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I like Muscle Milk and that’s primarily because it lets me add a good tasting protein powder to my oatmeal. Adding 1 scoop to my smoothies also makes me fill fuller longer as would any other protein powder. I think Muscle Milk is best used for people who exercise regularly and those where weight loss is not the main goal.

What Milk Is High In Protein

As you can see, whole milk is high in natural proteins, fat, and calcium. Milk sold in the United States is usually fortified with vitamin A and vitamin D, as well. Shop for whole cows milk here. Other cows milk has the same amount of carbohydrates and protein, with some or all of the fat removed.

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High Fiberhigh Proteinketolow Carblow Sugarsugar Free

Okay, I admit it. I used to drink Muscle Milk. You know, those ready-to-drink shakes advertising 20 grams of protein, vitamins and minerals?

Yeah, they have protein, and yeah, they have some added nutrients, but are they 100% healthy? No, they are artificially flavored and contain quite a bit of that fake sugar, sucralose. So I made a healthy replacement! And did I mention that this Healthy Chocolate Muscle Milk is 100% good-for-you?

A thick and creamy shake that is wait, what did you say? LOWCARB?!? Yup! For the first time on Desserts With Benefits, a low carb recipe. So you can drink this luscious chocolate drink and not have to worry about added sugars .

Is it just me, or is that a bite of delicious chocolate staring you down? And how lovely, its within arms reach from ME!

Hah, sorry to torture you, maybe you can try grabbing it from the screen? Okay, okay, Ill stop. This isnt one of Willy Wonkas inventions! Ah, if only Wonkavision did exist

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What Are Muscle Milk Alternatives

There are several alternatives to Muscle Milk on the market. Muscletech Premium Gold Whey is manufactured by Iovate Sciences. It contains whey, but in its hydrolyzed form, which is very easily absorbed. It is less expensive than Muscle Milk, but it contains soy, lactose, and artificial sweeteners. It also doesnt have any digestive enzymes.

Pro Jym protein is the brainchild of Dr. Jim Stoppani, a Ph.D. in Exercise Physiology and a senior writer in this arena. This protein shake has 24 gm of protein. It is a slow-digesting shake that can be consumed at any time and has high micronutrient levels, especially calcium.

Muscle Milk: Living Up To The Hype

Muscle Milk® Original Strawberries

May 6, 2011 at 9:23 am

Muscle Milk has recently joined a sea of protein supplements that are advertised for all ages and ailments. To appeal to a widening demographic, Muscle Milks collection now includes chocolate malt, banana and strawberry flavors, and a new series of reduced fat Muscle Milk Light options. Marketers tell us that for only $4.19 for a 14 ounce serving, we can revive our mind, sustain energy, suppress appetite, manage weight and spur lean muscle growth. But does Muscle Milk deliver on these claims? I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Professor Stacey Zawackis Food, Dietary Supplements, and Consumer Health class to discuss the merits of Muscle Milk.

Muscle Milk is considered a dietary supplement. The FDA does not ensure the safety of dietary supplements or the accuracy of manufacturer claims before they go on the market. Some supplement manufacturers seek independent testing to ensure consumers that their products contain the quantity of ingredients declared on the label and do not contain undeclared ingredients or unacceptable levels of contaminants.

Recent studies have compared cows milk to commercial alternatives in their efficacy as post-exercise recovery aids. Both milk and chocolate milk offer an effective natural balance of protein, carbohydrates and nutrients at a fraction of the cost of Muscle Milk.

Have you tried Muscle Milk?

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Muscle Milk Collegiate: Safe For Athletes

Muscle Milk Collegiate is a completely different product, with a tremendous amount of carbohydrates, in the form of maltodextrin, in a 2.25:1 ratio of carbs-protein. This makes it a better choice to take after workouts, but a much worse choice to take any other time of day. Maltodextrin is essentially a complex sugar, and so taking a Muscle Milk Collegiate shake at bedtime, like they suggest, would be like have a whey protein shake and two cans of soda. Not good. And, this product still has fat in it, which would slow its release during the post-workout window. This is, again, a time when you want the fastest possible absorption of nutrients.

