How Can I Add More Protein To My Diet

Common Concerns About High

7 Ways To Eat More Protein | How I Eat 140g Protein Every Day

According to some scientists and outdated published articles, high-protein diets can be harmful to your kidneys, bones, and blood sugar. Some even believe that higher-protein diets lead to higher rates of cancer.23

With respect to kidney health and protein intake, it is well-recognized that people with severe chronic kidney disease should restrict protein intake. Dietary protein will not, however, cause kidney dysfunction in people with healthy kidneys.24

With respect to bone health in older adults, it was previously believed that high protein intake would lead to osteoporosis via inducing chronic metabolic acidosis . Multiple studies have since failed to show that high protein intake causes loss of bone density and fractures.25 In fact, protein may even help bone health.26

Another concern with a high-protein diet especially for those on a low-carb diet is that the amino acids in dietary protein could cause a significant rise in blood sugar.27 According to studies, however, the opposite may be true, and increased protein may improve blood sugar.28

With respect to lifespan, data from flies, mice, and other animals suggest that restricting protein may increase longevity, while human data are very weak.29 We need to consume adequate protein to prevent loss of muscle tissue and frailty as we age, so restricting that nutrient in order to increase lifespan may not benefit general health.

Sneaky Ways To Add More Protein To Every Meal

A popular question we get asked is how much protein should I be consuming daily?

The amount of protein you should be consuming varies depending on each person.

The Dietary Reference Intakes recommends that individuals 19 and older should be receiving 0.8 grams of protein per each kilogram of bodyweight every day.

Thats really low, and if youre working out regularly, you shouldnt be afraid to incorporate a lot more.

The minimum that weightlifters should be taking in is 0.8 grams per pound of bodyweight more is fine, less is not optimal.

What are the best foods for bulking? Read our guide here.

Your body needs protein to properly function but also to build muscle.

Are you getting enough protein?

If youre struggling to get enough into your current diet then were to help.

The following ways for how to add more protein to your meals give you sneaky yet effective ways to ensure your diet is on track.

With these protein-packed tips and youll be increasing your muscle mass efficiently and effectively.

What Happens If I Increase My Protein Intake

High-protein diets may tout weight loss, but this type of weight loss may only be short-term. Excess protein consumed is usually stored as fat, while the surplus of amino acids is excreted. This can lead to weight gain over time, especially if you consume too many calories while trying to increase your protein intake.

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Be Prepared And Plan Ahead

A little preparation will get you a long way. Being busy isn’t an excuse to eat poorly. If you make meals in bulk and pack them up, you can consistently have a week’s worth of healthy food at your fingertips.

A little preparation will get you a long way. Being busy isn’t an excuse to eat poorly.

Even if you don’t want to go full-blown meathead and eat only out of Tupperware, preparing some snacks and lunches to get you through the workday makes a world of difference.

Choose Quinoa Over Rice Or Pasta

How to eat more protein: Tips and tricks

Quinoa is considered a complete protein because it contains all the essential amino acids we need. The seed is packed with about 8 grams of protein per cup. Swap quinoa for rice or pasta, or, add it to soups, salads, or even muffins and pancakes for extra nutritional value, Lesht recommends. Considering how many meals are better with a base, swapping your usual brown-rice habit for protein-packed quinoa will add a good chunk of protein to your diet.

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Baby Carrots And Hummus

Carrots contain complex carbs to sustain your energy levels, and provide enough potassium to control blood pressure and muscle contractions. Add 2 tablespoons of hummus to your mini meal for slow-digesting carbs, protein, and unsaturated fatsall the right elements to fuel activity. Plus, most varieties are made with olive oil, which contains oleic acida fat that aids in warding off the gene responsible for 20 to 30 percent of breast cancers, according to research from Northwestern University.

Add Pepitas To Your Hummus

Pepitas, also known as roasted pumpkin seeds, are a delicious way to increase your protein intake in hummus . You can whip them in with a food processor, or you can just sprinkle them on top for a crunchy topping. For more awesome toppings to throw on your oatmeal, hummus, and yogurt, scope out these 30 Healthy Toppings for Weight Loss!

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Why Do We Need Protein

Protein is an essential nutrient, responsible for multiple functions in your body, including building tissue, cells and muscle, as well as making hormones and anti-bodies. Everyone needs protein in their diet, but if you do endurance sports or weight training you may benefits from increase your protein intake, as well as factoring it into your training routine at specific times to reap its muscle-building benefits.

Studies also suggest that as we get older we may benefit from eating more protein because it helps minimise the muscle loss associated with aging.

