Can High Protein Dog Food Cause Diarrhea

The Cause Of Diarrhea

8 Popular Foods That Could Cause Diarrhea – (Eat With Caution!)

It is well known that changing dog food can and does cause diarrhea, quite often in fact. The reason for this is actually quite simple, and its usually nothing too serious. Simply put, your dog is used to eating one kind of food with very specific ingredients. If you keep feeding your dog the same food for months or even years, the dogs stomach and intestinal tract gets used to that food.

When you switch foods, its like a shock to the system. Your dogs digestive tract and stomach is not ready for the new food. Its a really fast change, and this is what causes the upset stomach. It has to do partially with the bacteria in your dogs stomach.

The bacteria in there are equipped to break down the specific food the dog has been eating, but then when you switch the food, those bacteria need to adjust, and new bacteria need to form, which can then handle that new dog food.

In some cases, it may not be the actual switching of the dog food that causes the diarrhea, vomiting, gassiness, and upset stomach, but the new food itself. Dogs, just like humans, can have food allergies and sensitives.

Maybe the new dog food contains an ingredients which your pup cannot handle. Below, we will discuss how long the upset stomach and diarrhea should last, but that said, if it does not subside in a week at most, its probably not the switch, but the food itself, in which case, you will have to switch foods again, and yes, probably deal with some more upset stomach too.

Wellness Simple Natural Fit For Dogs With Allergies

First Five Ingredients:

Pet parents often neglect salmon, which is an excellent source of protein in dog food. The Wellness Natural Formula is perfect for canines suffering from skin conditions and allergies.

The food doesnt contain artificial flavors or colors. On the other hand, salmon oil will provide omega fatty acids, ideal for skin and coat.

Veggies, such as potato, will satisfy starchy cravings your furry companion may have. While some puppies love eating corn, its not a good idea to feed them in large portions. Thats why the product doesnt contain corn, wheat, or soy.

Probiotics will promoteexcellent digestion, and help your best friend absorb nutrients.

The bottom line!

Nutrition is essential to a dogs well-being! However, with this perfectly combined mixture of vegetables and proteins, you will improve digestion, and eliminate allergies.

What Are The Symptoms Of Diarrhea

Even though you may believe that the only symptom of diarrhea is loose watery stools, there are other symptoms that you should be watching out for. If your dog suddenly wants to be let out in order to go to the bathroom all the time, or they are unable to control their stool and normally this is not a problem, then it may be that they are suffering from diarrhea.

Other dogs will actually appear as if they are constipated because of the way they seem to be forcing themselves to the bathroom. If your dog is unusually lethargic, is suffering from a lack of appetite or appears feverish or dehydrated, then these may be symptoms of diarrhea.

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Does Overfeeding A Dog Cause Loose Stools

Yes, as explained by Dr. Danny Tufaro, a veterinarian based in New York City, USA. A common symptom of overfeeding is normal or good stool consistency in the morning, then it gets softer later in the day. According to Dr. Tufaro, this is a very common issue, especially with the more caloric dense dog food on the market.

Pet nutritionist Ruth Hatten offers more tips on the topic. If your dogs poo is mostly firm but only occasionally soft, there is no cause for concern. You should bring your dog to the vet for a better diagnosis if the poop doesn’t firm up after 48 hours and any of the symptoms below are present.

    • Very loose stool for more than 48 hours
    • Blood in the poop
    • Dogs energy level drops suddenly
    • Vomiting
    • A sore or sensitive belly
    • Blackish stool

How Is Chicken Meal Made

12 Human Foods to Give to Dogs With Diarrhea or Upset ...

The source of the chicken meal is the most critical factor. Typically, chicken meal is made from the skin and bone of the chicken but can also include meat and other parts of the animal such as necks, feet and intestine.

Its important to note that the parts used in chicken meal are not fit for human consumption. In some cases, the chicken meal ingredient is sourced from 4D meat , in which case a whole new set of significant concerns come into play including the potential presence of foreign objects or dangerous levels of pharmaceuticals. The manufacturer saves money, but the real cost is the introduction of inferior ingredients to your dogs diet, negatively impacting their overall health.

In the chicken meal process, the parts are dehydrated and cooked at high temperatures for long periods of time. This process is referred to as rendering and separates the fat and removes water to create a concentrated protein powder that resembles corn meal, hence the term meal.

During this high-temperature process, bacteria, viruses, parasites and organisms die. Unfortunately, all nutrients are also lost resulting in nutrients being artificially sprayed onto the food to meet AAFCO nutritional requirements.

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What Other Ingredients In Dog Food May Cause Diarrhea

As well as protein level, there could be other ingredients in your dogs food causing diarrhea. Allergies are a major source of stomach problems.

Things like gluten and dairy can make your pups stomach off, so if you suspect an allergy, you should contact your vet to get your dog tested.

Corn and rice are often used as filler ingredients in dog food.

But, your dog should not have a high carb diet because dogs dont need carbs to survive. These will merely lead to health issues like chronic issues like gas, bloating, and diarrhea.

