Four Sigmatic Protein Powder Review

Key Ingredients And Benefits Analysis


I know I sped through a lot of different ingredients. While a lot of the wholesome, natural ingredients in Four Sigmatic products are probably familiar to you, there may be some mushroom and roots in the mix that you’re just learning about for the first time. I’ll do my best to give you a rundown on why these are good things to have in your wellness mixes!

Lions Mane

Lion’s mane is a large, white mushroom that has a shaggy mane. Lion’s mane is pretty incredible. Studies have shown that it can help to reduce some mild symptoms of anxiety and depression. It may also protect against dementia. The powerful anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and immune-boosting properties of this wonder mushroom also show promise for helping to lower risks associated with cancers, ulcers, heart disease, and diabetes.

Cordyceps Mushrooms

Cordyceps are considered performance mushrooms because they are known to boost energy, endurance, and vitality. Cordyceps are believed to increase the bodys production of the molecule adenosine triphosphate for better muscle performance. Studies reveal that cordyceps have an anti-fatigue effect in performance settings.

Chaga Mushrooms

Known to cling to birch trees in cooler climates, the chaga mushroom is a nutrient-dense superfood. Chaga mushrooms are often referred to as anti-aging mushrooms due to their ability to reduce oxidative stress responsible for wrinkling, graying, and other signs of aging. This one mushroom contains all of these amazing components:

Four Sigmatic Defend Review

Now that we have covered the blends that help you think, its time to move this Four Sigmatic mushroom coffee review to the brands bestselling Defend products. These are powders that strengthen your mind and body. The Four Sigmatic Defend line includes the Protein Can, the Ultimate Routine Bundle, and the Adaptogen Immune Support with Chaga.

My Experience With Four Sigmatic Protein Powder:

As always, the most important part. Companies can talk about how good their product is, but if it tastes gross to eat or drink, Im not having it.

I tried the peanut butter flavor. Right off the bat, the texture of Four Sigmatic Protein Powder is smooth and easy to mix. It actually tastes natural and with no weird aftertaste like some protein powders do. Plus, it genuinely tastes like peanut butter. Its one of the few protein powders I have tasted that tastes like what the name is and doesnt have any weird aftertaste.

I mixed my Four Sigmatic Protein Powder to make a smoothie . It tastes good, and its easy to drink. I cannot emphasize enough that you dont taste the mushrooms. So if that is a fear for you, you dont need to worry.

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Four Sigmatic Chai Latte Reviews

Again, for the most part, customers do seem to enjoy the Chai Latte. However, some people dont like the taste, so thats something we wanted to note.

If you dont mind the taste, several users said they noticed benefits from drinking it regularly including improvements in their gut health. Some users describe it as mellow and grounding, and it could be a replacement for caffeine if thats a goal you have.

Can You Taste The Mushrooms

Four Sigmatic Plant

In all of the Four Sigmatic products, you dont know there are mushrooms in the products until you are told. LOL, so to answer the first question, no, you cant taste the mushrooms. Ive reviewed several products, including the Four Sigmatic Coffee as well as Four Sigmatic Adaptogens. I have yet to try a Four Sigmatic product that you know there are mushrooms in it.

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What You Can Expect

A Four Sigmatic membership is perfect for any level coffee drinker. You save money if you like the Four Sigmatic products, and you don’t waste any money if you don’t. When you sign up for a membership, you get:

  • Free shipping in the US
  • Free samples
  • 20% off every order
  • Test new products before anyone else

The mushroom coffee delivery services are flexible, so you can add as much or as little stuff to your box as you want per month.

If you’re just starting out, you may want to add a small box of each flavor so that you can get used to mushroom in coffee.

The packaging is bright orange, and it features the exact puns related to mushrooms you would expect.

If you drink one cup of coffee every day, then you’re spending about 90 cents per serving on your coffee consumption. This cost is much less than going to your local coffee shop all the time.

Are Four Sigmatic Products Healthy

Yes, they would be considered healthy and good for you. This is because their products are centered around superfoods such as Chaga and reishi mushrooms, are made from super clean and wholesome ingredients, and are filled with antioxidants to support your immune system. They are also free from refined sugar, synthetic fillers and gums, and are gluten free as well.

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How Much Is Which Four Sigmatic Is Best

Which Four Sigmatic Is Best come in a variety of designs and pricing ranges. Its difficult to predict product costs nowadays.Because the price range is so wide, you don’t know how much something costs. For example, a pair of pants can range from $20 to $200 depending on where you buy them. Similarly, additional goods like as Which Four Sigmatic Is Best.

Mushroom Cacao With Reishi

Four Sigmatic Plant-Based Protein with Superfoods Review | Antti Laitinen

Settle down for the evening with a steaming mug of Mushroom Cacao with Reishi, a blend made from organic cacao and Reishi. This is a mushroom that appears to lessen fatigue, lower blood pressure, and have anticancer activity. This decadent treat is an elevated version of hot chocolate, minus the sugary sweetness.

