How Much Is Ladyboss Lean Protein Powder

The Upsides Of Ladyboss Lean Protein Powder

LadyBoss LEAN Protein Powder [New Moms, Lose Weight and Get Back to your Pre-Pregnancy Shape!]
  • It is perfect for a weight loss/muscle building program. Or good if you are on the keto diet
  • It can be served in various ways Coffee, Smoothies, or Almond milk, and you still get a great-tasting mix. You can also take it plainly without any additions
  • Being suitable for meal replacement, it saves cost. You wouldnt have to spend much on meals
  • It helps in managing sweet cravings and addictions
  • It enhances the function of the immune system and the digestive system
  • To further boost consumers confidence, it comes with a 30-day money-back warranty

The ladyboss lean vanilla cake tastes amazing!

How I Bossed Up With Ladyboss Protein Shakes Beauty Brite

Answer From Katherine Zeratsky, R.D., L.D. Manufacturers of protein shakes may claim that their products help decrease body fat or promote weight loss, but protein shakes aren’t a magic bullet for weight loss. Replacing meals with protein shakes may help you reduce your daily calories, which can help you lose weight.

When I stopped growing taller and failed to adjust my poor eating habits accordingly – because there really was a time I could eat an entire bag of mini Reese’s peanut butter cups while watching a 30 minute TV show, and I practically lived on soda and Hostess and sugar cereal – my body responded by growing out. And so my battle began.

sour cream and salsa for serving. Preheat oven to 325°F. In a large skillet, brown meat and drain off fat. Stir in beans, tomatoes, onion, taco seasoning, soup and water. Simmer over medium-low heat until everything is well combined and heated through. Grease a 9×13 casserole dish.

What Is The Point Of Muscle Recovery Supplements

I hear a lot: If protein shakes and muscle recovery supplements have BCAAs, should I take both?

Yes, you should because there is a difference between them, even if they seem similar. The difference is all about the chemical structure.

But dont worry, you dont need to be a science-whiz to know how to put your supplements to work.

The common idea behind taking a muscle recovery supplement, like LadyBoss RECOVER ®, is to help reduce muscle pain post-workout. Muscle recovery supplements do stimulate muscle recoveryafter exercise, but they have many other diverse purposes.

For starters, muscle recovery supplements can increase endurance during exercise! And who doesnt want to perform better at the gym?

Typically, with a muscle recovery supplement, you drink it within 30 minutes following a workout. However, you might actually gain more muscle-building benefits if you drink your post-workout supplement during your workout.

Now you can be the person drinking the mysterious pink or blue liquid in the gym! And somewhere out there is someone who will think youre drinking Kool-Aid.

Youve come a long way. But I digress.

BCAAs in muscle recovery supplements are what help increase strength output during exercise. Basically, they get the blood pumping!

BCAAs also assist in muscle growth, as well as in weight loss, and aid in reducing muscle soreness. For something we refer to as a simple compound, they do a lot!

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Ladyboss Lean Provides The Protein You Need On Your Weight Loss Journey

Wouldnt it be lovely if you could lose weight and still drink a vanilla milkshake?

Or gain muscle while still savoring the delicious flavor of a vanilla cake?

We at LadyBoss think so. So when it came to creating our protein powder here at LadyBoss LABS, we asked ourselves, Well, why not?

The result? LadyBoss LEAN, our all-in-one, nutritious protein shake that supports weight loss.

Oh, and it tastes like vanilla cake!

LadyBoss designed LEAN protein powder with both your health and your love of sweets in mind!

Additionally, LEAN is in part a patented blend of digestive enzymes built-in for gut health.

It also helps promote healthy skin, hair, and nails!

LadyBoss LEAN is extremely versatile! Take it on the go. Or bake LEAN into your favorite healthy desserts. You can even create high-protein shakes with flavors of your own choosing by adding the ingredients you want!

Ladyboss designed LEAN with two specific goals in mind. Yes, a protein shake should be healthy. But LadyBoss believed LEAN should also taste delicious!