Heres My 2 Cents Of Muscle Milk Opinion

Lil BojÃ, heydayDos Quality Control guy, weighs in on Muscle Milk too

I bought some Muscle Milk for the purpose of comparing it to protein powders that I use regularly, and thats what inspired me to write about it.

But I dont drink Muscle Milk primarily because its a heavily-processed supplement, and I pretty much avoid those types of products completely.

Im just kinda picky about what I eat & drink.

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Is Muscle Milk Good For You

With the good comes the bad, and there are some cons associated with this dietary supplement. One of the cons is the potential for weight gain.

Muscle Milk provides 150 calories per serving while other protein supplements average 100 calories per serving. For ectomorphs , Muscle Milk may be perfect because these individuals have a hard time putting on weight. For endomorphs , Muscle Milk may not be the ideal drink.

There is a substance in Muscle Milk that may cause stomach upset. Crystalline fructose is an ingredient that isnt digested well by some people.

These people get excessive amounts of intestinal gas, diarrhea, and stomach cramps when consuming this additive. For those with a sensitivity to crystalline fructose, Muscle Milk should be avoided.

Muscle Milk may also compromise the health of people suffering from kidney disease. High protein foods are sometimes avoided by people with kidney disease because digesting protein tends to overwork the kidneys.

Excess amounts of protein get excreted through the kidneys and, for this reason, taking Muscle Milk is contraindicated in their diets.

Choco Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie

Muscle Milk: Protein Powder Review!

by Gina Hassick, MA, RD, LDN, CDE, NCC,

“I’m not the biggest fan of protein powders. Many protein drinks are loaded with artificial ingredients, sweeteners and fillers, so I prefer to get my protein for whole food sources. One of my favorite protein shakes is this choco-peanut butter-banana smoothie. It’s great for weight loss and muscle building because it’s loaded with natural sources of protein.

The #1 protein drink I recommend is chocolate milk, which has the ideal ratio of carbohydrates to protein to help refuel and build muscle after a workout. Many studies have shown that individuals who drank chocolate milk within an hour after working out had higher muscle fuel stores, less body fat and a greater overall physiological response to exercise than those who recovered with water or a sports drink. Some other benefits of chocolate milk: It contains high-quality protein to help build and repair muscles, calcium to strengthen bones, vitamin D to enhance calcium absorption, plus sodium and potassium to help replace lost electrolytes and B vitamins.”


  • 1 teaspoon chia seeds
  • Water to thin consistency as desired

Nutrition: 271 calories, 4 g fat , 0 mg cholesterol, 45 mg sodium, 44 g carbs, 7 g fiber, 12 sugars, 18 g protein

by Lisa Jubilee MS, CDN,


  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 4-5 ice cubes

Nutrition: 237 calories, 20 g fat , 0 mg cholesterol, 6 mg sodium, 10 g carbs, 6 g fiber, 2 g sugars, 6 g protein


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How Much Protein Do You Need

Much of Muscle Milks popularity comes from its protein content. This begs the question do you actually need that much protein to begin with?

Common recommendations suggest that you need roughly 0.36 grams of protein for each pound of body weight. Other factors influence your protein needs too, so calculators like this one can help you find out a rough estimate for your needs.

For the average American, this recommendation means you should be consuming around 10% of your daily calories in the form of protein. Many of us go above this target easily.

Still, those figures focus on minimum protein intake. Some theories and research suggest that more protein is beneficial perhaps 15% to 25% of your daily calorie intake.

So then, for some people, increasing protein take could easily promote health.

The most important thing is to think about your own needs. Look at your current protein intake and activity levels. That should help you figure out whether you need more protein.

If your protein intake is already more than adequate, adding more probably wont help at all.

