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Treatments For Thinning Hair

Does taking PROTEIN drinks make your HAIR FALL OUT?

Thinning hair isnt always caused by too little dietary protein or weight loss. The AAD reports that genetic hair disorders, medications, poor hair care, hormonal changes, excess vitamin A, iron deficiency, stress and certain diseases can also lead to hair loss. If youre experiencing hair loss and want a fuller head of hair, chat with your dermatologist about possible treatment options. These may include lifestyle medications, medications, laser stimulation or surgical procedures.

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What Are The Best Supplements For Longer Stronger Hair

There are six key nutrients we need to help hair grow longer:


Studies have found that iron deficiencies affect nearly 25 per cent of the worlds population, and its an essential for healthy hair. Ferritin, which is stored iron, is needed to maintain a healthy anagen of the hair growth cycle, says Kingsley.


Helping our bodies to break down proteins, fats, and carbohydrates, a biotin deficiency can result in hair loss.

Zinc and Vitamin B12

These two are hair essentials and a B12 supplement is especially important for vegans as its only found in animal products, says Kingsley. Both help produce and repair new hair cells cue longer locks.

Essential Amino Acids

Our bodies cant make these on its own: Amino acids are proteins, and our hair is made of protein, so I really recommend a protein supplement for a great daily hair booster, says Kingsley.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D has a profound impact on the hair growth cycle as every hair follicle contains a vitamin D receptor hormone, says Kingsley, who says that vitamin D deficiency is also very common.

The best supplements to incorporate all of the nutrients we need are Philip Kingsleys Tricho Complex, a brilliant all-rounder that contains them all, with the exception of vitamin D. For that, look no further than Dr Nigma Talibs Vitamin D Sun Capsules.

Good Sources Of Protein

The best sources of proteins include fish, eggs, red meat, poultry, cheese, beans, quinoa, tofu, seitan, legumes, nuts. Be wary of cheese, though: it can trigger eczema and dandruff in some people, and also takes over two hours to digest.

Eggs: The Perfect Protein for your Hair

The amino acids found in egg whites are the most complete and easily absorbed form of protein for your body. Dietary protein is essential to hair growth and health, because hair is made primarily of keratin a special hair protein that gives your strands their strength, flexibility and elasticity. We suggest eating up to two eggs a day, at either breakfast or lunch.

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There Are Some Simple Steps To Healthy Natural Hair

Your hair needs nutrients and vitamins to grow. You need to keep your hair and scalp clean if you want healthy hair. You need to fight tangles in order to prevent breakage and hair loss, and of course, your hair needs moisture to look and feel healthy. You also need to seal moisture into your hair, to prevent it from drying out. But this isnt a perfect recipe to healthy hair. It lacks one key ingredient: protein.

You may know that protein is necessary for hair growth you may even incorporate protein into your diet or give your hair regular protein treatments. But what does protein really do for your hair? What happens if your hair lacks protein? How does protein balance with moisture in healthy hair? And what happens if your hair gets too much protein? Keep reading this guide to find out:

How Losing Hair Is Connected To High Protein Diets

Tried and Tested Hair Growth Tips on How to Grow Hair ...

Can a high protein diet cause hair loss? Yes, eating adequate protein is important for hair growth because hair follicles are made of mostly protein. If your body does not have sufficient fuel, then your hair follicles might be among the first organs to shut down to conserve energy.

A lack of protein in the diet has been shown to promote hair loss. Biotin is essential for the production of a hair protein called keratin, which is why biotin supplements are often marketed for hair growth. By this time, the deficiency may have already affected your hair health.

Moreso, if youre eating a high protein diet, you may have cut out or drastically limited your intake of foods like carbohydrates. Thinning hair carbohydrates have a lot of calories, which your body, including your hair follicles, uses for fuel.

With low carbohydrate diets, the human body no longer has its own favorite source of energy and turns to stored fat. Extreme low carbohydrate diets, fad diets, extremely high protein diets, excessively low-fat diets, or vegetarian/vegan diets that are not careful about a complete amino acid profile can cause hair loss.

When low carbohydrate intake reduces your caloric consumption to a very low amount, your liver converts fatty acids and ketones to energy, developing a condition of ketosis which leads to biotin deficiency that can cause hair loss in some people.

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How You Can Regrow Thin Hair After Malnutrition

As alopecia and hair thinning have a negative effect on self-esteem, science continues to look for solutions to hair loss and similar problems. If you experienced hair loss due to malnutrition, you can make an appointment with your doctor or dermatologist to discuss possible treatment options.

Male and female pattern baldness, for example, can be treated using a hair-regrowth drug like finasteride or minoxidil for cosmetic reasons. Surgical options like a hair transplant are also available but can be much more expensive.

If the main cause of hair loss and thinning is malnutrition, however, a healthy hair diet is your best bet. Studies have found that deficiencies in nutrients like iron, zinc, and biotin due to eating disorders, starvation, or malnutrition are closely related to hair loss or thin, brittle hair. As hair is made of the keratin protein, a diet with sufficient levels of protein is also essential to keep hair healthy and strong.