Cinnamon Roll Lean Protein Nutritional Meal Shake

Endurance and Energy Bars Drinks and Pills 1278: Lady Boss ...

FREE Bonuses Included With Purchase:

Form: Powder

# of Servings: 30 full scoops

Serving Size: 1 scoop/ 28g

  • Add 1 scoop of LEAN® to 6-8 oz of water, almond milk, or your favorite liquid and mix thoroughly in a shaker bottle or blender
  • For optimal texture & results, consume immediately after mixing with desired liquid
  • For maximum results drink LEAN® 3x per day.
  • BONUS: Cinnamon Roll LEAN® is easily added to your favorite shakes, baked goods, breakfast, and dessert recipes! Make healthy but still delicious cinnamon roll muffins or pancakes! Sprinkle some over your morning cereal and be a kid again! Or savor a mouth-watering mug cake that tastes and smells EXACTLY like the comfort food you lovebut without all the sugar and guilt!

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Foxyfit Protein For Her Caramel Mocha Whey Protein Powder With Cla To Help With Weight Management And Biotin For Healthy Glow

as of February 28, 2022 8:10 am


  • Whey Protein for Women*: Finding the right protein powder is a huge challenge. You have to factor in how it tastes, mixes, and performs, but us women need a little more. Protein for Her combines biotin and CLA to make a protein powder for women that promotes weight loss as well as healthy hair, skin, and nails.*
  • Fat Burning Protein Powder*: CLA is an all natural weight loss agent that stimulates metabolism and fat burning.* We added this to Protein for Her to make it a weight loss protein powder for women.* It doesnt affect taste either. Just pure performance whenever you need it.
  • Hair, Skin, and Nails Complex*: Biotin supports healthy hair as well as other benefits. We added it to Protein for Her so that your daily shake does more than just provide an alternative to snacking. Lose weight, accelerate hair growth, and crush cravings with a protein powder for women.
  • Made in the USA: All Foxy Fit premium supplements are made in the USA at our cGMP facility. Our protein powder for women, as well as our other products are formulated in a safe environment.*
  • Our Motto: We stand by our products and your pursuit to live a healthy and happy life. If you arent pleased with your purchase, let us know and well refund your order no questions asked.

Is Lady Boss Lean Good For You

Lady Boss lean is designed to be a protein shake that replaces a meal. But, does it have the necessary ingredients? Looking at the ingredients, it seems it lacks fiber, which is typically a big ingredient for Protein shakes. It helps fill you up and helps you with hunger cravings.

But, Lady Boss Lean only has 2 grams of fiber per serving. That’s not a lot. Sure they use their “patented fiber blend” to make it sound all fancy, but it has 2 grams of fiber.

However, it does pack the punch with protein, which is another essential ingredient in the mix.

Lady Boss lean has 17 grams, which is a decent amount for a protein shake. Protein is low in calories but helps with hunger. The type of protein used it grass fed whey, which doesn’t settle well for everyone.

But, Lean is a good choice in a protein as it carries amino acids that help with muscle growth.

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Customer Service Is The Worst

There lean shakes are great however, it takes forever to get them and i have had the worst customer service experience. I had heard nothing but good about this company and truly love their shakes . When I placed the order their system lost it and I had spent 300 dollars. I contacted them after a week and they said it shipped so I left it be. I got the tracking and it was for only sample bars! I contacted again and they said it was a system error and the would have it fulfilled asap. Another week went by and still nothing. I contacted them to cancel and then they shipped it out right then. Still missing part of the order as they said it was back logged but at this point willing to eat the price for that as I havent had luck with their customer service. I am hesitant to order again even if their shakes are good

Reply from LadyBoss

Ordered a sample, had some problems with the shipping, but the customer support helped. The protein bars turned out to be helpful and tasty. Will order more here.

