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With over 120 years of nutraceutical industry experience, we have been in the game long enough to understand how much money, time, and effort is required to make a high-quality protein powder supplement. Our team will work diligently to understand your needs and goals better than any other protein powder manufacturer. Get insights into why you should choose NutraScience Labs as your protein supplement manufacturer.

Having said that, we believe that NutraScience Labs holds several distinct advantages over other powder manufacturers:

Our One-Stop Services

We’ll Flavor Your Products for Success

Dedicated Account Management Services

cGMP Certified Facilities

Rapid Product Turnaround Times

Stringent Quality Control and Testing

The Estimated Cost Breakdown To Open A Supplement Store

When it comes to starting a standard supplement store business, one is expected to spend the bulk of the startup capital on renting a store facility. Aside from that, you are expected to purchase distribution vans, large stock of dietary supplements if you dont produce your own supplements, pay your employees and utility bills.

In view of that, here are the key areas where you are expected to spend your startup capital on

  • The total fee for registering the business in the United States of America $750.
  • Legal expenses for obtaining licenses and permits as well as the accounting services $3,300.
  • The cost for hiring business consultant including writing a business plan $2,500.
  • Insurance coverage at a total premium $2,400.
  • The cost for payment of rent for 12 months at $1.76 per square feet in the total amount of $46,000.
  • The cost for store remodeling $5,000.
  • Other start-up expenses including stationery and phone and utility deposits $3,000
  • Operational cost for the first 3 months $40,000
  • The cost for start-up inventory and packaging materials) $30,000
  • Storage hardware $3,720
  • The cost for counter area equipment $9,500
  • The cost for store equipment $13,750
  • The cost of purchase and installation of CCTVs, and car tracker devices $5,000
  • The cost for the purchase of furniture and gadgets $4,000.
  • The cost for the purchase of delivery vans $15,000
  • The cost of launching a Website $600
  • The cost for our opening party $3,000
  • Miscellaneous $1,000
  • The Other Costs Of Running A Supplement Company

    Repeat after me. THE COSTS DONT STOP. Youre insane in the membrane if you think they do.

    What other costs am I referring to? Thanks for asking. These are:

    • The cost of expanding your product line-up.
    • The cost of messing up an order .
    • The cost of accepting returned products. Sorry, not everyone is going to love your supplements.
    • Furnishing your office with computers, desks, shipping tables, office supplies, signage, fridge and microwave .
    • Racks to store product on. These are surprisingly expensive.
    • Will you offer sample packs for free? Youll come to find EVERYONE, and their dog wants free samples.
    • Youre going to want to offer a lot of them in the beginning, and it will seriously eat into your margins.
    • Free product giveaways.
    • Occasional costs to hire contractors to provide a variety of services.
    • The cost of shortening your life from the sleepless nights and stress.

    There are probably other costs I forget about at the moment, but the point is expenses, both expected and unexpected, will keep rolling in. Be prepared for them by building a cash moat if you can.

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    The Benefits Of Protein

    When it comes to building and preserving muscle mass, protein is the most important nutrient in the world. Regular consumption of protein, particularly in the anabolic window that immediately follows exercise, contributes to the significant growth and repair of muscle fibres.

    Protein is not gender-specific, meaning that its benefits can extend to men and women of all ages, body types and fitness levels.

    The average person requires approx. 0.8g of protein per kg of body weight every day. However, this requirement is larger for those who regularly take part in endurance training or strength training .

    How Do You Create Protein Powder

    Clear Protein Powder by Bodiez
  • One cup instant dry milk, one cup oats, and one cup almonds should be prepared in a food processor.
  • Make a few changes in the blender by pulse a few times until it has been blended with remaining instant dry milk.
  • Cover tightly with a container, then place it in the container.
  • Pour 1/2 cup of oats into a blender with 1/2 cup of liquid if possible, set them aside for 510 minutes to plump.
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    Home Made Mass Gainer

    The Home Made mass gainer by Axe & Sledge is the top pick for those looking for a high quality source of some extra calories in their diet. With a fairly even split between carbs and protein, this is great way to get in an enormous dosage of protein without going overboard on the calories.

    For those looking to dial up the calories just a bit, Home Made is a good option.

    Whey Powder Production Cost Reports


    Whey powder, which is simply referred to as whey, is the remaining liquid or leftover when milk is coagulated during cheese production, which holds everything that is soluble from milk after the pH is dropped to 4.6 during the coagulation method. Whey powder is derived after milk has been curdled as well as strained. Thus, it is a by-product of cheese or casein production.

    Whey powder has numerous industrial uses. Acid whey, which is better known as sour whey, is a by-product produced amidst the production of acid types of dairy products, like the cottage cheese or strained yoghurt. Whey proteins are composed of a-lactalbumin, ß-lactoglobulin, serum albumin, immunoglobulins, and protease-peptones. Sweet whey powder is a by-product of rennet-coagulated cheese. Sweet whey powder holds a pH greater than or equal to 5.6. Whey powder is denatured by heat. High heat like the sustained high temperatures above 72 °C associated with the pasteurisation methods denatures whey proteins.

