Can You Have Premier Protein Shakes On Keto

Can I Drink Protein Shakes On A Keto Diet

Premier Protein: Is it really keto?

Drinking protein shakes and using various protein powder on keto is acceptable as long as it’s low carb. Protein shakes can be a convenient and sometimes more tasty way to consume an adequate amount of protein.

Or if you want to be exact, uses this little chart or read how much protein to eat on keto.

Keto Diet Allows Sushi

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Are Quest Protein Shakes Keto Carbs And Calories Count

QuestProtein Shakes make a great meal replacement or snack to help curb hunger andkeep you feeling satisfied throughout the day so that you stay on track. Grabbing one of these shakes on the go is agreat way to boost your protein intake.

Everyoneneeds protein, as every cell in your body requires this important nutrient tofunction. Protein helps to build muscle and keep you slim. It is also the main building block for theskin, nails, bones, and blood. Proteinmakes up hormones, enzymes, and antibodies as well. Just one Quest Protein Shake provides 60% ofyour daily protein needs for optimal health!

Theseshakes come pre-packaged and ready-made which makes them super convenient totake with you to work or the gym. Nomixing powders into potions required. Yet,you can always give this shake a trip around the blender, with some ice and ahandful of berries or spinach to increase the nutrient factor and taste.

All that aside, youre probably here because youre wondering how healthy these shakes are and if they can help you lose weight. You might also like to know which shakes on the market are best for low carb diets. Keep reading to find out how you can incorporate Quest Protein Shakes into your diet so that youll have the pounds flying off in no time.

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Choosing A Keto Protein Powder For Your Shake

Protein powders are not all the same. It will be beneficial to know which type will support your ketogenic lifestyle. Some protein powders contain carbs and others contain sugar which are both contrary to the keto diet.

Its important to know where your protein comes from and what other ingredients have been added to it. Protein powders specifically formulated for ketogenic diets are often fortified with MCT to help with fuel usage in your body.

Whey protein isolate, casein protein and egg protein are some of the best types for those on the keto diet. Again, just be sure to check nutritional labels and ingredients for added ingredients that increase the carb or sugar calories in these products.

Another beneficial protein for keto followers is collagen or bone broth protein. Collagen is the most common type of protein found in your body and so it is wise to replenish this type of protein especially as we age since the body will slow down on producing it through the years.

Collagen supports healthy nails, hair and joints and leaves your skin supple and radiant.

I use and love this chocolate flavored collagen protein in a variety of ways. Add it to your keto protein shakes or your dessert recipes for added collagen protein in your daily diet. You can get 10% off your order if you use ONANDOFFKETO when ordering any product from Kiss My Keto, including their line of keto-friendly protein powders.

Top 5 Keto Protein Shake Recipes

Can You Drink Premier Protein Shakes On Keto

Keto protein shakes are a perfect post-workout meal to ensure your body gets the protein it needs to recover and grow muscle tissue.

The question is where to get the necessary protein from. If youre old school like Arnold Schwarzenegger, you might consider throwing a steak, a few eggs and a cup of avocado oil into a blender and then drinking the mix. For the rest of us, there are protein powders.

Most of the recipes below use natural protein powders and collagen peptides. However, if youre a fan of real food and you have a trusted source of pastured eggs, you might enjoy my egg-based recipe.

If youre not sure what type of protein you should use, check out the FAQ section to find more information.

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Dont Forget The Extras

Many people like to make their protein shake super simple, and that is totally fine. But dont forget you can change the nutrient content and flavor of the shake with some extra ingredients. This is key if youre using your protein shake to replace a meal or as a pre/post workout shake.

Here is a list of some of the ingredients you can add to your shake which is by no means exhaustive:

  • Cinnamon, nutmeg, turmeric and other spices
  • Almond butter or sunflower seed butter
  • Nuts and seeds themselves
  • Unsweetened cocoa powder or cacao

How Much Protein Can I Have On Keto

It is important to know how much protein you should consume each day on keto to support your lean muscle mass as you lose weight.

The amount you need depends on how active you are and what your goals for your body are.

In general, between 0.6g and 1g of protein per pound of lean body mass should be consumed.

This will help you maintain your muscles and tissues without ruining your keto efforts.

Eat enough protein on keto with good quality meat, eggs, fish, and more.

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Drawback Of Keto Diet

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Why Does The Keto Diet Use So Much Green Pepper

How I Make My Premier Protein Shake | Keto Edition

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All About Premier Protein

Now without diverting from the main topic, lets get back to Premier Protein on the Keto diet.

Premier Protein shakes are a great source of protein for those looking to supplement their diet. One 11 oz. pack gives you a whopping 30g of proteins coming from a blend of 3 different types of protein: milk protein concentrate, calcium caseinate, and whey concentrate.

The blend has a great amino acid profile that contains all the essential amino acids along with 24 minerals and vitamins.

Other than ready-to-drink shakes, they also offer protein powders which is a great way to increase the protein content in your beverages like milkshakes or smoothies, or even in baked goodies.

This is how they introduce themselves:

Their exotic range of flavors includes Chocolate, Vanilla Caramel, Café latte Cookies, Cream Strawberries, and Cream Bananas Cream Peaches and Cream Pumpkin spice, with each having 2-3 grams of net carbs.

