Can You Mix Collagen With Protein Powder

What Is Organic Whey Protein

The MANY Benefits of Using a Collagen Protein Powder and My Favorite: NutriXen

Whey protein is a byproduct of the cheese making process. Whey is one of the most digestible types of protein available. Whey concentrate powder is super high in protein, enzymes, and cofactors, with almost no fat or carbs. And, as with all our other products, Natural Force whey is organic, non-GMO, and sustainable. Its also made with the milk from 100% grass-fed cows.

Eat Collagen Or Gelatin With Fat

In keeping with consuming collagen or gelatin with other sources of animal protein, it is important to remember that amino acids require fat soluble vitamins to absorb properly. These fat soluble vitamins are found in egg yolks and dairy fat, both great additions to a smoothie: raw egg yolks and raw or cultured milk.

# 13 Garden Of Life Collagen

I have always believed in the benefits of a good, clean, and frequent supply of collagen. In my mind, the body needs it for everything from cell renewal to hair growth to baby fat. So, it was with great interest that I recently ordered a container of the new Collagen Multi-Health, a vegan, gluten-free, 30% protein supplement from Garden of Life . I have yet to see another collagen supplement that addresses my list of requirements.

The company recently launched its patented ingredient, 5-Sensory Orange , which is derived from the seeds of a local orange tree. Many of you will recognize the orange as the fruit that provides our citrus fruit with vitamin C, making it a go-to health food. To the company’s knowledge, it is the first soft drink ingredient derived from natural sources to be put into food.

The ingredient can have a potentially damaging effect on our system as there are four dietary modifications to watch out for, including increased fat production, increased appetite, decreased fat utilization, and oxidation. All four of these side effects can have a negative impact on the body’s ability to repair and maintain our tissue.

In addition, the product can contain toxic chemicals such as lead and chromium. Of these four side effects, the potential to increase fat production is the most serious. Other side effects of this ingredient are excess cholesterol and liver damage. The colloidal capsules are made with tap water and processed in a sealed, flame-resistant container.

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Whey Protein For Lean Mass And Weight Loss

Collagen is a great protein option, but whey protein is also incredibly beneficial. Whey one of the two proteins found in milk. The liquid that is left over over after making cheese is used to make whey protein. It is particularly beneficial because it contains all nine of the amino acids essential to human health. Whey is also easily absorbed by the body, making it a highly nutritious source of protein.

The Benefits Of Combining Collagen And Protein Powder

Premium Collagen Peptide Powder from Grass Fed Beef

When you combine collagen and protein powder, you are getting the benefits in one go as opposed to taking the supplements separately.

And lets be honest, now that things are slowly getting back on track, who has time to prepare and consume multiple supplements a day. Its a win-win.

Here are the possible benefits you can look forward to:

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Should I Split The Dose Or Take All The Collagen In One Go

While it doesnt matter in terms of its effectiveness, if youre new to collagen you might wish to build up your dose gradually by splitting the dose throughout the day.

Collagen is, after all, a protein. And too much protein all at once before your bodys had a chance to get used to it can lead to bloating, so it can be a good idea to start off easy. Try one serving in the morning with your coffee and one in the afternoon with your tea.

The extra protein may make you feel thirstier than usual, so always have a bottle of water handy.

Is Collagen Destroyed By Heat

When adding collagen to coffee, the main concern may be the effect of higher temperatures on the quality of the supplement.

Generally, when exposed to high temperatures or acidic and alkaline solutions, proteins become denatured, changing their structure slightly.

This is important because collagen peptides are usually made by exposing animal hides to an acidic or alkaline solution to release the collagen. Then, the hides are cooked in water at temperatures up to 190ºF to further extract collagen peptides .

This means that collagen supplements on the market are in a denatured or slightly predigested form, which improves their absorption in the digestive tract.

Still, if collagen proteins are exposed to even higher temperatures, a process called degradation can occur, further breaking down the protein. At this point, the protein may not function the same, rendering the supplement useless.

One study exposing collagen proteins to temperatures of 302788ºF observed that their initial degradation occurred at around 302ºF .

That said, coffee is typically brewed at 195205ºF a much lower temperature range.

Thus, as long as your coffee is below 302ºF when you add your collagen supplement, the quality of the powder is unlikely to be affected (

Simply follow the steps below to add collagen to your coffee.

  • Brew your coffee in the usual fashion.
  • Measure a serving of collagen protein, usually about 20 grams.
  • Gently stir the powder into your coffee until its fully dissolved.
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    Someone Who Is Bulking

    Adding collagen into your protein shake is an easy way to boost the protein by 10-20g, perfect for anyone struggling to get enough protein in their day.

    This is particularly helpful for someone bulking where protein requirements are typically quite high. Collagen can be a more palatable way to consume protein, especially when you are already consuming a high volume of meat.

    Does Heat Damage The Collagen Powder

    Beauty BOOSTING & Anti-AGING Collagen Butter Recipe | Collagen Protein Powder Review

    Many foods lose their nutritional value when you heat them, but collagen powder is not one of them.