In order to strengthen new hair follicles and prevent further hair loss, a nutritionist can work with you to devise a healthy hair diet plan that includes certain foods to encourage regrowth. Expect a hair-focused meal plan to include:

How Often Should A Protein Treatment Be Used

How often to do a protein treatment will depend on the type of treatment you choose, as well as your hair type. Some gentler types of protein treatments can be used more frequently , while more intense protein treatments should be used less often and with extra care. Before you apply a protein treatment, do read the label to see how frequently it should be used youll do your hair a favor!

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The Way Losing Hair Is Linked To Top Protein Diets

A high protein diet itself causes hair loss and the lack of causes hair loss, as well. Hair loss may occasionally be caused by a lack of protein in the diet. Some people who go on crash diets that exclude protein or who have abnormal eating habits may develop protein malnutrition. When this happens, the body will help save protein by shifting growing hairs into the resting phase.

But it goes the other way, consuming of high protein diet can lead to protein build-up.

Know the signs of Protein Buildup:

  • Your hair snaps off more easily.
  • Your hair feels straw-like and stiff.
  • Your hair is unusually dry, lifeless, and brittle.
  • It no longer has the natural shine/luster that it used to have.
  • More tangles and strands that look angry.
  • High protein diets might be a terrific way to shed weight and burn off fat. However, they could take a toll on the body, and sometimes even result in hair loss.

    Signs That Your Hair Needs A Protein Treatment

    Is Protein Powder Bad For You? | Acne, Hair Loss and Kidney Damage

    Before you start looking for the most suitable hair protein treatment for your locks, you might ask yourself, Does my hair need protein at all?. Thats a great question to start with a protein treatment isnt always needed.

    Many people think that having hair thats dry indicates that your locks need more protein. However, dryness alone isnt a good enough reason to treat your hair with protein. If your hair is dry, try an emollient-based conditioner first to try and bring back the moisture. Only if that doesnt work, you should give protein treatment a go.

    Here are 5 signs that your hair is crying out for a protein treatment:

    If youre still not sure whether your hair needs a protein boost, asking for advice at your local hair salon is a good idea. Getting a protein treatment for hair in salon is a great starting point for someone whos entirely new to the protein game and may have doubts about needing one.

    Once youve received a recommendation or a treatment from a stylist, youll have more confidence doing a hair protein treatment at home .

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    Protein Treatments For Hair Growth 6 Things You Should Know

    Theres no arguing with the benefits of protein treatments for hair health and hair growth. They can improve the appearance of your hair and make your hair stronger, too.

    But, what exactly is a protein treatment and how do you know if you need one?

    Keep reading we answer these questions and more as we look at six things you should know about protein treatments for hair.

    All You Need To Know About Whey Protein Benefits For Hair And More

    For both men and women, hair care is a very critical and hygienic routine. No one wants to go out with hair that’s frizzy, dry and unhealthy. We all long for smooth and shiny hair. It doesn’t just mean you’re confident you’ve done it right by only washing your hair, hair care often requires good hygiene and ensuring you use the right hair care items. along with physical care it is also important to take care of your health. There are various reasons that lead to hair damage and hair loss.

    The main reasons for hair loss include lack of proper diet, deficiency of minerals and vitamins, stress and more. Let’s have a look at some of the major hair loss causes that you should notice.

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    What Is The Difference Between Protein Sensitivity And Protein Overload

    If protein usually doesnât bother your hair, you might not have protein sensitive hair your hair is probably just overloaded with protein. Anyone can overload their hair with protein, but only some people have protein sensitive hair that reacts badly to any amount of protein.

    The outcome of both protein sensitivity and protein overload is the same- stiff, hard, crunchy hair. Try this trick: take all products with protein out of your regimen and heavily moisturize your hair for a couple weeks to get rid of the protein overload. Then, try a protein treatment again. If your hair feels good, you just overdid it last time ð

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    Do A Hot Castor Oil Treatment

    Diy How To Do Protein Hair Treatment At Home

    Castor oil is the unsung hero of the hair worldyou might even be tempted to ditch your coconut oil for it after reading this. First of all, castor oil has anti-fungal and antibacterial properties to help combat scalp infections that prevent your hair from growing. Second, its filled with omega-6 fatty acids, vitamin E, proteins, and other nutrients that can penetrate your parched strands and seal your hair shaft to retain moisture. Third, it makes for an amazing hot oil treatmentmassaging the oil into your roots will help your scalp drink up all of the nutrients and help promote hair growth.

    To give yourself a hot oil treatment, massage the oil into your scalp and then apply it all the way to the ends of your strands. Pile your hair on top of your head, cover it with a shower cap, and blast your strands with a blow-dryer for 15 minutes. Feel free to jump in the shower and shampoo and condition as usual. Youll notice softer strands instantly.

    Skip any unnecessary ingredients and focus on getting soft and silky hair by using Home Healths original castor oil.

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    What Are Common Protein Ingredients In Hair Products

    Usually such products contain buzzwords in the product name or description, such as repairing, reconstructing, strengthening, or rebuilding. Look at the ingredients too. Any ingredients that contain keratin, silk, protein, hydrolyzed protein, amino acid, etc. are proteins. Here is a comprehensive list or proteins in hair products.

