Does Collagen Protein Help You Lose Weight

How Collagen Helps You Lose Weight: Reason #2

How to use collagen protein for weight loss!!

Part of losing weight is being active and burning calories. To stay active, you need a body thats strong, and you need to work to avoid injuries or pain that could keep you from getting exercise. Using a collagen supplement can provide support for your joints and bones, reducing pain and improving your range of motion and mobility.

Collagen also has an amino acid called arginine. Arginine helps promote healthy circulation because it relaxes the blood vessels. Arginine can also help promote strength and recovery.

Weight Loss Collagen Tightens Skin

Collagen plays a major role in strengthening your skin and your skins elasticity.

Studies have shown that collagen peptides can help reduce wrinkles, and dryness, which can give the illusion of looser, and saggy skin.

As we lose weight, we want to make sure were toning up our skin as well, studies have shown taking collagen supplements for eight weeks have increased skins elasticity .

Nutiva Organic Plant Protein Superfood Smoothie Vanilla

We like that this is organic so the food used in it is not grown with synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. It uses mainly pea protein which were fans of , as well as antioxidant-rich pumpkin protein, hemp and sunflower protein. Also, since most of our clients are looking to add protein powder mostly for more protein and not extra calories, we like that the calorie to protein ratio is low and that its sweetened with monk fruit so it has no added sugar. It tastes great and blends well making it a nice swap with the chocolate pea protein above.

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Benefits Of Collagen For Gut Health

Collagen is a special type of structural protein that is full of helpful amino acids. In fact, its the most abundant protein in the body it makes up 90% of your connective tissue and organic bone mass, and 70% of our skin. It practically holds the body together. By the time we hit our 20s, however, our body actually begins to produce less collagen, leading to what we consider signs of aging: wrinkles, saggy skin, weaker joints and bones.

While many people think of collagen for its beauty benefits, like its amazing impact on hair, skin, and nails, there is so much collagen can do for your gut health! Collagens amino acid profile allows it to provide major help with digestive health and more. Here are five of the biggest gut health benefits of collagen peptides:

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What If Im Bulking

Can You Use Collagen for Weight Loss?

Well, even then, it makes sense to take collagen protein.You see, while collagen fights fat gain, it doesnt hurt lean mass gain. Rather, as youll see later, quite the opposite. Thus, if you take collagen, you wont gain any less muscle. But instead, youll gain less fat per unit of weight gained.And as such, with collagen protein, you might even lower your body fat percentage while bulking.But with that said, it makes sense to ask:

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Collagen Supports Joint Health And Muscle Strength

An important part of a healthy lifestyle is movement. Whether you choose to exercise at a gym, garden in your backyard, walk the dog, run, take fitness classes, or participate in sports, keeping your body moving is a key to health and longevity.

When combined with healthy, intentional eating habits, exercise can boost your weight loss efforts tremendously.

To move efficiently, you need to feel strong. You dont want to be injured or in pain. Collagen peptides play a big role in strengthening your muscles, improving joint health, reducing joint pain, and decreasing the risk of injury. Supplementing with collagen can help to support you as an active individual, which in turn will help you lose or maintain your weight.

Collagen May Help Lessen Joint Aches And Pains

Joint pain can make it difficult to exercise, which can knock you off the path toward your goals. Taking a collagen supplement may help you get back on track. There is some evidence that collagen can be great for supporting connective tissues and improving joint pain after exercise, says Angelone. For instance, one study published in January 2017 in the journal Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism found that athletes with knee pain who took 5 g of collagen peptides daily for 12 weeks had less joint pain during exercise compared with a placebo group. Oral collagen may support cartilage repair and may also have an anti-inflammatory effect.

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Digesting And Metabolizing Protein Burns Calories

After you eat, some calories are used for the purpose of digesting and metabolizing the food.

This is often termed the thermic effect of food .

Although not all sources agree on the exact figures, it is clear that protein has a much higher thermic effect compared to carbs and fat .

If we go with a thermic effect of 30% for protein, this means that 100 calories of protein only end up as 70 usable calories.

Bottom Line:

About 20-30% of protein calories are burned while the body is digesting and metabolizing the protein.

Vitauthority Collagen Flavors And Taste

How To Use Collagen For Weight Loss And Recovery

When we did our initial Vitauthority Collagen Protein review, the company only offered an unflavored version of the product. The company has since released flavored versions, using the same formula that made the original product so popular.

Vitauthority Collagen is now available in the following flavors:

  • Unflavored
  • Pink Lemonade
  • Chocolate

I was already a fan of the product due to the unique formulation and health benefits, but the flavored collagen takes things to the next level.

First things first, they taste great. Were at the point where most supplement companies have figured out how to make great-tasting supplements, so there is no excuse for subpar flavoring. Vitauthority did a great job of formulating great-tasting collagen powders. My two personal favorites are chocolate and pink lemonade.