    The reason behind this is the high number of amino acids per peptide. The higher the number of amino acids in a peptide, the more stable it is at higher temperatures. Marine type I collagen is the most heat-tolerant of all because it has the highest percentage of amino acids .

    Collagen peptides are heat stable up to 300°C, a temperature far higher than normal cooking and baking. As water boils at 100°C, collagen can be mixed into hot drinks, soups and stews without weakening its benefits.

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    How Should I Take A Collagen Supplement

    If you follow some of the leading influencers on Instagram, it would seem like you have to mix your collagen powder supplement into exotic recipes or youre somehow doing it wrong.

    Whether its the latest keto shake or maybe a fancy chia pudding, it seems like collagen needs to be added to the latest faddy food in order to be effective, but this couldnt be further from the truth.

    The bottom line is that collagen powder can be mixed into pretty much anything. Your morning porridge, a glass of orange juice, your daily coffee fix these are all perfect for adding collagen powder so choose an option that works for you.

    The beauty of collagen powder is that it is so versatile. You can bake with it, cook it, dissolve it or even mix it into ice lollies. As long as you take a supplement daily, its up to you how you want to take your collagen supplement.

    Orgain Organic Protein Powder Review

    Orgain organic clean protein comes in a range of different powders, from collagen peptides to grass-fed whey. You can mix these powders with whatever liquid you prefer to create different flavor profiles. Below, this Orgain protein powder review will detail some of the top sellers in this category.

    Orgain Keto Collagen Protein Powder

    Ideal for anyone following a keto or paleo diet, the KetoCollagen Protein Powder mixes 10 grams of Orgain collagen peptides with 5 grams of MCT oil, an organic fat. This 2:1 protein-to-fat ratio slows the absorption of the protein, which aids in recovery.

    This Orgain protein powder comes in just two flavors: classic chocolate and vanilla, so nothing fancy. It comes in a 0.88 lb canister and goes for $33 as a one-off purchase. Alternatively you can subscribe to receive this every 30, 45, or 60 days, and get 25% off for your first canister and 10% off each subsequent one.

    Orgain Grass Fed Whey Protein Powder

    Available in creamy chocolate fudge and vanilla bean, the delicious Grass Fed Whey Protein Powder is just 140 calories per serving. On top of that, youll get 21 grams of Orgain clean protein without any additives or preservatives, as well as no sugar or soy.

    Orgains Grass Fed Whey Protein Powder comes in a 1.82 lb canister. Get it for $30 as a one-off, or subscribe and snag your first canister for only $23.

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    It Makes It Easier To Hit Your Protein Goal

    Adding collagen with your whey protein will boost the protein in your shake, making it easier to hit your daily protein goal.

    Most of us know the benefits of consuming protein, but its still the macronutrient that most of my clients come to me struggling to hit. My tip is to always try and increase the amount of protein you are consuming at each meal and snack, instead of trying to add in more protein sources.

    Adding collagen into your protein shake is a great example of this strategy in action. You can boost your protein shake by 10g, without having to consume anything additional in your day. This can add up quickly, especially if you are having 1 2 protein shakes per day.

    So Can Collagen Protein Replace Your Protein Powder

    Pure &  Essential Advanced Hydrolyzed Collagen Peptides ...

    If you’re drinking protein powder after working out for #gainz, a complete option is probably going to be your best bet, says Richter. It’ll ensure you’re getting all of the amino acids you needand in the right quantitiesto build muscle and recover.

    What collagen could be great for is supporting connective tissues and improving joint pain after exercise. “A recent study involved 147 athletes, both male and female. Half of them took a liquid formula that contained collagen hydrolysate, and the other half took a liquid placebo,” Richter says. “After 24 weeks, researchers found that the collagen group had less joint pain at rest, and when walking, lifting, standing, and carrying objects, compared to the control.”

    Overall, though, Richter says it’s hard to make a call on collagen, because there just aren’t many definitive studies on the side effects and benefits. So if you want to keep stirring it into your supercharged a.m. coffee, feel freebut don’t count on it as your main protein source, especially after a hard sweat. Good thing hemp is also seriously on-trend right now

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    Many People Supplement With Goji Berry Powder Due To Its Ability To Promote Weight Loss

    If you often get colds, this superfood should be supplemented in your daily protein shakes and smoothies, as it contains 500 times more vitamin C per ounce than oranges! Due to containing high amounts of vitamin C along with vitamin A, goji berries build up your immune system and help ward off common colds and other illnesses.

    Other benefits of regular supplementation of goji berries include increased quality of sleep, concentration, calmness, mood and energy levels, quality of skin and overall vitality.

    Collagen Powder Vs Protein Powder: What’s Right For You

    Collagen powder and protein powder are often discussed in tandem. It’s understandably easy to get confused about the difference: They contain amino acids, they both aid the body, they both support protein levels, and they’re both mainstays in the world of wellness. But if you’ve never tried them in the past, it can also be hard to tell which option is best for you. Here, we break down the specific benefits for each.