For people with kidney disease, too much protein could even be harmful. Thankfully though, current evidence suggests that high protein diets are safe for healthy people.

Muscle Milk Vs Whey Protein: Which Is Best For Building Muscle

Before I give you the answer to the question youve been waiting for, neither of these supplements will help you build muscle unless youre doing these three things first:

  • Lifting hard
  • Eating at a caloric surplus
  • And meeting your protein requirements
  • Now that thats out the way, which one will help you build the most muscle?


    Muscle Milk and whey protein work differently, but in the end, give similar results.

    There are two ways to increase muscle mass.

    One is by increasing protein synthesis. This is what whey protein does best because it contains more of the amino acid leucine than casein.

    And the other way is by . This is what casein is better at because it releases a steady stream of protein for a long period of time compared to whey.

    However, what youll find below is that, overall, none of that really matters.

    In one study researchers took two groups of female athletes, giving one group casein and the other whey protein, to see if their strength and lean mass would differ. Both groups consumed equal amounts of protein before and after training for 8 weeks.

    The results?

    Lean body mass and strength gains were near the same despite different protein supplements.

    Another study backs this one by concluding that

    Acute ingestion of both whey protein and casein after exercise resulted in similar increases in muscle protein net balance, resulting in net muscle protein synthesis despite different patterns of blood amino acid responses.

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    Is Muscle Milk Keto Friendly

    One of the first protein shakes I remember back in the day were those Muscle Milk ready to drink shakes in the refrigeration section. We even used to get them for free as student-athletes since Muscle Milk was a big sponsor of our athletic program. Naturally, I wondered if I could still consume muscle milk products on a ketogenic diet, and this is what I found.

    Certain Muscle Milk products are allowed while following a keto diet. the low-carb ones are:

    • Muscle Milk Genuine RTD Shakes
    • Muscle Milk Pro Series RTD Shakes
    • Muscle Milk Coffee House RTD Shakes
    • Muscle Milk Light RTD Shakes
    • Muscle Milk 100 Calorie RTD Shakes
    • Muscle Milk Whey Protein Powders

    *RTD = Ready To Drink

    In this article, I’ll break down the different muscle milk products that you can drink while on a ketogenic diet and the ones you should stay away from. Also, I’ll cover what’s in muscle milk, protein on keto, and whether you should be worried about consuming too much protein.

    Will Muscle Milk Make You Fat

    Muscle Milk Original Non Dairy Protein Shake, 34g Protein, 17 FL OZ, 5 ...

    Its not an unhealthy supplement, but it may or may not be right for your goals, depending on whether you want to gain or lose weight, get stronger or just get leaner. Muscle milk has extra calories from fat and some of the weight-gaining ingredients, so it may not be a good choice for those hoping to lose weight.

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    Muscle Milk Vs Whey Protein

    In Muscle Milk, whey protein is an ingredient in the form of whey protein isolate, whey protein hydrolysate, and whey protein concentrate in addition to casein. Several scientific studies have proved the efficacy of whey protein in contributing to lean muscle gains, better body composition, and fat loss, says Nutrition and Metabolism. Though Muscle Milk also makes similar claims, they have not been verified by the FDA or the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

    Whey can be digested very quickly to promote muscle protein synthesis and is called a fast-acting protein. Casein, on the other hand, contains a different group of amino acids and is a slow-acting protein. It promotes better recovery following endurance exercises. When following a recovery plan, the National Strength and Conditioning Association suggests that an individual is better off using a combination of both these proteins.

    However, it is worthwhile realizing that neither form of the protein is guaranteed to transform the body. The effect of each will depend on several factors such as age, weight, sex, diet, and the level of physical activity.