Other than Keto, Premier Protein is also highly famous for folks in the Weight Watchers community.

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Is Premier Protein Healthy For Keto

Premier Protein is keto-friendly based on its carbohydrate count and overall ingredient list.

A single serving of Premier Protein has almost 60 percent of the average daily recommended intake of protein. Furthermore, they also have a lot of vitamins and minerals.

The best part is that you can access all of these benefits without having to worry about knocking your body out of ketosis.

How Many Carbs Are In Premier Protein Shakes


Premier Protein shakes range between one and three net grams of carbohydrates per serving depending on the flavor, except for the shakes with oats.

Below is a list of different shakes in their lineup and the amount of net carbs per serving. In general, they are all equal in terms of carbohydrate count.

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Premier Protein Chia Pudding

This insanely yummy Chia pudding has less than 3g of net carbs and can be prepared with the blink of an eye!

This is a wholesome cool and creamilicous pudding that can be enjoyed as a snack, dessert, or a meal replacement when you arent in the mood for tedious cooking!

Fun fact about chia seeds: All of their carbs come from fiber. It means you get 0 net carbs from chia seeds!

This pudding requires just 3 ingredients:

  • 1 Premier Protein Ready-to-Drink Chocolate Shake
  • 1 tsp Cocoa

Blend all the items together and enjoy your chilled Strawberry citrus smoothie on Keto.

What You Need To Get Started

  • Measuring Spoons
  • Blender Bottle
  • Vitamix Explorian Blender

You wont need much equipment to whip up delicious keto smoothies. For some of the recipes below, all youll need is a blender bottle* with a wire whisk inside. It also helps to have measuring spoons* or a measuring cup.

However, if the recipe calls for fruits, nuts, seeds or ice cubes, I recommend a high-speed blender. Additionally, a high-powered blender is also required to achieve a creamy, milkshake-like texture.

We have a Vitamix E320 that we found at Costco, and we love it. If youre not a Costco member, Amazon sells the E series* too. Before we purchased the Vitamix, we had a NutriBullet* immersion blender, which also did an excellent job of making smoothies.

However, I will say that the Vitamix is much more powerful and has a larger container. Thats why Id recommend it over the NutriBullet.

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What Makes A Smoothie Keto

The goal of the ketogenic diet is to use fat for energy rather than glucose. Doing so allows your body to enter into a state called nutritional ketosis.

The simplest way to reach nutritional ketosis is by eating a lot of fat and avoiding most carbohydrates.

For keto smoothies or keto shakes, that means using fruits that have a low glycemic index , avoiding dairy milk, and avoiding nutritional sweeteners such as sugar, honey and maple syrup.

Some of the best fruits for keto shakes are berries. Raspberries in particular are a good option because theyre low in fructose yet still taste delicious.

You can find other popular fruits for smoothies in the table below, together with their net grams of carbs and sugar content.

Speaking of net carbs most fruits have fiber, which is a type of carbohydrate that the body cant use for energy. Its only used as food by the bacteria in your gut. Thats why we subtract the carbs of fiber and non-nutritive sweeteners from the total carbs to calculate the net carbs.

Only net carbs increase your blood sugar level. Thats why theyre important to consider in keto smoothies and on the ketogenic diet in general.

The table below reflects the nutritional data of the raw fruits listed, including the skin .


Besides traditional fruits, I also encourage you to experiment with avocados because theyre naturally high in fat and are packed with micronutrients. Best of all, a whole avocado has zero sugar and only 3 grams of net carbs.

Are The Other Ingredients Keto Friendly

Blood sugar and ketone readings after Premier protein shake, surprising results/ next product test

It is also important to take a look at the ingredients list on the back.

There may be extra ingredients that are not necessarily friendly for the ketogenic diet. Even though the exact ingredients in Premier Protein shakes can vary from flavor to flavor, they are relatively similar.

Some of the most common ingredients include milk protein concentrate, sunflower oil, magnesium phosphate, sodium sorbate, water, vitamins, minerals, salt, sucralose, cellulose gum, and cellulose gel.

Fortunately, there are only two ingredients on that list that are not friendly for the ketogenic diet.

They are cellulose, and cellulose gel.

Cellulose and cellulose gel are both insoluble fibers. They both are starches/thickeners, listed as ingredients to avoid on a low-carb diet.

However, both do help with digestion. So indirectly it is still important to have in premier protein.

Also, both ingredients are present in such minuscule amounts in Premier Protein powders. Therefore, they should not have an impact on your ability to enter ketosis

What about the ingredients that are present in Premier Protein powders? Some are the most common ingredients include whey protein isolate, whey protein concentrate, sunflower lecithin, xanthan gum, salt, potassium, sucralose, natural flavors, and soluble corn fiber.

Again, most of the ingredients on that list are friendly for the ketogenic diet. The only ingredient on that list that is not friendly is soluble corn fiber.

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Premier Protein Vanilla Shake Ok For A Ketogenic Diet

Are these shakes OK to have after exercise, or is there any reason to avoid

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Originally Posted by LifelongLoserAre these shakes OK to have after exercise, or is there any reason to avoid I drink them all the time,, low in carbs ,, nothing wrong with them other than they are delicious

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