    Procurement Resource provides an in-depth cost analysis of Whey Powder production. The report incorporates the manufacturing process with detailed process and material flow, capital investment, operating costs along with financial expenses and depreciation charges. The study is based on the latest prices and other economic data available. We also offer additional analysis of the report with detailed breakdown of all cost components .

    Details: Germany – based plant Q2 2022 From $ 1499.00 USD

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    The Promise Of Results

    Science says that more protein means a better overall performance in athletic ventures. Moreover, research suggests that whey protein supplementation supports the preservation of lean mass during longer-term weight loss interventions. This guarantee of results also comes at a cost. This can expedite weight loss goals by curbing cravings and allowing for a more productive workout.

    Unfortunately, what many people do not realize is that without a proper diet and specific exercise regimens, this powder can actually have the reverse effect. Thus, the expensive price tag of protein powder is only worth it if you are willing to put in the work at the gym and the dinner table!

    There Are Many Types Of Protein Available

    How to Make Whey Protein Powder from Scratch

    With so many different types of protein powders available, its a veritable cakewalk to find one thats optimized for use at different times of the day. For example, if you want a protein to use right after your workout, then whey protein is best because it works very quickly to start rebuilding muscle. On the other hand, if you want a protein to protect against nighttime catabolism, then slow-release casein protein is best.

    Lets dive right in and summarize the different kinds of protein:

    Whey Protein

    Out of all the proteins on this list, whey protein is the most well-known. One of the reasons for this is because it is highly-prized and preferred by bodybuilders because of its superior muscle-building properties. The body absorbs whey protein easily, and it is all natural-is separated from Cal-derived milk and, as a result, very inexpensive when compared to other kinds of proteins. Whey comes in 3 variants concentrate, isolate and hydrolysate.

    Pea Protein

    More advanced users , pea protein is a staple in their diets because of its low-release properties. Even more so, youll find that this is the preferred protein by vegetarians and vegans since it doesnt derive from dairy products.

    Casein Protein

    Rice Protein

    Egg Protein

    Hemp Protein

    Cricket Protein

    Soy Protein

    Soy protein is the only vegetarian-type of protein on this list that is not known in any of the essential amino acids. As a complete protein, it is especially favored by vegetarians who avoid animal proteins.

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    Is Protein Powder Safe

    For most people, theres little direct harm in consuming protein powders, and there can be a time and a place for the convenience and simplicity they offer, says Harbstreet. Depending on lifestyle, budget and performance or training goals, can be one of many useful tools.

    However, she adds that protein powders carry a risk of heavy metal contamination. In fact, one study found 40% of 133 protein powder products tested had elevated levels of heavy metalsBandara SB, Towle KM, Monnot AD. A human health risk assessment of heavy metal ingestion among consumers of protein powder supplements. Toxicol Rep. 2020 7:1255-1262. . Finding a brand that uses third-party testing for its products may ease this concern. Additionally, regularly consuming more protein than necessary can come with its own set of risks, namely an increased risk of kidney stones.

    A 2021 review also found chronic use of whey protein supplementation without professional guidance can lead to adverse health effects, particularly on liver and kidney functionVasconcelos QDJS, Bachur TPR, Aragão GF. Whey protein supplementation and its potentially adverse effects on health: a systematic review. Appl Physiol Nutr Metab. 2021 46:27-33. . Experts also note that the additional calories from protein powders can add up quickly, potentially leading to weight gain.

    What Is A Weight Gainer Powder

    Also known as mass gainer powders, a weight gainer is a nutritional supplement whose goal is to help an individual gain weight by putting them in a caloric surplus.

    A caloric surplus is simply a state where an individual has consumed more calories in a day than they have burned, allowing the body to store the additional calories, gaining weight in the process.

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    What This Report Tells You:

    • A summary of pricing for protein powders, including relationships with customer satisfaction and online engagement, with regional trends pinpointed and explored.
    • The price to satisfaction axis: Pricing from different brands compared side-by-side with consumer scoring for 20 countries.
    • Factors of pricing including ingredients, labelling, target population and more.
    • A brief exploration of the direct-to-consumer model that has emerged in the sports nutrition space over the past few years.
    • Recommendations for businesses looking to warrant higher price points without alienating consumers.

    Start Selling Your Protein Shakes

    50% Off Organifi Protein Powder Coupon [Huge Discount]

    Its finally the time to launch your brand to market! But the question of where and how remains. We recommend starting your protein shake company online. Especially in light of COVID-19, eCommerce has accelerated in the past few months, experiencing explosive growth that wouldve taken 4 to 6 years. More people are shopping online rather than venturing outside and your protein shake brand must align with their preferences in order to find success in todays landscape.

    Last but not least, make sure you have the perfect team in place to ensure your protein shake is primed for success. This team will include:

  • The Co-Manufacturer / Co-Packer .
  • The Head of Marketing. This is even more important than a CFO for a new brand
  • The CEO – to position the brand direction and outline annual goals. Often serves as CFO until the company grows in size.
  • With all these steps, you are now ready to start your protein shake company. Good luck!