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    Muscle Milk Ingredient List

    The fat source in Muscle Milk is another good feature. MCTs, or Medium-Chain Triglycerides, are shorter than regular fat molecules and as such are more readily burned by the body. MCTs in the blood will be used for energy at a higher rate than they will be stored as fat. There was a big boom for MCTs in the past few years, and they can now be found in a cooking oil, Enova. Enova commercials brag about how their cooking oil is less likely to be stored as fat when consumed. Commercialization aside, MCTs are a good choice of fat for a protein supplement. Coconut oil is the best natural source of MCTs, and is used for cooking as well. As such, its often found in the diet of bodybuilders and health buffs.

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    How Much Protein Do You Need On A Daily Basis

    Protein needs depend on many factors including: age and exercise intensity, duration and frequency. You also need to take in enough caloriesto support optimal performance and protein utilization.

    As a general guideline, consuming about 50-90% of your body weight in grams of protein for active adults and athletes will meet your daily requirements. A professional athletes protein needs will be very different from someone who is mildlyactive based on the factor of the frequency of intense workouts.If you are less active, you may require less daily protein.

    Carbohydrates And Fat In Muscle Milk

    Muscle Milk Protein Powder Review

    After three kinds of protein, soluble vegetable fiber is next on the ingredients list. There are two kinds of fiber: soluble and insoluble. Both are important for heart health.

    Soluble fiber turns into a gel-like substance when it’s digested. It takes longer to digest than simple carbohydrates like sugar and is found in foods like oat, barley, seeds, beans and lentils. It’s a healthier form of carbohydrate than a simple sugar like glucose, which is found in many sports drinks. Oat fiber is also included as an ingredient in Muscle Milk.

    Another source of carbohydrate listed in Muscle Milk is maltodextrin. This is used as a thickener, sweetener and stabilizer. Since it’s relatively inexpensive, maltodextrin is added to many foods and beverages.

    Fats included in the ingredients list include sunflower oil, canola oil and medium chain triglycerides. There are only 9 grams of fat in Muscle Milk, making it the least prevalent of the macronutrients.

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    Benefits Of Muscle Milk

    Convenient Source Of Protein

    Protein is the main feature of Muscle Milk and the reason that most people drink the shakes. While there are plenty of other ways to get protein, fewer are as easy as grabbing a pre-prepared shake and downing it. Making up a protein shake from the Muscle Milk powder is a fast process too.

    The convenience factor is one reason that so many people use products like Muscle Milk. After all, protein rich meals take time to prepare and to eat. Who wants this when youre in a hurry or are about to begin a workout?

    Muscle Building

    Muscle Milk is designed with muscle development in mind. The high protein content of the products works well for this goal. Plus, the products all keep the sugar content low. The company even certifies some of their products as NSF Certified, which means theyre free from all sport-related banned substances.

    Even more importantly, the products all rely on whey as the main source of protein. Whey is thought to be the most powerful type of protein for muscle development, as it contains all the amino acids you need, along with plenty of branched chain amino acids .

    That combination of features should make Muscle Milk more powerful than many other brands.

    Low Sugar

    Muscle Milk keeps the sugar content of their drinks low, which is helpful. Many protein shake products dont do this at all. You can even find some prepared shakes that contain more sugar than protein. Shocking, right?

    Weight Loss

    The Nutrients

    Protein Shakes Will Spike Your Insulin

    Now, there is a slight possibility of protein shakes spiking insulin, but that doesn’t mean you’ll stop losing weight.

    Insulin has been getting demonized, especially by the ketogenic community, and for no good reason.

    In the case of insulin and protein shakes, even if you were to get a spike in your insulin, and worst-case scenario knocked out of ketosis, it would be so short-lived you wouldn’t even notice.

    Keep in mind you may be fluxing in and out of ketosis throughout the day even without drinking protein shakes, it’s nothing to worry about.

    The following image is a chart showing the insulin and ketone levels of a male participant who fasted for 50 days before having insulin DIRECTLY injected into his body.

    As you can see in the following graphic, ketones did go down briefly then shot right back up.

    And did I mention this was shooting insulin intravenously?

    Now, think about how much that protein shake is going to affect you? Not likely, and if it did, not for long.

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