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What Can I Do To Make Leg Cramps Go Away If They Happen

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You want to get rid of a leg cramp the moment it strikes. You might be finishing up an exercise routine, or you might be awakened in the middle of the night. In moments like that there are, unfortunately, no magical injections that can instantly relieve your pain. However, there are eight steps to take to possibly get rid of a leg cramp:

  • Stretch. Straighten your leg and then flex it, pulling your toes towards your shin to stretch the muscles.
  • Massage. Use your hands or a roller to massage the muscles.
  • Stand. Get up. Press your feet against the floor.
  • Walk. Wiggle your leg while you walk around.
  • Apply heat. Use a heating pad or take a warm bath.
  • Apply cold. Wrap a bag of ice in a towel and apply it to the area.
  • Pain killers. Take ibuprofen or acetaminophen to help with the pain.
  • Elevate. Prop up your leg after the cramp starts to feel better.
  • Are Leg Cramps A Sign Of Ketosis

    Leg cramps are one of the side effects from keto diet, just like ketosis diarrhea. While this side effect is bothersome, it is a sign of ketosis. It means that your body is starting to burn fats, and you may experience weight loss anytime soon.

    But of course, you don’t need to suffer from leg cramps even if you’re on ketosis. A few simple changes in your diet and the consumption of essential keto supplements can help put an end to your misery.

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    / Alcoholic Myopathy & Neuropathy

    Alcohol can affect muscle fibers, which can cause alcoholic myopathy.

    Drinking too much alcohol over time can weaken muscles and this condition can be acute or chronic.

    Symptoms of this myopathy include muscle cramps and stiffness.

    Alcoholic neuropathy occurs when the peripheral nerves in your body are damaged by consuming too much alcohol.

    Deficiencies in B-6 and B-12, thiamine, folate, niacin, and vitamin E can make it worse.

    These vitamins are all needed to promote nerve function, and a shortfall in these vitamins can cause muscle spasms, weakness, and cramps .

    So there you have it, 6 reasons why alcoholic drinks may be giving you cramp.

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    Ways To Avoid Muscle Cramps

    Something as simple as heat or massage can strong-hand cramps into submission. Once the agony is over, its important to mount an anti-cramp campaign. Your body is probably yearning for potassium, magnesium, and calcium the trio of minerals that helps regulate activity in your nerves and muscles. Youll also need to drink plenty of water and stretch your limits regularly.

    Caffeine May Be A Trigger For Some

    Mustard For Cramps

    If you are a coffee lover and all these steps above still have not reliably solved your leg cramp issue, here is one more thing to try: cut back or eliminate, for a while, your caffeine consumption. It just might help.

    Coffee is a known muscle stimulant. Studies have found that it increases the contraction force of skeletal muscle.41 Over the last two decades many studies have investigated caffeines role in improving muscle strength, increasing endurance and enhancing performance in competitive athletes.42

    A number of studies have found, however, a great deal of individual variation, likely related to genes. While some may find it improves the performance of their muscles, others can find it undermines their muscle function.43 Caffeine is also a natural diuretic and causes increased salt wasting in the kidneys and other mineral losses.44

    While good studies are non-existent, a 2007 case study found that removing coffee from the diet of a 54-year-old man afflicted with nightly leg cramps completely resolved them.45

    Have you suffered frequent leg cramps on the keto diet? Let us know if these tips help. What works best for you?

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    Why We Need Protein

    Protein is a critical part of our diet. We need it to feel full, have energy, build and repair muscle, process nutrients, and boost immunity, among other vital roles. Protein is made up of amino acids that are the building blocks of body tissues, including muscles, blood vessels, hair, skin, and nails. Its also involved in the production of enzymes and hormones that help the body to function normally, says Kaleigh McMordie, a registered dietitian nutritionist.

    Why are these amino acids so important? McMordie gives a quick anatomy lesson . There are some amino acids that the body can synthesize, but others, called essential amino acids, we must get through our diet. Animal protein sources, such as meat, fish, milk, and eggs, contain all nine essential amino acids. Most plant-based protein sources dont have the full complement of amino acids in the exact right amounts . Thats why it is important to include a variety of protein sources in order to get all of the essential amino acids, especially for vegetarians, McMordie says. These are the signs youre not eating enough protein.

    If youre a regular exerciser, protein is especially important, according to diet and lifestyle dietitian and registered nutritionist, Keith Akoob, EdD. Protein not only builds muscle, but it also repairs and maintains muscle, he says. Muscle cells, like all living tissue, have a life. They eventually need to be replaced, so repair and maintenance are critical roles for dietary protein.

    Coping With Alcoholic Neuropathy

    If you are diagnosed with alcoholic neuropathy and are currently taking care of yourself or you have a loved one taking care of you, you might consider getting professional help. A nurse or professional caretaker can be part of your treatment team and visit you at home regularly to help with a variety of tasks including:

    • Assessing the results of your treatments
    • Assessing your pain, sensory function, and motor function
    • Helping you adjust to using a cane, walker, or wheelchair if needed
    • Teaching you how to perform household tasks safely
    • Working with other healthcare professionals such as doctors and physical therapists to monitor your progress and make adjustments as needed

    Having a nurse come to your house to suit your needs can relieve a lot of added stress on you to keep track of your treatment plan alone.