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    Kids And Protein Supplements

    Atlanta-based pediatrician and nutrition expert Jennifer Shu, MD, says some teens, boys in particular, use protein supplements to help them bulk up. She tries to steer them and their parents away from such products.

    I explain to them that theyre unregulated, that too much protein maybe dangerous to the kidneys, and they get it, says Shu, who points out that too much protein also can lead to dehydration. That said, it takes a lot of supplements to go overboard, and most kids are not that consistent with taking anything. In general, I dont see it as a major problem, but its something to be aware about.

    If parents do want to consider a protein supplement for their child, Shu says, they should first get guidance from a pediatrician or a registered dietitian.

    Maples agrees: In general, theyre not for use in kids and teenagers. If theres a time when a protein supplement would be appropriate, that decision should come from a doctor.

    Without A Savvy Marketing Strategy Your Supplements Wont Be Seen Or Sell

    Hard fact. You can have the most exceptional products in the world but if they arent seen you dont have diddly squat.

    Ergo, you better have a robust, yet cost-effective marketing strategy planned out that revolves around these five avenues which again all cost some serious money.

  • Digital ad spend
  • Well written, engaging content
  • Digital Spend. Google Ads Will Become Your Best Friend

    Unless you live under a rock, you know what the search engine Google is. You go there, type in a phrase or question, and voila Google gives you an answer.

    You might also see, from time to time, a result that has the word ad next to it. This, my friend, is a digital ad, and companies pay big bucks to have them appear at the top of search results.

    Using Google ads is probably one of the best ways to get your supplement in front of the masses. But itll cost you and as a start-up, and you may not have the capital.

    Lets use an example. You want your product to show at the top of Google results when someone types in the phrase best pre-workout. You figure you’ll create the ad, get peoples attention, and your website will be flooded with orders.

    I envy your optimism but as they say, you gotta play to pay and you arent the big dog on the block…more like the yippee little poodle barking from the other side of the fence.

    Considering some supplement companies spend millions of dollars on digital ads per month…well…your products dont stand a chance.

    Start Building An Email List ASAP

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    How Can A Skinny Person Gain Weight

    While many people have difficulties with gaining weight, the good news is that the solution is generally the same more most healthy individuals: they are not eating enough calories.

    The answer is to eat more calorically dense food: nuts, whole milk, red meat, potatoes, pasta, etc.

    Many people find it easier and more convenient to drink their calories instead of eating them, causing mass gainer protein shakes to be a popular solution for achieving daily caloric intake goals.

    Perfect Your Protein Shake Recipe

    Using Protein Powder for Weight Loss – How MUCH and What TYPE You Should Use

    Now that you know what type of protein shake you want, its time to develop the perfect recipe. As functional ingredients continue to gain the attention of consumers, think about the different ingredients you can infuse your protein shakes with. Some popular functional add-ons include superfoods, probiotics, adaptogens, MCT oil, and collagen.

    Instead of formulating the recipe yourself, consider collaborating with a manufacturer. Recipe formulation requires precise attention to detail and an experienced manufacturer with a proven track record will help you cover all the bases. The right co-man will work with you to achieve a protein shake formula that meets the nutritional needs of your target consumer while also keeping in line with regulatory requirements laid out by the FDA.

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    What Is The Cheapest Form Of Protein

    Actually, whey protein powder is a very cost-efficient way to supplement your body with enough protein. There are also many affordable food-sources of protein. Natural peanut butter usually costs $2.50 per jar and contains up to 5 grams of protein per spoon.

    Eggs, edamame, Greek yoghurt, tuna, chicken meat, and sunflower seeds are other cheap options that are high in protein. Of course, it greatly depends on where in the world you are currently residing.

    Bulk Protein Powder To Start A Business

    Some people look to buy bulk protein powder for their business or to start a business. Here are some tips for those looking to buy protein powder for their business.


    1 kilo = 2.23 pounds

    Most companies where you can buy bulk whey protein and vegan proteins have a minimum order quantity . Most of them have a MOQ of 1 pallet. One pallet measures 40 X 48.

    Ninety-nine percent of the time, the pallet will be made out of wood. I am not in favor of wood pallets because sometimes the wood pallet will break and puncture the protein bags. This will make the powder ineligible for human consumption.

    When shipping protein powder in bulk by the pallet, I would recommend double-wall cardboard be placed on the pallet first, and then the bags stacked on it. Next, cardboard would be wrapped around the pallet to avoid damage during transit.

    One pallet of protein can vary from another depending on the density and source of the protein powder. For example, typical whey protein powder that is instantized will be around 1,500 to 2,000 pounds per pallet. Most bulk whey protein comes in 20-kilo bags, and most protein manufacturers will then put 40 bags on a pallet. European protein powder manufacturers will use smaller bags and smaller pallets. Typical European protein bags will be 15 kilos and about 30 bags per pallet.

    Chocolate Flavored Whey Protein Powder

    80% Instant whey protein powder

    20% Cocoa powder

    0.2% stevia or 0.1% sucralose or 0.1% acesulfame potassium.

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