I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the company doesnt use any unnatural food coloring in the flavored versions of the product. Even the chocolate flavor ends up being a clear liquid when mixed with water.

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Collagen May Help In Smoothing Cellulite Appearance

By strengthening the dermis layer of our skin, collagen also plays an important role in hiding cellulite. Cellulite becomes more visible as our skin stretches, thins, and sags. Collagen makes up 70% of our skin, proving it to be a very important component of the body. It also makes up 90% of our connective tissues. Therefore, it makes sense that collagen supplementation has been clinically proven to increase skin-collagen expression and improve elasticity and thickness, which is important for hiding fat cells that lie underneath the skin5, 6.

Should You Take Collagen For Weight Loss

If you gained weight during the Covid-19 pandemic, you might be looking for ways to shed a few pounds. If so, youre not the only one with quarantine weight gain. A study in JAMA Network Open suggests some of us may have gained as many as 1.5 pounds a month during the pandemic.

Thats where collagen powder supplements come in. Driven largely by testimonials from celebrities and social media influencers, people are laying down cash for collagen powder that promises to help them losing weight and accrue other potential benefits, such as younger-looking skin and more-flexible joints.

A longtime favorite of youth-seekers looking to smooth wrinkles, collagen supplements are a hot category these days. And their popularity is only expected to grow. The collagen market is projected to reach $7.5 billion by 2027, according to a report by Grand View Research.

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Could The New Collagen Diet Help You Lose Weight And Get Glowing Skin

Zarrin Hossain

Zarrin Hossain

Want to lose weight and get glowing skin? Join the club. Increasing your collagen intake might be the answer, says best-selling author Dr Josh Axe in his new book The Collagen Diet

With two best-selling books under his belt, Keto Dietand Eat Dirt, international wellness superstar Dr Josh Axe is back to reveal the untold mystery behind the remarkable protein, collagen.

Through various research studies and food plans, Dr Axe has pinpointed collagen to have invaluable benefits including weight control and clearer skin.

Having gone through his own personal journey with collagen after he found its benefits to improve his gut health and irritable bowel problems, he has since identified collagen to be the missing link to modern health.

So, what is collagen?

Collagen is a strong fibrous protein woven into your bodys thread of tissues, all inter-connected like one big fusion of wires.

Collagen is the glue that holds you together, says Dr Axe.

Naturally found in our bodies, from skin to nails to bones, muscles, blood vessels and in lining of our gut, collagen is hidden everywhere throughout our bodies.

By the time youre in your early fifties and above, research has shown that there is a significant decrease in the rate of collagen production by 75 per cent compared to those younger than thirty.

For a small substance it ranks highly for anti-ageing benefits which is why its found in so many beauty products promoting healthy and radiant skin.

Which Collagen Is Best For Weight Loss

How Does Collagen Help You Lose Weight?  The Top Supplements

Sadly, we don’t have any studies on which collagen is best for weight loss. But with that said, we can check out related research and take a good guess.For instance, other research shows that beef and pork collagen can each do well. That is, when compared to fish collagen, they seem to work better.As in fact, porcine collagen both re-hydrates skin and shrinks sun spotsfaster than fish collagen.Thus, pork collagen is your best bet, at least for skin health.Moving on, we see that beef collagen can help with joint pain too. And in fact, it helps just as much as pork collagen can. But to this point, no studies have compared beef collagen to fish collagen. So, we cant say that beef is better than fish collagen for sure. So all told, pork collagen works well for joint pain and skin complexion. That is, better than fish collagen, and at least as well as beef collagen.But with that said, any collagen will work in time. Just note that if you had to bet, pork or beef collagen should work faster than fish collagen.And for those looking for a complete step-by-step program that uses science to show you how to properly train AND eat week after week to transform your body in the most efficient and injury-free way possible, then:

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Tendon And Ligament Health

Just like your cartilage mentioned above, tendons and ligaments are also made from collagen. As you might expect, collagen production intended to keep these tissues healthy decreases as we age. Maintaining the strength of the collagen in the ligaments and tendons helps maintain their elasticity and prevent injury.

Check The Collagen Type

Whatâs most common is Type I, II, and IIIand sometimes theyâre found together in a powder supplement, other times theyâre solo, or the product has a combo of two of them.

If youâre taking collagen for the anti-aging benefits, look for type I, or a combo of type I and type III. Both are found in the skin and support skin health .

If youâre interested in collagen for its joint health benefits and some pain relief, look for type II. Remember, this is the collagen found in cartilage. That said, other forms can be helpful, too: type I was shown to help people with osteoarthritis, per a review study published in October 2020 in the journal Rheumatology and Therapy.

