast ideas, try these high protein breakfast recipes!

Many people dont get enough protein and its important to build strong muscles, keep your body working, keep your metabolism going and protein at a meal can help with satiety.

But, it can be a little tough to eat enough and you may have wondered how to get more protein into your diet as some point

So, I have rounded up 15 easy ways that will answer the question of how to eat more protein!

How Much Protein Do You Really Need

How much protein is enough?

It really all depends on your goals.

If youre just a normal, active person who wants the right amount of protein to stay healthy and maintain your lifestyle and body composition, youll need somewhere around .36 grams per pound of bodyweight.

That comes out to somewhere around 50-60 grams per day for an average man, or 40-50 grams per day for an average woman, according to Healthline.

Thats not hard to get. For reference, an average serving of boneless, skinless chicken breast will have around 20-30 grams all by itself.

If youre very active and like to exercise a lot, youll need to eat a bit more to properly fuel your muscles.

If youre into lifting weights and want to gain muscle or maintain muscle and strength, you should shoot for about .8 to 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight.

So for a 160 pound man on a proper strength training program, you should be eating somewhere around 120-160 grams of protein per day for best results.

Thats just a quick example, but you get the idea.

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Start Your Day With Nuts

Starting your day with a handful of nuts is a great way to incorporate protein into your diet and overcome sugar cravings throughout the day. Soak almonds overnight and break your fast with them. If you forget soaking almonds overnight, start your day with a few walnuts for the protein boost you need. In addition, they help control the portion size during breakfast since most vegetarian breakfasts are usually high in calories.

Along with protein content, the cherry on the top is the micronutrients and minerals that come with it! Nuts are antioxidant powerhouses that are low in carbs and a great source of countless other nutrients.

Tip #8 Read Food Labels

7 Ways to Increase Protein Intake ... Diet

Because we are all now aware of the importance of protein, the marketing companies have also become aware of using protein to sell their products.

These days youll see the words a source of protein on a lot of food and drink itmes. But before you buy them, actually check

1) how much protein is actually in a serving and

2) how much fat and carbohydrates there are.

Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is a great example of this because technically it is quite high in protein, but if you look at the label it is a lot higher in fat .

So a 100g serving of peanut butter contains 100 calories worth of protein and 450 calories worth of fat. So it is more of a fat source than a protein source.

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Vegetarian And Vegan Eating During Pregnancy

A vegetarian diet can be safely followed during pregnancy provided you eat regularly to ensure you have enough energy. Include a variety of foods from the five food groups each day to meet your nutrient needs. Most women will need supplements of nutrients that are difficult to obtain just from food . Vitamin B12 supplements will also be needed for women following vegan diets for optimal brain development in their baby.

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Healthy Eating As A Vegetarian

The Eatwell Guide shows the different types of food we should eat to have a healthy, balanced diet, and in what proportions.

You donât need to achieve this balance with every meal, but try to get the balance right over a day, or even a week. Choose options low in fat, salt and sugar whenever you can.

As outlined in the Eatwell Guide:

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Protein Restriction: How Far

High protein intake is probably not associated with renal function decline in the healthy. Accordingly, current nutritional guidelines for DM patients without kidney disease do not recommended dietary protein restriction.7 However, high total protein intake, particularly of nondairy animal protein origin, may accelerate renal function decline in patients with mild renal insufficiency and increase the chance of renal dysfunction in subjects at high risk for CKD, such as diabetes.16 This view was supported by a prospective cohort study in women following a low carb diet, who showed increase in cardiovascular disease and progression of impaired kidney function.17 In fact, excess protein intake induces renal hemodynamic changes that are needed to excrete protein-derived nitrogen metabolites,18 a sequence of events that may entail untoward consequences over time. Accordingly, avoidance of excess dietary protein intake may be beneficial in preventing long-term renal complications.

Stephanie Ann Leonard, Anna Nowak-Wgrzyn, in, 2012

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