What Are The Other Dangers Of A Dog Eating Too Much Protein?

Although many people believe that dogs are carnivores, they are actually omnivores.

Even their wolf ancestors relied on both plant and animal sources for food. So, a diet of just protein can be an issue because this is not what dogs are naturally meant to eat.

If their diet becomes unbalanced, it can lead to various health conditions like kidney damage and bone problems.

Is Wet Food More Likely Than Dry Food To Cause Diarrhea?

Pet owners who rely on processed foods for their dogs generally buy kibble and dry options. Wet food is available on a smaller scale for dogs, but it is much less popular.

Although many people think that wet food causes diarrhea, it is generally fine for dogs to consume without becoming ill.

Though it does contain more water than dry food, usually something else will be the trigger of stomach issues such as scavenging, or parasites.

Can You Stop Dog Diarrhea

In order to prevent diarrhea in your dog, its important to make sure that you keep an eye on what they are eating. If your dog is outside a lot, then dirt, grass, rocks and dead animals can easily become the primary cause of diarrhea. If you have houseplants, then this can also be problematic, although this is more often the case with cats than it is with dogs.

There are other basic things that you can do in your household that will help your dog from getting into trouble, such as making sure that you keep a clean house and clean bedding so that they do not accidentally ingest items that are not necessarily food. It also goes without saying that feeding your dog inappropriate leftovers or allowing them to lick the plates after dinner covered in rich sauces and spicy food can cause diarrhea.

The following food should not be given to dogs:

  • Rind or peelings

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From Puppyhood To Adulthood

Crafted for delicious taste and essential nutrition, Purina Dog Chow and Puppy Chow wet and dry foods are made to support the healthy, active lives of dogs through all life stages. Choices range from high-protein puppy food to dry adult recipes made with American raised chicken, and real meat goes into every recipe along with the vitamins and minerals your dog needs to thrive.

Diarrhoea In Dogs Symptoms Causes And Treatments

6 foods to treat dog diarrhea

Posted on 12.12.19 by PetGP

What is Diarrhoea in Dogs?

Diarrhoea is more frequent, loose watery stools. Usually seen as a symptom of an intestinal upset. Colour change may also be seen and/or a presence of mucus and blood.

Diarrhoea can occur in dogs for a variety of reasons affecting any age and can generally be categorised into two forms:

1. Acute Diarrhoea- sudden onset lasting a few weeks.2. Chronic Diarrhoea longer than a few weeks.

Our guide contains expert advice from qualified and registered veterinary nurses to help you choose the best course of action for your pet and help answer your question why does my dog have diarrhoea?

Symptoms and signs of diarrhoea in cats Loose or watery stools Increased drinking

Why has my Dog got diarrhoea?

Diarrhoea can often present as a result of a number of underlying causes in dog. Your dog may be a scavenger or a dietary change. Certain health conditions such liver disease, bacterial and viral infections.Frequent watery stools often with a strong smell or colour change may be seen. In a lot of cases diarrhoea will resolve on its own.

At PetGP our Registered Veterinary Nurses are on hand to offer advice call us at PetGP to help assess.

Telephone the PetGP nurse on 0333 332 7883

Diarrhoea in dogs can be caused by several underlying reasons.

Triage of Diarrhoea in Dogs

Telephone the PetGP nurse on 0333 332 7883

Diagnosis of Diarrhoea in Dogs by your vet

Treatment of Diarrhoea in Dogs

Vet Nurse Topical Tips

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Causes Of Dog Diarrhea All Dog Owners Should Know About

As a dog owner, there are few things less unpleasant than a dog with diarrhea. It can be messy, smelly, and it can create a lot of work for everyone in the household.

However, to solve an immediate problem, scroll down to find out how to fix occasional and frequent diarrhea quickly.

Your dog obviously does not feel much better than you do about it, and so making changes that will help determine what caused the diarrhea in the first place and being able to fix it are important.

What Foods Cause Loose Stools In Dogs

Milk or dairy can cause diarrhea in dogs, especially if not non-fat or low-fat. Fatty foods can cause diarrhea by themselves, but as dogs cannot process fat as well as people, they can also cause an illness called pancreatitis which may result in other gastrointestinal signs such as vomiting and/or decreased appetite.

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Is There Any Difference Between A Puppy Having Diarrhea And An Adult Or Senior Dog

Yes and no. In both cases, it could be the result of an underlying medical condition. However, which condition is likely causing the runny stools will vary depending on your dogs age.

For puppies, the most likely culprit is an infection or parasite. If your pup hasnt had their shots yet, it could be something as serious as parvovirus or distemper then again, it could be a run-of-the-mill bug. Your doctor can tell you more and draw up an effective treatment plan.

In older dogs, the issue is likely something they ate that doesnt agree with them or an underlying medical condition. If you cant identify something they could have eaten that caused their upset stomach, you should have your vet run a few tests.