    Usually When We Think Of Protein For Hair We Think About Topical Treatments Like Hair

    Thats because each strand of our hair is made up of a protein called keratin and the raw materials for growth literally come from the protein-rich foods we intake. Without adequate intake of protein for our hair, or with impaired protein digestion and absorption, our hair will suffer.

    As important as your hair may be to you, from the perspective of your body its pretty low on its to-do list. To be fair, given that your body is concerned with keeping up with the functions that maintain life, growing hair doesnt seem like a priority. Thats why we cant skate-by eating the minimum amount of protein for very long. Eventually our body will need to make a choice where to allocate the little bit of nutrition youre offering it through your diet, and other functions may get scaled back or eliminated entirely.

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    Which Products Will Enhance Hair Growth The Most

    If hair is breaking off, it wont grow past a certain length. Thats why its important to use products that help minimise breakage. Kingsley recommends a pre-shampoo conditioning treatment, like Oribes Gold Lust Pre-Shampoo Intensive Treatment, to keep the hair shaft hydrated to help improve elasticity and strength. Another great product for keeping hair bonds intact and restoring hairs structure is Olaplexs No.3 Hair Perfector, a treatment that also leaves hair shiny and smooth. There are a wealth of bonding hair products on the market now, which promise to reduce breakage and keep hair strong and healthy for as long as possible.

    Does Your Hair Need Protein Or Moisture

    HOW TO GROW HAIR LONGER AND FASTER : one ingredient protein hair treatment for all hair problems

    Harsh chemicals, the constant manipulation of the hair, using high-temperature styling tools, environmental factors, all contribute to brittle hair, split ends, frizzy hair, and even breakage or hair loss. But when do you need a protein treatment and when do you need deep conditioning? When does your hair feel thirsty for hydration, and when is it starved of protein? Here are the signs to look out for:

    • Having mushy, limp tresses after washing is a sign of a lack of protein. Hair is clumped and looks lifeless.
    • Low elasticity, or a hair that doesnt bounce back, but rather breaks, signals a need for protein.
    • If your strands shed more often or they break a lot, you may deal with a need for protein.
    • Using a lot of chemical processing and protective styles may make your hair dry and brittle. It needs protein and moisture.

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    Are There Certain Oils I Need To Avoid

    No, it is a common misconception that oils like coconut or almond contain protein. Oils are actually 100% fat, and can actually be great for protein sensitive hair as they strengthen the hair shaft from the inside out. However, there are many individuals with hair that is sensitive to specific oils in addition to protein. Pay attention to how your hair responds to different oils to determine which ones work best for you. We recommend NaturAllâs Jamaican Black Castor Oil Growth Serum to keep hair both moisturized and strengthened.

    Eat Foods Your Hair Will Love

    Strong, healthy hair isnt just a reflection of how we treat ourselves on the outside, but also how we nourish our bodies on the inside. Avoid fast, processed and sugar-laden foods. Instead, feed your body what it needs, including plenty of healthy fats, including those with omega-3 fatty acids found in salmon, walnuts, flax seeds and flaxseed oil.

    Additionally, consider a beauty supplement that helps you hit your beauty goals. Our Collagen Beauty Glow is comprised of not only collagen peptides, but also hyaluronic acid , probiotics, biotin, and vitamin C . Its ultimate goal? Supporting glowing skin, hair and nails.** Give it a try and see what it can do for you!

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    Bumble And Bumble Mending Masque

    This luxurious, wheat protein weekly mask does wonders with damaged hair and is perfect for dyed hair, as it doesnt strip color. Those who regularly color, perm or straighten their hair will love this product, because it restores strength, increases elasticity and manageability. While some protein treatments can leave hair feeling dry, this mask is formulated with Pro-Vitamin B5, which helps maintain moisture balance.

    Who Should Get A Protein Treatment

    10 Best Hair Growth Mask â¦

    You should definitely use a protein treatment if your hair is showing signs of a lack of protein. These include hair that is

    • Dry
    • Breaking easily
    • Damaged

    Protein treatments are also for anyone whose hair is chemically processed or color-treated as these tend to damage the structure of the hair.

    If you have had your hair in a protective style for weeks then doing a protein treatment after you remove the style is a very good idea, too.

    Textured hair with its coil, zig-zags, spirals, waves, and curls tends to be drier than straight hair and is more susceptible to damage. This makes protein treatment particularly helpful in maintaining the health of Black hair.

    Anyone with high porosity hair can also reap the benefits of a protein treatment.

    Find out more about porosity, here: Hair Porosity: What Is It and How Is Black Hair Affected?

    NOTE: As beneficial as protein treatments sound, not everyone should use them. It is possible for hair to have too much protein. This makes it stiff and causes it to snap off easily.

    If your hair is already strong, elastic, shiny, and healthy-looking, then you really dont need a protein treatment.

    Most likely you are already using a deep conditioner or hair mask as a part of your curly haircare routine. They contain plenty of nutrients and are a good way to give your hair and scalp a healthy boost on a regular basis.

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