    Verywell acknowledges that a private nurse or caretaker may not be feasible for everyone and that readers do not have uniform access to safe, affordable, high-quality health care.

    In addition, a support group can help you cope with the life changes youre experiencing as a result of your condition. You might look for a support group specifically for alcoholic neuropathy or for people coping with chronic pain. You may also benefit from a support group to help you reduce your drinking or completely quit drinking alcohol.

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    Protein Deficiency Is When Your Intake Is Unable To Meet Your Body’s Requirements If You Are Deficient Your Body May Show Some Signs And Symptoms That Mustn’t Go Unattended Considering It May Cause Various Health Problems And Worsen It Further

    If you want your body to function seamlessly, then you should ensure loading up on enough protein. Protein is responsible for giving energy, helping our body recover, and keeping our tummies satiated. Basically, this nutrient is composed of long-chain amino acids, which are said to be the building blocks of muscle. While protein may be an important nutrient for your body, there is a chance that you may be protein-deficient. Protein deficiency is when your intake is unable to meet your body’s requirements. If you are deficient, your body may show some signs and symptoms that mustn’t go unattended, considering it may cause various health problems and worsen it further. We list out those signs and symptoms that may be indicating that your body is protein-deficient.

    Can You Get Leg Cramps At Night

    How Much Protein, Fat, Liver? Leg Cramp | Magnesium Deficiency | Electrolyte Issues

    Leg cramps at night happen when youre not very active, or when youre asleep. They may wake you up, make it harder for you to fall back asleep and leave you feeling sore all night. Yearly, monthly, weekly, nightly the frequency of leg cramps depends on the person. Nocturnal leg cramps can happen to anyone at any age, but they happen most often to older adults. Of people over age 60, 33% will have a leg cramp at night at least once every two months. Nearly every adult age 50 and older will have them at least one time. Seven percent of children will, as well. Approximately 40% of pregnant women will experience leg cramps at night. The reason behind that is thought to be that the extra weight of pregnancy strains the muscles.

    Three-quarters of all reported leg cramps happen at night.

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    What Causes Leg Cramps On Keto

    Keto-related leg cramps are typically due to an essential mineral imbalance as well as dehydration. This imbalance tends to occur as you transition into ketosis, before your body begins regularly leveraging ketones for energy rather than glucose. You can experience muscle contractions any time of day or night if you experience them at all, and you can experience them whether or not youre aiming for weight loss on the ketogenic diet.

    Electrolyte Imbalance

    When you eliminate carbs from your diet, your body produces less insulin . With far less carbs to process, your body produces significantly less insulin. The lessening of insulin in your system triggers your kidneys to absorb less sodium, so more is released in your urine. This can trigger a sodium deficiency and a consequent electrolyte imbalance.

    What exactly are electrolytes? Electrolytes are positively charged minerals that help with hundreds of processes within the body, mostly with the muscles and nerves. Theyre found in pretty much all of your bodily fluids . Their primary function is to push fluid in and out of the cells , contracting and relaxing muscles, and nerve conduction. The main electrolytes involved in keto-related leg cramps are potassium, magnesium, and sodium.


    Magnesium Deficiency May Be A Problem For Many

    Some researchers believe that most leg cramps arise because of a magnesium deficiency.4 However, there is a lack of quality evidence to support this theory.5

    Magnesium is a crucial mineral that the body needs for more than 300 enzymatic reactions, including muscle contractions and neuro-muscular conduction of signals.6

    Magnesium calms muscles , nerves and the brain. When magnesium levels fall in these organs, they get twitchy, explain Dr. Stephen Phinney and Jeff Volek in their book The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Living.7

    As they note in their book, cramps during or after exercise or at night may be a sign that your body has a magnesium deficiency.8 However, that has been difficult to prove in scientific studies.

    In part, this may be because testing for magnesium deficiencies can be challenging and unreliable. Standard blood tests measure serum magnesium, but experts suggest what really matters is cellular magnesium levels, and those may be low well before it shows up on a blood test.9 Therefore, it is possible that someone may test normal for their magnesium level but still be deficient on a cellular level.

    In addition, subclinical magnesium deficiency meaning the deficiency is not yet showing outward symptoms may be a significant issue in the population at large. It is estimated that almost 50 percent of the US population does not meet the daily dietary requirement for magnesium.10

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    Doctors Neurologists And Physiologists Have Long Been Stumped By Nighttime Leg Cramps

    Referred to as “Nocturnal Leg Cramps” this condition is exceedingly common in aging adults and athletes.

    Studies show around 1/3 of adults aged 60 or more experience nocturnal leg cramps, and nearly one-half of those aged 80 years or more. Of those affected nearly 40% experience nighttime episodes several days per week.