Regardless of your dogs age, if you just brought them home from the pound, then you should suspect an infection or parasite first. Those can spread like wildfire in tightly-contained shelter environments, so keep your new dog isolated from other animals until you can identify and treat the cause of their diarrhea.

Is Excessive Protein In Dog Food Bad For My Pet

The Best High Fiber Dog Food for Regulating Poop and Anal ...

Protein is a calorie dense nutrient and many of the high protein diets are extremely high in calories and can quickly lead to weight gain. With over 50% of dogs in the U.S. considered overweight or obese, dog owners need to be aware of where those extra calories are hiding. If a dog has kidney or liver issues consuming too much protein can increase the workload on these organs and upset the balance of nutrients leading to exacerbation of disease.

Rather than look for a dog food that contains excessive levels of protein you should find one that is specifically formulated for your dogs lifestyle, life stage, and size. A working sled dog, for example, will have significantly different nutrient and caloric requirements than the average pet dog that ventures outside for a few walks a day and spends the rest of the time lounging. These two dogs should not be fed the same diet.

Puppies, meanwhile, require more protein than adult dogs because their bodies are busy growing. Among breeds of puppies there are different requirements for nutrients as well. For instance large breed puppies like Labrador retrievers need a much different diet than a Yorkie for optimal growth. Feeding large breed puppies something that is too high in protein may make them put on weight too quickly causing abnormal joint development and making them more prone to issues like arthritis in the future.

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Blue Buffalo Basics Best Grain Free

First Five Ingredients:

This Limited Ingredient formula is the best dog food for sensitive stomach large breed. If your pet suffers from food sensitivities, or its prone to allergies than Blue Buffalo Basics will be the right fit.

The food is enriched with high-quality protein, including the turkey meat. However, there is no soy, corn, eggs, dairy, or wheat.

You will notice the presence of fish oil, in the form of omega fatty acids. With its help, your dog will have healthy skin and a shiny coat. Also, the product is packed with calcium and potassium. It will ensure strong bones and teeth.

The formula features glucosamine as well. Even though, at a low level, glucosamine will protect joints prone to disease.

In the end, this diet will provide your pet with high amount of protein, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants crucial for his health.

My Dog Has Diarrhea After Changing Her Food How Is This Treated

Most cases of diarrhea due to sudden diet changes can easily be corrected by changing back to the diet the dog has been used to. As mentioned above, adverse food reaction during diet change happens when the digestive enzymes in the dogs gastrointestinal system cannot fully process the components in the new diet, resulting in diarrhea and vomiting. Changing back to the old food where innate enzymes can easily digest will help control signs associated with the adverse food reaction.

In cases with severe symptoms, medical management such as antidiarrheals and anti-emetics may be needed to fully control the gastrointestinal disturbance. Severe cases can predispose the intestinal tract to secondary infection and the proliferation of pathogenic and opportunistic bacteria requiring antibacterial therapy to treat.

Most cases respond well to treatment and changing back to the previous diet, with signs resolving in 24-48 hours after the start of treatment. If left untreated, the continuous inflammation along the intestinal lining may lead to more serious health conditions.

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Choosing The Right Food For Your Dog

The nutritional requirements for a puppy are often not the same as an adult dog, so its important to purchase a dog food which is labeled for the correct life stage of your dog. If your dog has a chronic condition, certain ingredients may be recommended or should be avoided. Your veterinarian is the best person to help you choose the right food for your pet.

Why Does A Dog Need Protein In Their Diet

What causes vomitting and diarrhea for dogs?

While too much protein can be a cause of health issues like those listed above, it is essential for a dogs diet.

Protein is vital in allowing a dogs body to function properly because it contains vital amino acids which helps hair, skin, muscle development.

Dogs cannot store up protein in their body like they can with fats and so they must be provided with protein daily.

This is especially true for those who work like assistance dogs, sheep dogs or police dogs.

If you feed your dog too little protein it can lead to weakness, vomiting, diarrhea, and weight loss.

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Causes Of Puppy Diarrhea

There are many reasons why puppies get diarrhea. It could be as simple as being overfed.

When my dog, Parker, was young, he suddenly had explosive diarrhea. This boy never had accidents in the house. It was mystifying to me. Luckily, I noticed that the treat jar had become empty way too fast. My dog walker was overfeeding him treats.

Problems like that are easy to fix. Be observant of your dogs behavior and surroundings and you may discover the culprit.

Other causes may not be as easy to figure out. But with the help of your vet, you can get a diagnosis and resolve any issues.

Here are the five most common causes of diarrhea in puppies.

  • Diet changes
  • Accidental ingestion
  • Why Raw Is Better

    Processed dog foods are a cheaper alternative to raw foods, but unfortunately both pet guardians and their companions pay the price later. These highly processed foods clog your furry friends digestive function by changing the pH of their stomach and altering their gut balance bacteria.

    You only have to look at the long list of ingredients on a bag of commercial kibble to see that its packed with low-cost grains and sugars, which dogs cant metabolize as well as humans .

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