Reply from LadyBoss

Hey Bishop,Thank you for taking the time to leave a review! We are so glad to know that our team has been there to support and guide you. They are 100% committed to providing the best information, products, and services possible to help women lose weight and love themselves again. I can’t tell you enough how proud of you we are for your dedication to use the products we have provided. Keep up the great work. You are amazing!Wishing you the best,

What Users Are Saying

How To Make Protein Waffles Using Lady Boss Lean

Absolutely loved this! You could make so many different shakes with this and even bake with it. I have lost 24 lbs with this shake and better food choices. Unfortunately after using it for 3 months, I have noticed Ive been getting dizzy and lightheaded but only after having my morning shake. So I went a week without it and have been fine. This is common with sucralose, and that is in the shake mix.

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Bottom Line On Lady Boss Lean

Researching Lady Boss Lean has been a trip all over the internet from the BBB to online garage sales, all in hopes of finding those important details left off the website and out of the product description. At the end of the day, theres nothing wrong with the protein meal replacement shake. Theres also nothing special about it, and the company needs to work on transparency by listing ingredients, sharing research, and explaining what the supplements do without the flowery language.

Were all for moving toward a healthier life, and we know that means living at your healthy weight and making lifestyle changes that can sometimes be difficult. Thats where a clinically-proven system comes into play.

Among the best weight-loss support apps weve seen ever is Noom. Noom provides users with everything they need, like personalized programs and coaching, to start making healthier choices and lose weight.

For a limited time, Dietspotlight readers can try Noom as part of a free trial offer something you should take advantage of.

How Much Is Ladyboss Lean Protein Powder

Unlike most protein supplements, Lady Boss Lean is quite affordable due to its reasonable prices and affordable bundles.

The brand truly cares for its diverse and vast user base and tries to cater to them to the best of its ability. The following are the prices of different packages of this protein supplement:

  • One pack of Lady Boss Lean contains thirty scoops or thirty meals, and it costs $49.76, which means that every scoop comes at a super affordable price of $1.65.
  • Two packs of Lady Boss Lean contain sixty scoops or sixty meals, and they come at the cost of $83.93. This means that every scoop has a price of $1.39, which is even more affordable than a single pack.
  • Three packs of Lady Boss Lean consist of ninety scoops or ninety meals, and they are available at a price of $116.90. This means that every meal comes at a price of $1.29, which is the lowest price among all three packs.

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I Didn’t Receive Everything In My

I didn’t receive everything in my order. I was supposed to receive 3 sample protein bars and packets of the protein powder. I did receive the bars, but they were squished after they arrived. I know they were free, with paid shipping but I was so excited to try them because I heard great things and wanted to change my supplement. I gave it 3 stars because it did arrive in a cute pink packet, the bars were there but I couldn’t eat them. Also, it didn’t have my name on the package it said the resident of my address. I was a little upset because it could have gone to someone else by accident and no one would have recognized the mistake because no name on the package.

Reply from LadyBoss

Hello Tammy,Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with us. We want to apologize for the poor condition in which you received your BARS. Although free, we know this is your first impression of the products we work to create. We want your journey to be enjoyable with LadyBoss from the beginning.Your feedback is greatly appreciated as it will help us improve where we need to. Please check your email inbox, as we will be reaching out to you personally.We look forward to making this right.Keep crushing your fitness goals because you are worth it!Thank you,

I got these protein bars. They are disgusting. I had high hopes for these. The taste is gross. Im sorry I wasted my money.

Reply from LadyBoss

Garden Of Life Raw Organic Meal Replacement Shakes

Lady Boss Lean Protein Powder Toasted Cinnamon Cereal ...

as of February 28, 2022 8:10 am


  • ON-THE-GO NUTRITION: 20 grams of clean, organic plant protein with 44 superfoods including organic grass juices, fruits and veggies and 6 grams of fiber to keep you satisfied
  • POST WORKOUT RECOVERY: Help build lean muscle and boost energy with this power-packed meal replacement
  • VITAMINS AND MINERALS: This delicious chocolate protein powder is packed with 21 vitamins and minerals
  • MEAL REPLACEMENT SHAKE WITH PROBIOTICS: Tasty, smooth protein shake with 1.5 billion CFU probiotics and enzymes for easy digestion
  • VEGAN PROTEIN POWDER: Organic, gluten free, Star-K kosher, vegan, dairy free, soy free, Informed Choice Certified , non-GMO whole food protein

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Total Carbohydrates Sugar & Sweeteners

Total Carbohydrates

Each LadyBoss LEAN shake contains 10 grams of total carbohydrates. This makes it a relatively low-carb meal replacement shake.