To consume it like Europeans do, just add hot water or non-dairy milk. If youre not one for bedtime beverages, try the Mushroom Cacao with Reishifirst thing in the morning to start your day on a relaxed note. This Four Sigmatic mushroom coffee review hears that this blend is also an excellent hangover remedy.

The Mushroom Cacao with Reishi mix is $20.

If you want to experience Reishi in a more isolated form, try the Reishi Elixir. This drink only requires hot water too, but adding a splash of nut milk can achieve peak creaminess. Store a box of it in your pantry if youre prone to nightmares.

The Reishi Elixir boasts abitter and earthy flavor. Four Sigmatic held nothing back when making this sleeptime potion. Organic Field Mint, Rose Hips Extract, and Ayurvedic Tulsi promote a tranquil energy and offset the bitterness of Reishi.

Try 20 packets of Reishi Elixir for $38, but dont snooze on the savings of $30/month with a subscription.

Throw on your baggiest pajamas, fire up Netflix, and heat up some Mushroom Cacao with Reishi for the ultimate Evening Routine.

The Evening Routine is on sale for $54, down from $60.

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Four Sigmatic Adaptogen Blend

While people tend to know Four Sigmatic primarily for the mushroom coffee, we wanted to point out that the Adaptogen Blend Mix could be worth trying as well. This superfood mix includes ginger, ginseng, and turmeric. Its good to help promote stress relief and immune function.

Things to know about the Adaptogen blend include:

  • The formulation includes eight adaptogen herbs, like holy basil, ashwagandha, and amla.
  • Theres also reishi and cordyceps mushrooms in this blend.

Four Sigmatic Review And Promo Code

If youre really into the health and wellness scene like I am, chances are that youve probably already heard of the brand Four Sigmatic. But, just in case you havent, they are a super popular wellness brand that I think everyone should know about and they make organic coffee, plant based protein powders, and a number of other elixirs for health and wellness. So, for todays post Im going to be doing a full Four Sigmatic review with a promo code included for 10% off your first order!

This brand uses superfoods in pretty much everything they make, and it really shows through in the quality and taste of their products. Im really excited for you guys to read more about them, so just keep scrolling for more information!


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Four Sigmatic Review Summary

Four Sigmatic has become my absolute GO-TO for flavored protein powders. They taste amazing and mix right in with water or smoothies, and there are lots of recipes that you can use them in too to boost your protein intake. All ingredients are super clean and organic and have adaptogenic properties.

Their Think coffee blend is also one of the coffees I rotate between each morning. It tastes just like regular coffee and even though it has slightly less caffeine, I do find it helps my concentration on days I drink it.

They continue to expand their product line but the ones I talk about above are what I have tried. They break their categories into Think , Defend and Chill if youre looking for adaptogens that will help specifically with one of those categories.

In addition to being plant-based, gluten-free, and organic ingredients, most of their products are sweetened with monk fruit which is another thing I love. Though if youre sensitive to stevia , be aware that a couple of their products the cacao mix for hot chocolate and matcha in particular do contain stevia.

Be sure to use coupon code TRIALANDEATER to save 10% on your order. You can use this discount as many times as you want, with each time you make a purchase!

Does This Use Fruiting Bodies Or Mycelium

Four Sigmatic Protein Powder Review

This has fruiting bodies. Four Sigmatic says they use fruiting bodies in all their products. And that includes this Four Sigmatic Protein Superfood Powder. The fruiting body on a mushroom is the cap. The toadstool, if you will. This is where the highest concentration of all the antioxidants and good stuff is. Its also the most expensive part of the mushroom to extract. Some brands use the mycelium, which is the root structure of the mushroom. This is cheaper, and is thought to have less of the good stuff.

This product is also USDA-certified organic. Which we love to see in the supplement space. It shows they put their money where their mouth is when it comes to the quality of their products.

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Average Rating And Real Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee Reviews

When I did my deep dive on Four Sigmatic products, I could see that all of the products were scoring about four stars out of five. In fact, five-star ratings are very abundant throughout the real and honest product reviews posted on each product page. As a dietitian, it was great to be able to read real product reviews from customers because I got a good feel for their experiences with these products that will help me to pass along more accurate recommendations to my clients.

Four Sigmatic Review: Are The Products Worth It

In my opinion, Four Sigmatic is definitely well worth it. Their products are made with amazing, high quality organic ingredients that enhance your lifestyle and overall wellbeing. I love that they offer a variety of different products from plant based proteins, to their famous cacao packets, to wellness shots. So yes, I would say theyre worth the price tag and that I highly recommend them to anyone interested in potentially improving their mental and physical wellbeing.

Since Ive started consuming their products, I can confidently say in this honest Four Sigmatic review that I feel more relaxed and calm in my day to day life, and that I experience more mental clarity and less fog than I did before. Im a huge fan of products like these that can make such a profound difference in your life and the way you function and feel, and I encourage you guys to try some Four Sigmatic products out for yourself and look at the benefits this brand can bring about in your own life!