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    Do Collagen Supplements Actually Work

    Seeing as collagen is naturally produced within the body, theres not actually much evidence to support the benefits that all of the collagen supplement companies are stating.

    Collagen created outside the body might not actually synergize with the human body, and therefore may not provide the health benefits that collagen produced within the body does.

    In addition, collagen will be ingested like any other protein and be broken down and redistributed depending on what the body needs. Therefore, its impossible for a supplement to guarantee things like plumper, younger-looking skin.

    Seeing as there hasnt been a lot of research done on the efficacy of collagen supplements, its unknown whether they will work or not. Some people swear by them, and others think theyre a waste of money. So, its really up to you if you want to invest in them without clear scientific evidence.

    However, I will say that its probably more beneficial to choose a greens powder that contains a wide range of sufficiently dosed ingredients that will make sure youre as healthy as possible by providing you with essential nutrients every day.

    Claim: Collagen Keeps Skin Wrinkles At Bay

    Bulletproof collagen protein reviewing and mixing

    The label for Vital Proteins, one of the most popular brands of powdered collagen, proudly boasts that it’s a “100% natural anti-aging dietary supplement.” The fine print notes the statement has not been evaluated by the FDA.

    Reality: “Our bodies produce less collagen as we age,” Rumsey said. “Some small studies have shown a reduction in wrinkles after a few months of oral collagen intake, but none of them have been large enough to know for sure.”

    In one study published in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology, a collagen supplement helped “improve hallmarks of skin aging,” according to the National Center for Biotechnology Information. Another study published in the Journal of Medicinal Food found that women who took collagen supplements noticed an improvement in the appearance of cellulite. The latter study was conducted by a researcher who is an employee for a collagen supplement company, so the results should perhaps be taken with a grain of salt.

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    Types Of Whey Protein

    There are three main types of whey protein: concentrate, isolate, and hydrolysate. Although they are all made from milk, they vary based on how they have been processed. Whey concentrate is the least processed, it is about 80% protein. Concentrate is the highest in fat and lactose, making it generally taste better than the other types. Whey protein concentrate typically goes through the least amount of processing and, as a result, is naturally higher in beneficial compounds such as Lactoferrin, Immunoglobulins, Serum albumin).

    Whey isolate is higher in protein, but has less lactose and fat. Whey hydrolysate is the best absorbed because the protein is pre-digested. It has been shown to increase insulin levels when consumed, beneficial for those trying to gain muscle mass.

    Two More Recommendations For Your Vegan Journey

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    2. This is the best vegan starter kit I know of. Its a bundle of 9 beautiful e-books that help you transition to a healthy plant-based dietthe right way. The advice is spot-on, and it has print-outs and checklists that make it easy to implement. Read my full review of Nutriciously here.

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    It Can Help Fill You Up

    Protein powder contains calories and that can “add to your meal while providing the building blocks for just about everything in your body,” Keatley says. While protein powder shouldn’t be used as a meal replacement, adding it to your food can help you feel fuller longer. “That may decrease snack intake later in the day,” Keatley says.

    What About Plant Milk

    The Collagen Protein Powder With 1,200 Reviews Youâll Love

    Yip, go ahead.

    Personally, I dont enjoy plant-milk on its own. I add it to coffee, cereal, hot chocolate, and smoothies.

    There are upsides to plant-milks that make your blend worth it.

    The obvious is that if you are lactose intolerant, plant-milk is your friend.

    But plant milk is also lower in sugar , they contain little to no saturated fat depending on the type of plant milk, and there is no IGF-1, unlike cows milk.

    IGF-1 has been linked to some cancers and acne.

    Go for fortified milk to get nutrients like vitamins B12 and vitamin D that arent naturally found in nuts and seeds. Especially if you are vegan or vegetarian.

    Plant milk also usually has calcium added so you arent missing out on anything if you choose to forego cows milk.

    Each type of plant-milk has its own benefits that are particular to the nut or seed that they are derived from.

    So research your options if you want to make sure you have the right type for your body and your taste buds.

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    The Best Ways To Mix Protein Powder

    You got picky with your protein and found your favorite Orgain protein powder flavor, now what? Protein powder is pretty handy because it can be added to all sorts of tasty recipes. Getting enough protein is vital in helping your body produce healthy tissue, hair, skin, and nails, as well as repairing muscles, regulating blood sugar and cravings, and even promoting weight loss. Its also nice to have a few different ways to get your protein for the sake of variety. Mix things up with our tips for the simplest ways to incorporate protein into your life.

  • Shake it up: Try adding a couple scoops to a shaker bottle along with chilled water, coconut water, milk, or plant-based milk. Secure the lid and then give it a vigorous shake for a healthy, satisfying post-workout drink or a meal replacement for healthy weight loss or during a hectic day. Need more tips on how to make a protein shake? Start here.
  • Blend: Combining your protein powder with a banana, a handful of ice, and a generous splash of almond milk is an ideal way to start the morning. We have tons of recipes to expand your smoothie repertoire, including this 3-ingredient cherry smoothie, but its hard to beat a classic chocolate or vanilla banana protein smoothie.
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