This total typically comes from a combination of dietary fiber and total sugars.

Dietary Fiber

Unfortunately, there are 0 grams of dietary fiber in each LadyBoss LEAN nutrition shake.

The previous formula contained soluble fiber . With the change in formulation, LadyBoss LEAN took away this great ingredient. Soluble fiber helps digest food more slowly and supports satiety, so its disappointing to see this ingredient removed in the new and improved formula.

Added Sugars

There are 0 grams of added sugar in each LadyBoss LEAN meal replacement shake, which supports the USDA Dietary Guidelines to limit added sugars to 10 percent of your daily calorie intake.

With no added sugar, these shakes are great options for people looking to manage their blood sugar and insulin, as well as anyone living with diabetes. There are 5 grams of total sugars that are naturally occurring from its ingredients.

Instead, the sweetness in these nutrition shakes comes from sucralose and acesulfame K, which well explain below.

Natural & Traditional Sweeteners

There are no natural sweeteners in LadyBoss LEAN shakes. The original formula contained stevia, which is a plant-based sweetener, which provided a reasonable amount of sweetness.

Instead, the new LadyBoss LEAN shakes contain the following artificial/traditional sweeteners:

  • Acesulfame potassium

Our Top Choices Of 2022

  • Alvin: Helped with massive water weight. Nature provides. We need to take advantage of this.
  • Sallie: Total game changer for weight loss health! I would definitely recommend.
  • Katie: Good results if your being lazy. It helps you lose weight.
  • Olive: If you have been thinking about getting this pill do it. Worth it, for sure.
  • Lula: I saw a difference after just a couple of days. I can feel it working.
  • Doris: Paired with proper diet and exercise, they’re great. One of the best on the market!

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I Made My Purchase On The ‘try Before

I made my purchase on the ‘try before you buy’ promo and added 3 bars on Jan 18th. I immediately felt bombarded with emails with last chance for this and that special… They should offer the specials AFTER they confirm receipt of the ordered products. I had to check on a shipping status and was given 2 tracking links which were someone else’s order because the delivery went to PA, I’m in HI. My bars were shipped on 1/28/22 and received on 2/1/22. The sample shakes haven’t even hit the USPS and it’s 16 days since I ordered. Not happy with the process and service.

Reply from LadyBoss

I didn’t get any shipping updates, and I still haven’t received my full order. Follow-up:I did call this company and speak to a representative, and I informed them that there had been no email updates for shipping. It had almost been two weeks, since I placed my order. I received the order broken up into three separate shipments, and only one out of the three gave me a shipping tracking number. The representative said, “They were working on this issue, and would hopefully have a better format in the future.” I also had to verify my order by keeping my information for this purpose. I got the impression, the representative was questioning me until she further “searched”. I waited a decent amount of time on the phone to get a resolution. So, I wanted to update my review, where I feel this company wanted to throw shade at me, or give the impression my review wasn’t honest.

Reply from LadyBoss

Mins Lady Boss Lean Breakfast Recipes

How To Make Healthy Protein Pancakes (THE LADY BOSS LEAN WAY)

These rich chocolate peanut butter shakes will make you feel as if you’re sitting in a 1950s soda fountain. Make it modern with an over-the-top garnish like skewered doughnut holes, chocolate-dipped cookies or fluffernutter sandwich squares. Taste of Home Test Kitchen

If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked. Description: *Instant Digital Download

In a head to head comparison with Lean Shake, RSP TrueFit has the same amount of protein, same amount of fiber, less carbs, less sugar, less calories, a similar vitamin/mineral profile and the addition of probiotics which Lean Shake doesn’t have. Additionally, RSP TrueFit tastes better, costs less, is gluten free and has NO MALTODEXTRIN!!!

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