    Nocturnal leg cramps are characterized by episodes of painful, sudden, intense, involuntary contractions of muscles in the legs, feet and other extremities in the middle of the night.

    Unlike typical muscle cramps, nocturnal leg cramps typically do not resolve naturally over time.

    What Vitamin Is Good For Hand Cramps

    How to Prevent Leg and Muscle Cramps in Men

    Magnesium deficiency Magnesium aids in the maintenance of strong bones and the relaxation of muscles. This mineral can help prevent muscular cramps, such as hand cramps, restless leg syndrome, and eye twitches. If you are magnesium deficient, you may also suffer the following symptoms: weariness. Muscle weakness. Numbness or tingling. Depression. Anxiety.

    Vitamin B6. Vitamin B6 helps produce hormones that control mood and emotions, including serotonin. As such, it can be useful in treating depression. Other functions of this vitamin include promoting protein synthesis and breaking down homocysteine, a chemical that can lead to cardiovascular disease. Homocysteine levels can be reduced by taking supplements of vitamin B6 daily at a dose of 50 mg per day.

    Folic acid. This B-vitamin plays an important role in cell division and growth, which are necessary for cancer cells to grow unchecked. Therefore, having sufficient amounts of folic acid can help reduce your risk of developing cancer. Folate is found in many foods, but especially large quantities are needed if you are trying to avoid cancer or slow its progression. A daily supplement of 400 micrograms is recommended for cancer prevention. However, more is not always better too much folate can cause nerve damage so only take it if you need it for medical reasons or if you have no other options.


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    Can Low Magnesium Cause Tics

    While twitches are common, you should visit a doctor if your symptoms continue. Muscle twitches, tremors, and cramping are common symptoms of magnesium insufficiency. However, other conditions can also cause these problems, so see your doctor to make sure there isn’t another cause for your symptoms.

    When To Seek Medical Attention

    Though they may seem like a minor nuisance, leg cramps can be seriously debilitating. Schedule an appointment to see your doctor if your nighttime leg cramps:

    • lead to shooting pain, tingling or numbness
    • cause severe pain
    • were brought on by an injury or exposure to toxin
    • lead to muscle atrophy or muscle weakness

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    Does Too Much Whey Protein Cause Side Effects

    Whey protein is one of the most popular supplements on the planet.

    But despite its many health benefits, theres some controversy surrounding its safety.

    Some claim that too much whey protein can damage the kidneys and liver and even cause osteoporosis.

    This article provides an evidence-based review of whey proteins safety and side effects.

    Consuming More Protein Than Need Is Wasteful In Terms Of Money And Its Paid Down The Toilet

    5 Easy Ways to Reduce Leg Pain & Swelling – Ask Doctor Jo

    There are, though, healthy proteins which are not meat, such as mycoprotein, which is derived from fungi. Quorn, for example, contains this type of protein, and is high in fibre too.

    Researchers now are looking into how this unique composition can affect satiety and insulin levels, which are linked to type two diabetes. One team compared a mycoprotein diet to a chicken diet and found that the insulin levels in those who ate quorn achieved the same sugar control, but needed less insulin to be produced by the pancreas.

    The risk of consuming too much protein is small, but the bigger risk might just be falling for overpriced products offering us more protein than we need. Some products labelled as high protein arent, and theyre quite expensive. Anyway, consuming more protein than need is wasteful in terms of money, and its paid down the toilet, says Johnstone.

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    How To Stop Leg Cramps At Night

    In order to win the battle against nighttime cramps, you need to accomplish three objectives:

  • Correct key nutrient deficiencies .
  • Re-establish a healthy sleep architecture to prevent frequent waking throughout the night.
  • Relax both muscles and the nervous system immediately prior to bed.
  • In our research, we identified 8 natural compounds that help relax tense muscles, reverse nutrient deficiencies, and improve sleep quality.

    Since there is no viable pharmacological or exercise therapy treatment for leg cramps at night and other magnesium or cramp supplements don’t work for this condition we assembled the world’s first natural muscle relaxer specifically designed to reduce night leg cramps, spasms, and tension.

    It’s called Mag R& R.

    Mag R& R is manufactured in a GMP approved, FDA-inspected facility right here in the USA. It’s designed to be taken once per day, immediately before bed.

    To test the formula’s effectiveness before releasing to the public, we worked closely with our clients suffering from nocturnal leg cramps and took notes on their progress.

    We were excited to launch Mag R& R and finally offer a solution to this annoying condition.

    But we never could have predicted the overwhelming response from our clients and people wed never met who found our product online.

    To read reviews from clients who have used Mag R& R, and learn more about this natural muscle relaxation formula, click the learn more button below.

    Future Research And Implications For Practice

    Further research should be undertaken to investigate the existence of an alcohol dose-related effect. Our study offers practitioners 2 major new elements for their daily practice. Advising patients about the impact of alcohol consumption on NLC may be an effective way to prevent these painful episodes. Alternatively, discussing NLC may be another icebreaker for general practitioners to approach alcohol misuse.

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