How Much Protein Are Most People Eating Now

How To Get Enough Protein On The Vegan Diet

Because high is a relative term, discussions about whether you should eat a high protein diet are based upon a reference point. The typical reference point is the Recommended Daily Allowance for daily protein, which is set at 0.8 grams per kilo.6 For an average 154-pound person , that equates to 56 grams of protein per day about six ounces of steak. For women, the RDA is even less, around 46 grams.

However, the RDA recommendation addresses the minimum amount required to prevent protein deficiency. The minimum to prevent protein deficiency is not the same as the recommended amount to improve health a distinction that many people misunderstand.7

American men average 88 grams of protein per day, and women average 66 grams, which equates to only 14 to 16% of total calories.8 Of those protein calories, approximately 30% come from plant sources.9

The main take-home message is that most people are likely not eating enough protein for weight loss, metabolic health, and improving lean muscle mass.

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Substitute Fatty Lunch Meats For Lean Ones

Put away the fatty and sodium-filled deli meats like salami, ham, and roast beef. Instead, swap them out for low-sodium turkey and canned tuna, both of which are extremely rich in protein and will keep you full way past the 3 p.m. afternoon slump. Salty deli meats can also make you puff up bookmark these 42 Foods to Deflate Your Belly Bloat for some quick fixes you can eat!

Are You Getting Too Much Protein

Judging by all the protein bars, shakes and powders out there, you get the impression you need more protein. There are claims it curbs appetite, helps with weight loss and builds muscle. But whats the real story?

Contrary to all the hype that everyone needs more protein, most Americans get twice as much as they need. This is especially true for males 14-70 years of age, who the 2015 Dietary Guidelines for Americans advise to decrease meat, poultry and egg consumption. Even athletes are often getting more protein than they need, without supplements, because their calorie requirements are higher, and with more food, comes more protein.

True or False: Big steak = bigger muscles

False. Although adequate protein throughout the day is necessary, extra strength training is what leads to muscle growth, not extra protein intake. You cant build muscle without the exercise to go with it.

The body cant store protein, so once needs are met, any extra is used for energy or stored as fat. Excess calories from any source will be stored as fat in the body.

Extra protein intake can also lead to elevated blood lipids and heart disease, because many high-protein foods you eat are high in total fat and saturated fat. Extra protein intake, which can be taxing on the kidneys, poses an additional risk to individuals pre-disposed to kidney disease.

How much protein do I need?

Excessive protein intake would be more than 2 g per kg of body weight each day.

Where does protein come from?

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Choose Leaner Slightly Larger Cuts Of Meat

Selecting leaner cuts of meat and increasing portion sizes slightly can significantly boost the protein content of your meal.

Whats more, your meal may even end up being lower in calories.

For example, compare the nutritional value of a 3-ounce serving of these two steaks (

34 ).

Peanut butter can also boost the flavor and nutritional value of firm fruits like apples and pears, which are rich in fiber and antioxidants yet low in protein.

In fact, spreading 2 tablespoons of peanut butter on sliced fruit can boost the total protein content by 7 grams .

Peanut butter also works well with a wide range of other ingredients, including oatmeal, celery, whole wheat toast, or yogurt.


Adding peanut butter to your diet can boost your protein intake. It may also help decrease appetite, improve heart health, and lower blood sugar.

How To Add Protein To Your Diet

How Can I Add More Protein to My Diet?
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You always hear about protein but what’s the big deal? How can I add more protein to my diet? Why is everyone on this protein kick anyway? How much should I eat? When should I eat it? There are several different ways to add protein to your diet but make sure you are eating healthy sources of protein.

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Pack In Protein With Peanut Butter Powder

Peanut butter is one of my favorite snacks. When Im stressing out about my classes late at night, youll find me eating peanut butter by the spoonful straight from the jar. I recently discovered the wonders of peanut butter powder it has about 8 grams per serving. Ill be honest, it doesnt taste the same, but a quarter cup of this powder contains about twice the protein of a serving of normal peanut butter. I mix it with equal parts water or almond milk and a little bit of honey to spread on toast with slices of banana. It also makes a great smoothie with bananas, cocoa powder, and almond milk.

Will Eating More Protein Make Me Stronger

Protein is the building block of your muscles. Therefore, eating adequate amounts of protein helps you maintain your muscle mass and promotes muscle growth when you do strength training. Numerous studies show that eating plenty of protein can help increase muscle mass and strength .

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The Health Benefits Of Protein

Protein gives you the energy to get up and goand keep going. While too much protein can be harmful to people with kidney disease, diabetes, and some other conditions, eating the right amount of high-quality protein:

  • Keeps your immune system functioning properly, maintains heart health and your respiratory system, and speeds recovery after exercise.
  • Is vital to the growth and development of children and for maintaining health in your senior years.
  • Can help reduce your risk for diabetes and cardiovascular disease.
  • Can help you think clearly and may improve recall.
  • Can improve your mood and boost your resistance to stress, anxiety, and depression.
  • May help you maintain a healthy weight by curbing appetite, making you feel full longer, and fueling you with extra energy for exercising.