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The Type Of Protein Also Matters

When it comes to supplementing your weight loss journey, not all protein sources are equal. While eating whole food packed with lean protein is vital – such as greek yogurt, fish, poultry, nut butters, and beans – it can be difficult to get the right amount of protein through food alone.

Many health-minded people have turned to protein supplements to make sure they get enough protein to help them lose weight.

Medical professionals emphasize the importance of choosing a protein supplement that is free from heavy metals and potentially inflammatory fillers, which are found in many products.

Another potential allergen often found in protein supplements is egg. When trying to lose weight you may not want or need the added portions of fat or cholesterol found in eggs. And you should steer clear of artificial sweeteners, which are a common ingredient in many protein supplements.

So, whats the solution?

Bovine Collagen’s Role Within Our Body

Lose weight with collagen peptides| How I lost weight using Collagen

There are collagen types that derive from marine life or cattle, but Bovine Collagen comes from cows.

Collagen is a protein found in abundance in your body and forms our bones, tendons, ligaments, muscles and blood vessels. And it’s for this reason the word “collagen” derives from the Greek word meaning “glue“, as it’s more or less holding us together!

But what about fat loss? Let’s take a look at the evidence.

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About Vitauthority Multi Collagen Protein

Ask most men about their fitness goals, and youll hear some combination of weight loss, increased lean muscle, and perhaps improved joint health. Ask women about their fitness and beauty objectives, and youll hear weight loss, strengthening bones and joints, beautiful hair, skin, and nails, and perhaps a mention of toning muscles. Most supplements are designed to address some subset of these goals, such as increasing lean muscle and weight loss, reducing joint pain, or improving hair, skin, and nails. In this review, well be discussing a product formulated to accomplish each of the above goals. Typically, were skeptical of a product with such broad-ranging benefits however, were encouraged with our first glance at the formulation. Multi Collagen Protein from Vitauthority consists of five different types of collagen peptides, hyaluronic acid, and Vitamin C.

Read on as we delve into Vitauthoritys background in the industry, and examine Multi Collagens formulation, key ingredients, and the science behind their structure-function claims. Well inform you where you can find the product, review the cost-value relationship, and as always provide you with our rating in terms of effectiveness and value. Keep reading our Vitauthority Collagen review to find out if this supplement is right for you.

Collagen Peptides Increase Satiety

Protein, in general, helps you to feel more full and satisfied after a meal. This is because it fills an essential need in the body, so your hunger hormones can go on break once youve consumed enough protein-rich food.

Studies have found that hydrolyzed gelatin specifically helps to increase the satiety hormone, which means after consuming collagen, you shouldnt feel hungry for a while. Hunger pains are one of the biggest hurdles in weight loss, and you are much more likely to stick to your goals if you feel full.

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How To Get More Protein In Your Diet

Increasing your protein intake is simple. Just eat more of protein-rich foods.

These include:

41 ).

Even though eating more protein is simple when you think about it, actually integrating this into your life and nutrition plan can be difficult.

I recommend that you use a calorie/nutrition tracker in the beginning. Weigh and measure everything you eat in order to make sure that you are hitting your protein targets.

You dont need to do this forever, but it is very important in the beginning until you get a good idea of what a high-protein diet looks like.

Bottom Line:

There are many high-protein foods you can eat to boost your protein intake. It is recommended to use a nutrition tracker in the beginning to make sure that you are getting enough.

Whey Protein Vs Bovine Collagen Protein For Weight Loss: Which Is Better

Collagen Supplements

Bovine Collagen is basically all protein. To give you an indication, our Bulk Nutrients Hydrolysed Collagen Peptides , contains 22 grams of protein per 25-gram serving. That’s nearly gram for gram pure protein!

But is collagen the same as your standard whey protein? Does it keep you full just the same? Well maybe not. Although more research is needed, it may just better.

One study into elderly women found collagen was 40% more filling than the same quantity of whey, whereas other studies have found the opposite.

The best thing to do is try Collagen protein to see if you experience higher levels of satiety like the subjects in the first study.

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The Best Collagen Powders According To A Dietitian

Where does collagen come from? Why is it so popular? And how do you shop for a good collagen powder? You’ve got questionsand we’ve got answers. Plus, the 5 best collagen peptide powders to buy from a registered dietitian nutritionist.

We’ve talked before about how H.O.T. collagen is right now. The industry is said to grow a little over 6% in the next few years, with a projected industry value of $7.5 billion by 2027, according to Grand View Research.

Collagen is the “it” ingredient these days. After all, it’s now a regular add-in to items like smoothies and smoothie bowls at your gym café, or neighborhood smoothie shop. Even big smoothie chains, like Smoothie King and Jamba Juice, have developed new smoothies with collagen for athletes, weekend warriors, and whomever else wants to reap the benefits of collagen.

But where does collagen come from, why should you pay it any attention, and how do you shop for collagen powder? You’ve got questionsand we’ve got answers. Read on!

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