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Our Rating: 46 Out Of 5 Stars

The Four Sigmatic Superfood Protein is a plant-based protein powder that has been formulated to provide the body with nutrients like building blocks and enzymes. It also includes some of natures most powerful antioxidants, which are said to defend our cells from oxidative stressors and damage caused by free radicals in the environment.I found 24 customer reviews at the time of writing and they had awarded Four Sigmatic Superfood Protein 4.6 stars out of a possible 5 on average.There were no negative comments about this product as all reviews were positive, but for those looking for more information there was one review where it says: This stuff tastes great! I mix mine with just water or coffee morning or night before bedtimethis helps me sleep better too!They gave away 10% off their next purchase when asked if they recommend this product though so perhaps you would want to check them out first if youre not sure yet? Other customers said things such as its amazing,superb quality,very good value,and finally, excellent.

Are There Any Concerns Regarding Allergies

Dietitian Reviews the BEST and WORST Protein Powders (WATCH BEFORE YOU BUY!)

All of the products that Four Sigmatic makes are organic, vegan, and Whole30 friendly. They dont contain any gluten, wheat, soy, or peanuts.

The mushrooms included are not psychedelics, so you dont have to worry about getting high or unnaturally addicted to it.

However, people who have any mushroom-related allergies should be extra cautious, just based on the fact that the primary ingredient in many of their products are mushrooms.

If you are allergic to mushrooms, no matter the kind, you should consult your physician first before consuming anything with mushrooms in it. The same goes for women who are pregnant or nursing.

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Summary On Four Sigmatic

Four Sigmatic is an excellent brand for those looking to buy mushrooms. This Four Sigmatic review has delved deep into the products and found that they stand out from the rest of the market for their quality and transparency.

Its worth noting that the consumable products might not be to everyones tastes. In terms of health benefits, though, its pretty much impossible to fault this brand.

Final Verdict 8/10

Safety And Serving Sizes

The ingredients used in these products are exceedingly safe. However, nobody can confirm that any product is safe for you without looking over your health history to check for allergies or aversions. Always do your research with some guidance from your physician before starting any new wellness routines. However, I can say that the use of very gentle, mainstream roots and herbs in these products can give you confidence.

Your serving sizes are going to vary based on the different products you’re using here. However, the nice thing about this company is that the product labels are so helpful. You can take a look at the instructions to ensure that you’re scooping the perfect amount. You can also order the packets to get perfect doses if you don’t want to scoop. You’re honestly just adding hot water to any of the products you choose!

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Where Does Four Sigmatic Get Their Mushrooms

According to the company, they put a significant focus on sourcing the best mushrooms.

When you buy many mushroom-based supplements currently on the market, youre often getting the mycelium primarily. The mycelium is the roots system of the mushroom that grows on grains like oats and rice. The grain isnt separated from the mycelium, so youre getting a lot of that with maybe only a bit of the mycelium.

Nearly all mushrooms grown in the U.S. use this method.

Four Sigmatic is unique because they use real mushrooms, but in doing so, they dont source them from the United States. They work with an organic family farm in Asia that theyve been working with for more than seven years. The brands representatives regularly visit the farm to ensure quality standards are being upheld.

Asia has the longest history of mushroom cultivation in the world. Its the only place you can get functional mushrooms and buy organic, log-grown fruiting bodies. The mushrooms are wild-harvested and extracted to make sure youre getting the most beta-glucans and polysaccharides.

Four Sigmatic Plant Based Protein With Superfoods Unflavoured

High Impact Plant Protein Review

Immune and occasional stress support from 18 grams of a blend of 5 pure organic vegan proteins with a balanced amino acid profile, and a high dose of 7 amazing mushrooms and adaptogens.

    • of which Saturates: 0.5 g
  • Carbohydrate: 8 g
  • of which Sugars: 2 g
  • Protein: 18 g
  • Based on Unflavoured

    Organic Superfood Protein Blend , Organic Ashwagandha, Organic Eleuthero, Organic Cordyceps, Organic Lions Mane, Organic Reishi, Organic Turkey Tail, Organic Chaga, Organic Lucuma Powder, Organic Coconut Palm Sugar, Pink Himalayan Salt, Organic Cinnamon, Organic Monk Fruit Extract

      • Shake 1 serving with cold water or mix it into your favourite smoothie recipe.
      • You can also add 1 serving to pancake, waffle, or brownies.
        • Free from Gluten, Soy, Gums and Fillers.
        • Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans.

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          Are These Four Sigmatic Protein Powder Any Good

          The four sigmatic protein powder is sturdy and durable, with an affordable price ratio. These factors depend on the material used. Your specific needs should always guide your decision-making, considering everything from handling accidents and durability under heavy use.

          Do you need a material that can support your weight when standing for hours on end, or do you plan to pack the four sigmatic protein powder when traveling? How will you use this particular best item, and what colors and textures should be considered, so it matches with other elements in your needs?

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