As well as being imperative to feeling healthy and energetic, protein is also important to the way you look. Eating high-quality protein can help you maintain healthy skin, nails, and hair, build muscle, and maintain lean body mass while dieting.

While most people eating a Western diet get a sufficient quantity of protein each day, many of us are not getting the quality of protein we need.

Soy Milk Instead Of Other Dairy Free Milks

What I Eat In A Week *realistic* | Healthy Meals & Prioritizing Protein | How I Meal Plan

Use soy milk instead of other dairy-free milks, like almond, cashew, and coconut. Even though other dairy-free milks have risen in popularity over the years, they dont contain nearly as much protein as soy milk. In fact, they hardly contain any protein at all. One cup of almond milk contains about 1 gram or less of protein, whereas one cup of soy milk contains about 7 grams.

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What About Protein Powders

Although our bias is that you should get most of your protein from whole foods, protein powders can still be part of a healthy, high-protein diet.

You may not need protein powders if you prioritize the food on our list of best high-protein foods. But if you fall short of your daily targets, protein powders are an easy and convenient way to get more protein.

Plus, protein powders are a great way to create high-protein versions of your favorite desserts, low-carb bread, or smoothies.

If you are going to use protein powders, make sure they have few additives, such as sweeteners, maltodextrin, seed oils, or fillers.

Animal and plant protein powders are both good options, and you can choose which works best for your taste, preferences, and carbohydrate goals.


  • Foods with the highest protein percentage are low in carbs and fat, like lean meat and seafood.
  • To increase the protein in your diet, look for easy substitutions snack on lupini beans or venison jerky, add two egg whites to your two whole eggs in the morning, or add more meat, seafood, dairy, or legumes to your meals.
  • Mix protein foods with high-fiber vegetables and dont overdo fat to create meals with a protein percentage above 35%.
  • If you struggle to meet your protein goals with whole foods, consider protein powders.
  • How Can You Easily Increase Your Protein Intake

    Your body doesnt store protein, so its important to find ways to get more protein into your diet. If youre recovering from a long workout, looking to build lean muscle, or hoping to maintain a healthy weight, you definitely need to think about ways to increase protein intake. Protein also helps to curb hunger and cravings.

    But what makes something a healthy protein?

    Lean proteins are especially important to add to your diet. According to the United States Department of Agriculture, lean meat is a 3.5-ounce portion of meat that has fewer than 10 grams of total fat, fewer than 4.5 grams of saturated fat, and fewer than 95 milligrams of cholesterol. Lean proteins typically include chicken, fish, beans, legumes, many ancient grains, and some cuts of beef.

    Here are some quick ways to add protein into your diet:

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    Round Out Your Dinners

    You dont have to get all your protein from meat side dishes also can be a good source of nutrients.

    Many ancient grains, like quinoa, contain high levels of protein. If youre a vegetarian, these grains will add both substance and protein to your diet. For a simple dish, cook quinoa in chicken stock with basil and oregano. Beans are also a good option.

    When it comes to adding protein into your diet, variety is key. If you get bored with what youre eating, youre likely to skip the protein entirely. Instead, think about how to increase your protein intake creatively. Keep snacks and meal options on hand to satisfy your cravings and keep your body strong.

    For more information on getting more protein into your diet, consult with a nutritionist at UPMC.

    Sohide Protein Disguise Protein Sneak Protein Is It Okay

    What can I mix with my protein shake to get more protein ...

    I tend to be okay with the idea sneaking more nutrients into kids meals. When my own girls were really young, I used to sneak greens like spinach and healthy grains into their favorite meals. Because color and texture were points of contention not necessarily flavor I got creative with how I incorporated them into dinner and no one has been the worse for it.

    As my kids grew a little older though, I informed them them kale was in their favorite smoothie so they could get used to the idea no hiding. Generally this has been fine for us, but honestly, it can be a crapshoot so do what works for you.

    Heres the other thing thats important: Kids generally dont know every single ingredient thats in their dinner, and dont need to.

    I kinda remember back when I was a kid and a meal was justserved to me and I was supposed to eat it. Ah, the good old days!

    So if you have a kid who really needs to up their protein intake and isnt big on meat, I say, do what you gotta do.

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    Ways To Get More Protein In Your Diet

    Ashleigh Grange Health

    As one of three macronutrients, protein literally forms the building blocks of our bodies. Some of its roles include creating and repairing tissues, boosting energy, regulating hormones, and safeguarding a strong immune system by warding off illness and disease. But for some of you, it can be tough to get more protein in your diet.

    With so many vital roles to play, finding easy and stress-free ways to get more protein in your diet can be key.

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